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Peace With God | Peace Be With You | Episode 2971

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One of my favorite parts of the church on Sunday’s growing up was the “Peace Be With You” session. Join me (JB Glossinger) on today’s show as we discuss the idea of sending Peace to others, and Peace with God.

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Peace With God | Peace Be With You | Episode 2971

[00:00:05] Good Morning.

[00:00:06] and welcome to MorningCoach. Today I am so glad you’re with us, as you know my name is JB Glossinger and this is your personal evolution system thee place to get your day started right. Welcome, welcome, welcome, and I’m so glad you’re with me this Sunday. Boy does it feel like a Sunday. I don’t know what day it is.

[00:00:35] I have to listen to MorningCoach

[00:00:37] to figure out what day it is. I mean it’s after Thursday was Thanksgiving and Friday and Sat just run together. I’m trying to figure out which day it is, it’s so crazy, and if you’re in Australia it’s already Monday. So it’s just wow, just tough stuff right first world problems trying to figure out what day it is. Here we are Sunday and I know it is a Sunday in an exciting way, so that means that it is our spiritual day. We’re going to go through that a little bit. Also the what’s up group is rocking, and I can’t believe how many people were on there and having some fun and really just communicating and I love to see that, I love people coming together and I need to talk about that a little bit after the show or maybe during the show you know how I do this, about some things because people are saying we’re going to get together in Europe we’re going to start getting together wherever.

[00:01:26] I absolutely loved that, I love to see that. It’s been my dream to put community together. I think you’ve listened to me long enough to know what the philosophy is that we’re just good people looking to make a difference out there and to put positive energy in there and learn deeper esoteric things. How do we do that? Well we start off by changing our morning a little bit differently. We start thinking about a little bit differently we pull back a little bit and we start to help others and really bring some peace into the world, and that’s what it’s about. After this I’ll talk a little bit about that and some of the issues getting people together and things we run into and some of things we need to do in order for that to happen and to solidify that. We’ve had this happen before where we got some momentum and things really got exciting and people started coming together and then some things didn’t really work and I’ll go over that so that we can avoid any future mistakes to really make sure that we maximize our time together we maximize all those things so I’ll go over that in a minute which is great. By the way the retreat down here still has some tickets together. Still some tickets I’m going to be getting the details together on the hotel and how you get there and all those ideas all those things this week. So we’ll be sending that out and I know we’ve been getting some questions.

[00:02:44] People say well how do I get from the airport and what do I do, and where we’re going to be. All that is getting arranged this week.and if you haven’t had a chance to check out the event go on to and click the events tab and it’s going to be with me and Mike Lee Kaneric. Something you don’t want to miss. It’s going to be a really really awesome event and we’re going to have a great group and I know not everybody from Europe can come over. Totally understand that we’re still going to have a good group and we’re figuring out something for Europe. OK. I promise you, I promise you. Today I want to talk a little bit about peace be with you. It’s been a while since I brought this up but every once I do because you know peace is such a big part of level 2 as we get into and in all the levels it really goes through everything. This idea of managing energy and having more peace. We talk more specifically about that and we’ll be getting into that this week as I start setting some level two material. Those are the twins energy and peace and so peace is a very important part of what we talk about here at MorningCoach and having that peace in your heart and peace of mind and just peace overall in your life and in order to do that we’ve got to really find that peace on today on a Sunday when it’s our spiritual day.

[00:03:57] It’s a great day to really feel peace in your heart. Now back in the day back in the port I used to go to a Catholic church called St. Peter’s church and Father Veighborly was the father I went through catechism classes and actually used to do all the things in the church. I wasn’t an altar boy but I did a lot of the other stuff help collect money and would go to Sunday school and all that stuff and I was good. I enjoyed it with my upbringing. It was good for me I learned some discipline, kind of got me started on the kind of learning a little bit more of religious philosophy and questioning you know why did this happen and why did that happen. But one thing I loved that I absolutely loved this is during Sunday Mass when I was little they used to have this really tidy, and I was just a kid they used to have this part of the Mass where you would turn around and you would say Peace be with you and you would say it to the people right around your area. Now if you can picture me as 12 years old or 11 years old doing Peace be with you. I would run all over the church, I was so excited and say Peace be with you, Peace be with you, peace be with you, and the people would say it back to me. Peace be with you,

[00:05:11] Peace be with you, and I love that I just I don’t know I just it was just something so cool about people coming together and then wishing each other peace and it’s one of the things I want to carry over here to MorningCoach is that we start to find that peace and peace be with you. Right. When you see it on the MorningCoach remember it’s like hey peace be with you. And I really feel that that’s a real cool thing to offer somebody is peace you know. And when as we get into it and we get into the deeper levels and you start to understand the magic of peace and the power of it, it is what you want to help people have. Because when people have peace they can handle things much differently. I just want you to think about that. And you don’t even have to verbalize it. As you’re out today just look at other people and send a silent prayer to them that they have peace and say Peace be with you. In your mind and as you see people struggling or people that are frustrated or angry or driving erratically you just send them peace. I believe if we start doing this as a group and we start to send out that energy that we will make a difference that this idea of peace being with people and being able to send it and being able to to prayer pray for it or just give it to them is going to bring more peace to you because remember what we give we receive. And so as we give more peace we will have more peace.

