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Systems Oriented | Systems Oriented | Episode 2977

One of the things that can lead to more happiness is to focus on systems. Join me (JB Glossinger) today as we move into Systems Oriented focused life.

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Systems Oriented | Systems Oriented | Episode 2977

[00:00:05] Good Morning

[00:00:11] and welcome to MorningCoach. Today I am so glad you’re with us.

[00:00:17] As you know my name is J.B. Glossinger and this is your personal evolution system thee place to get your day started right. Welcome, welcome, welcome. I’m so glad you’re with me today. Hey we’re rocking and rolling into Saturday we’re having some fun here. It is about the energy everyday MorningCoach and I got to tell you I’m getting so much energy out of the what’s app group for Level 2. I mean I’m waking up to a hundred and some messages every morning I cannot keep up. I was laughing yesterday because I called it the walkie talkie because that’s really what it is. You just kind of catch up with everyone as you jump on there and boy everybody in Europe South America has really Love in the app. We’re having fun with that thing. If you haven’t jumped in there let me just give you a little advice. Make sure you mute it or put your phone on sleep in the middle of night,

[00:01:07] so you don’t have messages going off every 20 minutes because it is a lot of fun and we’ve just got the best members in the world and things are really starting to take off. As you know we’re starting to open up MorningCoach again and we’re bringing new people in and it’s so cool because it’s only as good as the members and boy the members are awesome and we’re getting ready to start it’s December we’re going to start working on sacred six next week and I’m going to individually look at everybody’s sacred six, make sure you’re organized and ready to make 2018 awesome as we move from level two to level three so it’s really really awesome. If you’re with us at level one great, hey let’s keep working and keep taking it day by day, and focus on finding that true inner peace, that true joy, and stop chasing things that are not going to get you there and start really focusing on the things that are, and that is being systems oriented which I think is so important. You know lately there’s a lot of stuff out there on Bitcoin. It’s amazing. All of a sudden the bitcoin is hot. There’s people selling courses. Courses on Bitcoin everywhere you look it’s Bitcoin, and it’s going up and hey maybe you become a millionaire with bitcoin. Maybe that’s your thing, maybe that will work for you and I’d be happy for you to make a ton of money, but is that going to bring you happiness. Is it going to really be the thing that turns it all around. Well I coached enough people with money that I can tell you that money isn’t the be all end all. We’ve got to make sure that you’re growing and that you’re developing and you’re contributing because that’s what’s going to make all the difference. Now if you don’t have money I could understand where you feel that’s what could make all the difference. The truth is it’s not about money. It’s about you finding the happiness and enjoying your heart and then utilizing a system to get you there.

[00:02:49] That’s why I believe in systems, the more systems that you have working in your life the more effective and efficient you’ll become and then you can do the things you want to do whether it’s if you want to go play golf as I’m starting to do again or you want to go learn Israeli commando techniques or you want to learn to get better at your life. Here at MorningCoach there are systems that you can use and I think one of the great things about me training with Mike Lee Kaneric, with Sir that I love so much is that everything he does has a rhyme or reason. Same thing with me, everything I do has a rhyme or reason. As you can see it’s getting more and more organized every day. For me it’s taken 10 years and same with Sir it’s taken him 20 years because that’s how long he’s been doing it. Now you are going to be the direct beneficiary of all that time and that’s the beautiful thing about coming to a morning coach now. Now if you’ve been with me for years as Brad and Joanne and so many people Katrina and you know who you are. LEE, there’s so many people that have been with me for years. You were the pioneers to this and you were the ones that you know helped me get to this point and now we’ve made it a little bit easier for everybody else right because now we’re getting systems in place and I’d love you for that. The fact remains that we’re not going to go backwards we never do

[00:04:03] here at MorningCoach. The Good the Bad different doesn’t matter we’re going to go forward and moving forward we have an amazing opportunity to work together to make 2018 great As you plug into a system OK. So back to the bitcoin thing we all want to make money. We all want to hit the big riches, we all would love to win the lottery right, but what really the lottery is is life. When you start to understand that every day is a lottery is when everything starts to change for you. You stop chasing and you start building and you start building that life around the things that you’re looking to experience and the things that you’re looking to manifest in what’s awesome about life is that every single person has a different experience, every single person is going through life in a different way. What I want is not necessarily what you want. I think one of the biggest issues that I’ve seen over my career is that people continue to want what other people have. I want their life, I want to live like them. The truth is they don’t know what they’re really living like. They don’t really know all the aspects of front sideways and backwards, they don’t know the details of everything right and we all have the good with the bad and sometimes you just see the surface level and you’re like I want to live like that, but they don’t know what’s behind door number two or Door Number Three.

