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Abundant Life | Abundant December | Episode 2976

It is that start of December and you know what that means. It is time to start planning for 2018 to have an abundant life. Join me (JB Glossinger) as we start putting together the pieces to a great 2018. This is going to be the year that changes everything, but we are also going to enjoy this month.

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Abundant Life | Abundant December | Episode 2976

[00:00:14] Good Morning, and Welcome to MorningCoach. Today I am so glad you’re with us. As you know my name’s J.B. Glossinger and this is your personal evolution system.

[00:00:26] Thee place to get your day started right.

[00:00:28] Welcome, welcome, welcome.

[00:00:30] I’m so glad you’re with me today as we are rock n rolling and we are having some fun and really putting some energy out there because that’s what it’s about, it’s all about the good energy, positivity, and just making it happen, and a lot of fun things are happening here. We’re getting ready to start December, it’s December 1st. When we start December it is our month to start preparing for the next year. We don’t want to get too far ahead of ourselves. One of the big things here at MorningCoach is making sure that we are present that we’re in the moment, that we’re enjoying life, but we do want to start planning, we want to start getting organized and getting things together and at level two that’s what we’re going to be doing. I mean we’re going to be graduating some people in early January and that will mean that your whole plan is together and that you’re structured properly and you’re ready to go which is awesome. If your at level one is totally cool. Just listen every day and if you want to figure out how to get to level two we’re going to be opening up a new way to do that. Just shoot us an email at [email protected] we’ll be announcing that and telling you some ways that you can get involved with the levels and get you moving too which is going to be awesome. I just want to make another quick note in case you missed it yesterday.

[00:01:41] We have a couple of areas of communication that are really rocking the facebook group is going amazing level one level two. That’s a great place to just stop in and check. Even if you’re not on Facebook you don’t like it and many people don’t, I understand it’s a time during, what I did as I put the groups level one level two and then we have a finance group for people that are working on debt and finance that I’m going to be teaching about finance. Those groups I have in my favorite and I just go on in those groups. I don’t spend time in the regular Facebook that’s where I go. OK. So those groups are where I’m at. Be cautious on getting too much into regular Facebook, but you can get it in our groups, and I would suggest that you check once a day. What’s going on. Did I do a video because I’m putting a ton of content. I’m answering questions. We’re really turning this into an amazing system, amazing system, I put up the new documents for Level One Level Two will we doing level three and four and everything’s coming together unbelievable. The communication is there, the other place there’s some communication happening especially with our international crew is on what’s app. That I just want to caution you is when you sign up for that, when you get in that group you’re going to get a ton of messages. It’s just that’s the way it works. You don’t have to read them all. What will happen is if you want to reply to something you just click and reply, the way you use that’s kind of like a walkie talkie.

[00:02:58] It’s for people that are on there right now,  It’s not for a thread it’s not like Facebook where you go back and look at it, It’s like a walkie talkie so you’re talking to people now and you’re having a real live conversation through chat and so don’t get too caught up, What’s app is really big around the world not so big in the United States. Some of the people jump in there and say Oh is it like Facebook. Do I need to know, do I need to engage join you. No. You know you talk when you are live and you want to get some help or you just want to talk to some people. That’s how it works and that’s why when I wake up in the morning our European group is just rocketing it and there are 60 70 messages I can’t get through them all. I try to because I usually go out walk with Neo but I try through, but it’s just amazing how many messages are there. So those communication platforms are going great. It’s where you’ll get more, If you’ve got a question or something that’s going on. Yesterday I answered Cindy’s question with the video. Cindy Evans So just check in there once in a while and that’s what’s going to help you communicate and also get what you need. This is about you. I know I do this every day and for years I’ve done this for ten years, were coming on episode 3000. It’s pretty crazy.

[00:04:08] The thing is this is the first time that I’ve really been able to build a personal evolution system and like I said I really believe I’m being divinely guided. It’s not just about listening here and getting good energy which I want you to get every morning I’m going to be here for you. It’s also getting what you need and I’m going to do this. The beautiful thing about it is we’re going to grow and as we grow this show gets better because I get excited and you can tell I’m getting excited, not only that but the resources get better and I can bring you more stuff and I’m realizing that it’s not about courses and you trying to sit through eight weeks or 16 weeks but it’s about real time information that you need and how you can support others and we can support each other. That’s community and that’s what creates the knowledge that we need and that’s what I’m doing. So you’re getting some amazing coaching being a member at level 2 that’s just unheard of. Nobody’s ever really done anything like this and we’re really structuring it out properly. So you’re getting what you need and you can progress through the levels which is fun fun fun. OK. Part of that is what we’re talking about today because we’re talking about having an abundant December and again life is lived well you’re planning so we don’t want to just drop off and say oh 2018 is going to be great and forget about December. I want you to live every day to its best to its maximum.