[00:06:42] That’s really the whole idea and as we bring more peace to the world who just changed things. It’s awesome. It’s awesome. What your homework is for today then is to just when you see somebody you see a group of workers in South Korea we have workers all over the place. You’ll see them all on a truck in the back of a truck driving somewhere. First thing I do is I send them peace you know. Peace be with them. Peace be with you. And then I think about sending them abundance and prosperity and hope and that they have a great day and I just send that energy to them. And so as I go about my day I’m always looking for ways that I can send that energy out no matter how my days are going and people ask “JB me How do you have so much energy?” because I’m always giving it away. That’s what I’m always doing. Yesterday morning I got up early I went and trained with Sir for three hours. We got there at nine o’clock and we finished at 11:30 12:00. I was dead. Then I got a call to go play golf and I had a half an hour, I jumped in the shower, change clothes and went and Golfed 18 holes so I went from nine to six all physical yesterday it was crazy. It was a crazy day, but I still have massive energy. Why? Because I’m giving it, and giving it, and giving it, and giving it, and giving it, here every day. Right. That’s the game plan here on

[00:08:01] MorningCoach as we move forward. I wanted to discuss the what’s app group which is great. I mean people are getting on there and talking and I love the commitment of the community and Facebook and the leveling up. I’ve got a lot coming this coming week as I continue to work more on the levels and putting them together. You’ll be getting some more but I want to talk specifically about everybody wanting to get together. I absolutely love that, I love that. If you can’t make it down to the retreat you know here I understand it’s challenging. It’s costs a lot of money to come from Europe. The last thing that I don’t know the last thing I don’t have is empathy, I have empathy for you and I know I’ve been there and I know it can get expensive. With that being said it’s great when you can come. It’s great. But we want to get people together. There’s a couple things that I want to make everybody aware of that as we go into growth mode in 2018 we need more structure and support. And what I mean by that is we’ve got to be very cautious as we come together, we are all very well intended people. OK. We all want to do the best that we can for each other,

[00:09:11] but as MorningCoach starts to grow and this is what’s happened in the past we tended to manifest or people come into the group that are really looking to sell something or take advantage or they’re looking to get on the bandwagon and in order for us to be very cautious of that, we need to be involved. Meaning you need to send me information if somebody ever solicits you on what’s app or you go to an event and somebody approaches you for something inappropriate. I need to know. So what we’ve done over the last couple of years really the last year is we’ve really changed the way MourningCoach works. We used to just have a ton of people in here we didn’t know who they were and it would just you know it was it got real difficult and I you know I was doing events at the convention center and it just, I don’t know. It just wasn’t working the way I wanted to work it. So as we start bringing people together I just want to make sure as we level up that we have the or support so we can be aware of those things happening because what happens is if somebody comes in and they come in and they start learning for me and they start learning the levels and they you know they start getting fired up and they have a bad experience at an event somebody approaches them to sell something or somebody you know approaches them to date them, and I mean we’ve had that situation in the past, if something like that occurs it can cause chemistry issues throughout everything. So as we start to come together and you guys want to get together we’re all adults. Right. We’re all adults so you can do what you want to do,

[00:10:46] But I would like to be aware of what’s going on and what’s happening, and as long as we can start getting the support of the right people which is you, and we have the right alignment and the right people there then I don’t have to worry so much about somebody coming to something and having a really bad experience or something happening where we are connected to it. Does that make sense. So I can’t be everywhere all the time. Right now we’re we’re not very big. We’ve actually pulled back on our membership. And so we’ve got a smaller group of people right now and that’s why you’re seeing more activity and engagement because we have the right people right now. We’ve got great people but we are going to start bringing some new people in. So as we start getting together and I absolutely love that my dream was to have meet ups all over the world people supporting each other coming together really creating community. Not everybody’s into that. I get it. You know some people are just here to listen to me and have energy some people want the coaching and just want that and some people want community and I want to be able to facilitate all that. But I just wanted you to know that you know there’s some logistic issues that are involved in making sure that people have a safe environment where people can be vulnerable and they can get help because the last thing you want to happen under our roof or one of our things or even a casual meet up is somebody is very vulnerable and they give out everything that they’re hurting and things that they’re working on.