[00:05:25] I’m coaching a lot of different people and I’m coaching someones that’s extremely successful and if I mention the name everybody here would know, very famous made a lot of money, a ton of money, and I’m not going to give any hints because I could give them away, but very famous, very successful, has everything but life has been very bleak. The reason life has been very bleak is because of the fame and the money and the things that he had accumulated over time as he’s never been able to get into a real relationship. Now if I told you Who are those person was everybody would want to be them. On the surface level it’s like wow that’s who you’re talking about. Right. I’d say yes person’s got tremendous succes,s amazing life, but just has no stability in that relationship and now has reached the pinnacle of fame in Hollywood the pinnacle. We’re talking 20 30 million dollar movies. Again I’m not going to dress who it is but at that pinnacle of fame and now the problem is what relationships are real and what aren’t. The people coming in and people say well I want that I want that money I want that fame I want to live that life.

[00:06:37] But do you really do you really?.

[00:06:40] Because he’s suffering through some massive massive issues right now. You say well maybe he doesn’t deserve he’s got all these material things he’s got everything that he wants you know he doesn’t deserve to feel bad because he can’t have a relationship. Oh poor him, well it was just like me when I was in corporate and I was making up for six figures. A lot of money driving the company car, not having any expenses, traveling around the world, private jets, going to the NBAA, going all over the world, Paris Air Show, and being miserable, miserable. Great why but why was I missed because I was working 60 70 hours a week. And you can say J.B. but that’s a sacrifice. You have no right to have psychological misery but that’s not true.

[00:07:23] You’re not in my position, you weren’t in my head and the suffering that I was going through because I couldn’t be free. Same thing with this person. They have the material they have the fame they have everything on the exterior but inside they’re alone they’re lonely they’re searching for hope.

[00:07:42] They would just love to connect with somebody that isn’t there for their money or their fame. So if you’re going through financial issues and you’re saying well my pain is financially you know I’ve got a great relationship, I’ve got that. Well that’s your suffering that’s your problem. My point to all of this is is it’s not about wanting to be somebody else because somebody else has their own garbage. We all do. Nobody is living a perfect life. There’s only been one person that walked on water and that’s suffering that we all go through as part of life. We all have our own demons, we all have our own battles and so we’ve got to get a system in place that we’re constantly working on ourselves to get better. Not only get better but actually enjoy this thing called life because I realized that I needed freedom.

[00:08:29] That was the thing that I needed. I needed freedom. For me to get freedom I had to change the way that I thought and I had to do things differently. I went through more pain, I lost my house, I had people laugh at me, People wouldn’t come to the events,

[00:08:44] People looked at me like an idiot,it’s true. I felt like an idiot.

[00:08:51] Many days I suffered but you know what I had I had this ability to study everyday to learn to believe to have faith in God that I would get through it and I didn’t look at other people I met let’s say yes I did. I think I looked at Tony Robbins and Zig Ziglar and those guys and said if they do it I could do it but I didn’t want to be them, I still don’t want to be them, I want to be the best I can be. Living the life that I want to live and this person is dealing with the issues right now that we’re working on. You know we’re trying to break through how we can get to people that are real that aren’t there just for the fame and money and break through that loneliness and that pattern of the loneliness that you get when you get to the top. Heavy is the crown of the King.

[00:09:36] Let me be the king, I hear it over and over again but the truth is at whatever level you are you just have more issues and you’ve got to learn to deal with those issues. That’s why you have a system to continually work to get better and to figure out what is the things that you need help with in your life and that’s what we’re doing here together at MorningCoach. So my whole point is that soapbox is stop trying to be somebody else from the outside. We live in this external environment where everything seems to be perfect and we’re trying to figure out how can we get the perfect life. When we don’t get it we’ve got to medicate. Whether it’s pharmaceutical’s or whether it’s alcohol, whether it’s other drugs. That’s why so many people are trying to figure this stuff out externally and they’re suffering when truly it’s all internal. Once we get that a piece internally then we can start to develop the true relationships and do the things that we need to do. So that’s what I’ve been working on with this gentleman that I’m discussing, is we’re working on the internal aspects. How can we find peace and joy and happiness on the inside and then manifest the right person in life and we’ve had some huge tremendous successes.