[00:05:23] I really want you to feel the energy every day and that’s why I’m putting this energy out there every single day whether I’m on my new cell phone that I put together for MorningCoach or whether I’m on Facebook or what’s app. I’m there for you, and the reason I want to be there for you is because I want you to enjoy life. When I hired my coach last year and we went over my values and we looked at the things that I needed to look at which is really level two activities what are my values what are my mission, what makes me tick. What makes me tick? . I want to help people so when you come here and you join and you support MorningCoach and I can help you whether it’s through energy or just giving you a place to hang out or just giving you a place to be you and you just feel that energy and you feel the Love and you feel the joy which so many people need today because we’re so isolated right that I’m doing my job and I feel great with that. When I hired my coach I wasn’t I wasn’t feeling that. Over the years I’d do this every day and I’d put this energy out there and I’d go golf and I’ve been able to build a nice little life around this. We’ve got nice things happening within my family and things are going. This hasn’t really rocket shiped like it’s going to. I believe now that we’re really building a system but it’s been fun right and I’ve had joy but it hasn’t been what I really wanted to see happen.

[00:06:42] We’ve seen a lot of people have growth through MorningCoach I’ve helped change a lot of mindsets but nothing like we’re doing now which is a plan and an attack to help people and then using the social media avenues to make sure my energy is going in the right places. Part of that has been as I’ve been everywhere and now recognizing the fact that I can create these groups and I can create separation and as people go through levels I can give more time to those people because they’ve been with me. It’s working. Right. It’s awesome. I just want you to feel that energy that passion in that social proof that as I ride the roller coaster that you’ll ride the roller coaster and it’s OK to go through the ups and the downs and we just got to hold on together and we’ve got to get through those downs faster and really allow those ups to happen faster. This December it’s about hope it’s about joy and it’s about really understanding what we’re going to do next year. What is your game plan, what changes need to be made? Now I want you to understand and this is critical that we are going to get into self-love. I want you to feel that true abundance for yourself, I want you to look in the mirror and say I love this person, I love who I am, I know I need to make some changes, and I’m going to change the things that I can and I’m not going to worry about the things that I can’t, and that’s what we’re going to do this year.

[00:08:03] You know I wonder if we can get that going. It’s just such an awesome awesome awesome feeling to just love life and to start doing it. I think about this woman that I knew and she was about forty years old and I have to say a very attractive woman but she just didn’t feel it. She didn’t feel comfortable with herself. There was just something about her or her own self worth, that she just didn’t feel it. She had one of those husbands you know that was really macho we call them machismo in Spanish, had the gold chain and it’s just like a macho guy and walk around all macho and everything. My coaching with somebody but like that would be “Hey look you’re 40 years old go look in the mirror, take a look at your self and see and start to feel the love for yourself, start to enjoy yourself, you look great at forty, you. should appreciate it.” She went and talked to a few people and then I told her to do that and it’s just kind of a part of this story and I told her to go do that. She went into the Mirror and stood there and started looking at herself and said “gosh you know what, I am pretty pretty I’ve got, my body’s OK, I feel pretty good,” and she’s standing there and looking in the mirror and that machismo husband that I’m talking about came in.

[00:09:22] He’s looking at her like What is she doing. She’s trying to do some self-love, she’s trying to appreciate herself and she looks at him and goes “hey you know I talked to this person and they said I should appreciate myself some a little bit more. So I was looking at my body, I’m appreciateing it.” And the the guy looks at her and goes Wow. He goes. “Did that person who told you to do this.” He said “did they tell you, what did they say about your 40 year old ass”.

[00:09:50] She said she looked at him and she said “well he’s standing in the room with me right now.”

[00:09:56] So the idea is that people are always going to try to bring you down. Right. People are going to try to bring you down. I know I have to go param ta, because that was kind of a joke but people are going to try to bring you down and you can’t let them, you can’t let them, you’ve got to find your true joy your true beauty there are people that are always going to say things like that,like well what did they say about your 40 year old ass. You got to be like her you had to come back and say well he didn’t say anything about that because he’s standing in this room right. You’ve got to be like that, you have to have that strength to be abundant, you have to be yourself, you have to feel the joy that you are strong enough to take it on and realize that you know a lot of people don’t want you to be successful. A lot of people don’t want you to feel beautiful, A lot of people don’t want you to feel healthy, and you gotta start to love yourself. It’s one of the critical things that we do. We walk around so many times during the day and put ourselves down. You know I play a lot of golf and the Golf is a great analogy for life because it has its huge ups and it has huge downs and you can really see a lot about a person, for years as I started to play golf.