[00:12:16] Next thing you know is that they’re being approached to handle those things in a situation you know that’s outside a MorningCoach or even inside a MorningCoach somebody is talking to them. And what that does is it can really backfire because if they have a negative experience and it doesn’t work or let’s say they don’t even want to be approached with something like that then all of a sudden it’s a direct reflection back on us. So as we grow there’s a lot of moving parts and everybody’s awesome. I mean everybody’s well-intended Kalid getting people together. Jenny I love the dead. Jenny you know I love you. And everybody is coming together it’s nice but we just have to create this protective circle where we don’t have any influence whether it’s somebody trying to influence admitted go do something or somebody trying to do something else. I get it. We’re all adults, but we also want to create safety and have a safe space that we can get together and make sure that we’re connecting at the right level, and we’ve got the right people together so the best way to do anything right now is just include me on it. Let me know that hey we’re getting a group together and JB, just letting you know that this is what we’re going to do and these are some things we’re talking about just keep me informed so that we can keep structure and as we start leveling up we get people level 3 and level 5 and level 7. Then we know because I’m going to be working with everybody right.

[00:13:39] As you go higher levels there’s more connection there and I could say hey Khaled’s he’s at level 5 now and he’s going to have a meeting in the UK. Why does everybody get together over there, and I feel a lot more comfortable because I know that he would definitely text me or send me a message on my phone and say hey we got this person here do you know this Steve person that just showed up because he heard we’re having a meeting and he’s just I don’t know if he’s a MorningCoach person or not. He doesn’t say knows much about it but he’s talking to people about things. You know that’s what we’ve got to be cautious of, and we’ve we’ve had some issues in the past where some people have really had some some issues and I want to be involved in all of that. OK so just keep me informed at this stage of the game, as we get bigger and bigger and bigger. Then we’ll have other people that can support and help but I just want to be there for you. That’s my main thing. My job is to make sure that everybody’s got the right connections and people can come and be vulnerable. You know I think Daniela asked the other day in the Facebook group, she didn’t really feel like asking for help. It’s hard because if you’re not in a safe space where you can be vulnerable all of a sudden it gets to be really tricky. So there’s some logistics things there that cause issues.

[00:14:51] The other thing is about Europe I want to come. I’m planning on coming over to Germany I want to go to Israel or some places I want to go, but it has to make logistical sense. A lot of times what we’ll do is we’ll put something together 20 people will come and let’s say we do it very inexpensively. Ninety seven dollars a person things come up and then only 10 show up. I love that, but what happens, then it just causes you know again issues and the logistics of things. So if I come over we’ve got to make sure that we have a great group of people that’s going to be there and it works for everybody and that we know that people are committed to attending and we’re going to make sure we’re going to do it right. OK. And I’ll be talking to you guys about that because it’s something near and dear to my heart and it’s something that I want to do. I just want to be very cautious. I want to go slow make sure we have the right people in the right places to handle anything that can come up and we can handle it the right way and in a professional way. Right. That’s as we grow. Starting in 2018 and so are bringing in new people as I level you up.

[00:15:50] I’m going to know that I have faith and trust in people that are going to start doing some meet ups and getting people together and that they will make sure they’re protecting and not allowing the wrong type of person to influence somebody. That’s not a negative thing. It’s just the nature of this business. There are a lot of coaches, there are a lot of people that want to help, and sometimes they don’t mean it. They get in the group and they don’t mean it they can’t help themselves and they see somebody struggling like oh I can help you. Let me jump in there and help you. They do it from the right intention and they sign him up as a client or they try to help them do something and then it goes wrong and it’s a direct reflection back on us and that’s an issue. So we’ve got to just be very cautious of that or somebody tries to sell somebody something or somebody tries to get in a relationship and that’s something that’s happened in the past that’s been tough for me as they get that phone call to say hey I met this person and this is what they did. They made it in advance, and I’m like wow OK. Please we want to be professional, we want to be on top of things, we want to provide a safe environment, for people to come discuss and really talk about the things they need to without feeling threatened or solicited to or threatened. Again a lot of people say J.B. you’re just saying that because you don’t want them. No that’s not what this is about.

[00:17:10] I’m saying this because I actually care and I know what’s happened in the past and I just don’t want it repeated and the way we do that is we control OK and we make sure we have the right people in the right places so that people can be vulnerable and they can get the help they need, and that’s the bottom line about it. OK. Sorry to break away from the coachcast but I wanted to bring that up today. I think you understand peace in the direction we’re going with the Peace be with you. Go enjoy your Sunday or your Monday if you’re overseas and if you need me you know how to get me Twitter, Facebook, the new what’s appp group. I’m here for you and we’re going to make this thing awesome and we’re going to have a great week this week coming up. Go have a great day and I will be back with more right here tomorrow on I love you. Go make it happen.

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Peace With God | Peace Be With You | Episode 2971


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