[00:10:42] For me finding the freedom to do what I want to do but not only now recognizing that it’s freedom but also recognizing that it’s about helping people that when I get the What’s app message that somebody sends it private to me and they tell me what they’re going through and believe me I get some challenges that nobody would want to ever go through. I get those and it puts joy in my heart to know that I can bring some peace to that person.

[00:11:07] So I get those e-mails in, I get those. You know Dermot just got his masters degree. Those are things I live for. Right. So it’s not even work to me when that happens. You know I was with German yesterday and we’re going through Facebook and we’re reaching out to old members and say look we’re going Level Two we love you. I love that, I love, I talk to Gierson that I haven’t talked to Gierson, old member for years, I said Man you got to check out what we’re doing. from Brazil and I go I know we’ve closed morning coach but we’re doing some really cool stuff. To me that’s what it’s about and everybody coming together and seeing what’s up and it’s just it’s coming full circle for me and I’m loving life. Why? Because I’m in a system. Does that mean that everything has worked perfectly for me over time. No. In fact it’s been the opposite. There’s been so many things that I’ve fallen on my face with. But every day I brush myself off and I just keep learning and I keep learning and growing and developing and finding peace and having fun even when I fall down in the mud, I get up and look at myself in the mirror and laugh. You know because you got to have fun through this process you’ve got to have good energy through this process. It is life but enjoy it. Be a little childlike.

[00:12:19] Don’t get so caught up in the noise in the pursuit where you miss the living and that’s what we’re doing here at MorningCoach as we get systems in place. The idea that on Saturdays that we talk about every Saturday is to find a system that works for you. Whether it’s speed reading, whether it’s the MorningCoach personal evolution system, whether it’s learning how to go golf, and put a system in place, get systems that work for you so that you don’t have to do all the work. That’s really the key. I got to tell you it is the best time to be alive. I’ve got an iPhone, I’ve got to LG phone, and just to put an example of a system I was telling Pillar last night how excited I am that I fell into this secret group and I fell in the fact that I’ve got a phone that set up just for level two and above MorningCoach members. It puts so much joy in my heart because that phone when I pick it up is gold and everything in there is gold

[00:13:13] Because it’s everybody that is level 2 and above and the communication in there is directly related to everything MorningCoach. Now if somebody needs me they can send me a message, if somebody wants to get a hold of me they can call me, I’ve never done that stuff before,.

[00:13:28] but having this phone it allows me to do that. If somebody level two and above is struggling and they want to call me they can call me and I take them within reason. Right. I said I do my one on one coaching but I have a lifeline now and it’s really simple for it to work and it’s this phone. It’s the craziest thing how that manifested into a system that allows me to communicate with people from all over the world and help them which is what I’d love to do. That’s what I love to do. Right. Then I got my other iPhone that I use for all my other stuff and business coaching and everything else and that’s great. iPhone 10, I’m going to do a review on those two but it’s just systems right. Systems, systems, systems.

[00:14:09] So you have one here and personal evolution and we’re going to be working together I just asked you to dedicate to it and I ask you to put in the time into it because it is going to be just a great year. 2018 is going to be awesome it’s going to be off the charts already feel it. It’s already started. So let’s work together to progress OK. Let’s work to make this happen and if you’ve got any questions on systems please put them up in the MorningCoach group would love to talk about them. Love to hear what you’re working on and see if we can put something together for you. Duo lingo for a language whatever. We’ve got a lot of options and stuff that we can help you with. What do you need, what are you really going to work on this year? So we make sure we get you the right system.

[00:14:47] Okay so I love you. Let’s put some great energy out there and make it happen, it’s Saturday you got to love it.

[00:14:52] All right. I will be back with more right here to keep you go on MorningCoach. So get out there. Have a great day and let’s make this thing happen. I love you, I do, go have a phenomenal day.

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Systems Oriented | Systems Oriented | Episode 2977


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