[00:11:04] I would hate myself and say you’re such an idiot. Why did you do that. You’re such an idiot because you make a bad play and you picked the wrong club and I’d say gosh you’re such, and the self talk was just horrible, was just horrible. This time around as I’m getting into it more and more that is my focus is not just enjoy no more horrible self talk you know you’re gonna you’re going to have some of those days you’re gonna make mistakes and there’s no use calling yourself an idiot. There’s no use calling yourself stupid, there’s no use calling yourself dumb, It serves nothing, but we tend to do those things where sometimes our worst critic and our harshest harshest person that is with us, I always used to say this, would you tell your best friend the things that your saying? I mean we are best friends, or our worst enemy, I really feel that sometimes we’re our worse enemy. If we didn’t hit our goal and things aren’t exactly the way that we’re supposed to be, we tend to feel that we are a bad person,we’re the bad person.

[00:12:05] I want you to think about this, if you’re a parent and you are working with children if you keep telling somebody and I just watched the battle of the planet of the Apes and there was a monkey in there that says Bad Ape.

[00:12:17] If we keep telling our children they’re bad, you’re bad, that’s a bad thing, you’re bad, I can’t believe you did that, bad boy, bad boy, and I said in the planet apes is bad ape, bad ape, and that’s what he thought his name was because the trainers kept saying bad ape, bad ape.

[00:12:33] What we want to do even with ourselves, is gosh I’m such a bad person. Lets not say bad boy, or bad girl, or bad ape. We want to say look I love you, You’re awesome, There’s good things about you, But that behavior is not going to be tolerated. We have to separate the behavior from us to be truly abundant. So when we go about doing something that we didn’t really want to do ,it was something maybe that we did that wasn’t so smart. We don’t want to beat ourselves up, we want to love ourselves, but then treat the behavior differently. Well gosh that behavior was kind of dumb. Right. I’m not going to do that again,

[00:13:09] but that’s not me. I’m not a bad boy. See the difference. So you have a lot of parents say you’re a bad person, you’re a bad boy, and they get that in their life. The truth is they’re not a bad person. Their behavior is bad.

[00:13:27] We don’t tolerate that behavior we want to change your behavior and believe me children understand that they’re smart enough to understand that behavior is bad. You say you’re great I love you to death, but that behavior is not going to be tolerated in this household.

[00:13:40] same thing with us. We’re not stupid we’re not dumb. We make mistakes but that doesn’t make us a mistake does that make sense and to be able to be truly abundant

[00:13:53] we’ve got to move through that. Like we’ve got to start to love ourselves as we move into that level two and we really start working on this mission and values and goals. There are going to be things that happen along the way where we start to self-deprecating and we’ve got to be cautious of that self deprecation. Got to love yourself, got a look in the mirror, be proud of yourself. No matter where you’re at. Even if you’re unhappy with it don’t beat yourself up. Maybe your behavior hasn’t been appropriate. Maybe you’ve been overeating right. That’s a behavior that’s not you that can be rectified that can be changed.We want to appreciate ourselves, we want to appreciate others, we want to create behaviors not correct the person, and I think that alone in today’s message can make all the difference in the world and especially for you parents. OK. Be very cautious of the way that you talk and the way that you tell someone. Make sure your correcting behaviors and not telling a person what they are. OK. So let’s go have a great day.

[00:14:55] It’s going to be a great weekend. I know it’s Friday. I love Fridays and I can’t wait to keep bringing you more information. Make sure you check Facebook once in a while for everything that was going on. If you’re in Level 1 reach out to us you’re going to see us talking about level 2 and how you can get involved if you’re in level 2. We’re going to be working towards a level 3 curriculum materials are coming next week we’re already starting to move that way a little bit. I did a video on energy and peace. Just let me know what you need and then in the What’s Appp group don’t get caught up in that. Remember it’s a walkie talkie. You don’t have to get overwhelmed by it, if your OCD like I am, just because you have 100 messages you don’t have to read them all. That’s more for live feedback as it’s going or if your bored and want to read through it. When you’re sitting there if you need something to do this is a good thing to read through there’s some cool stuff going on in there. OK. So I love you get out there. Have a great one and I will be back with more here tomorrow to get your day started on Get out there and have a phenomenal day.

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Abundant Life | Abundant December | Episode 2976


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