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Chop Wood Carry Water | Chop Wood Carry Water | Episode 2973

Before Enlightenment Chop wood, carry water. After Enlightenment chop wood, carry water. Take a few minutes and meditate on this today. What does it really mean? Join me (JB Glossinger) on the show today as we delve a little bit deeper into what this statement means.

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Chop Wood Carry Water | Chop Wood Carry Water | Episode 2973

[00:00:00] Good Morning and

[00:00:08] Welcome to MorningCoach. Today I am so glad you’re with us. As you know my name is J.B. Glossinger and this is your personal evolution system thee place to get your day started right. Welcome, welcome, welcome, and I’m so glad you’re with me today.

[00:00:25] Hey we’re rock n roll and having some fun here that’s what it’s about at MorningCoach. It is about the positive energy every day and we are here to do it. Get you ready to take on this holiday season as you know this is a dangerous time. We can kind of fade into some pretty bad habits but here at MorningCoach we do it a little bit differently. We start to get organized to take on 2018 and that’s what it’s about. I got a little story for you and then a little saying that we’re going to go over and it’s what we’re going to go over, there’s an idea behind it. I really want you to put some thought into it. So the thing we’re going to start off with is the title of today’s Coach cast which is chop wood carry water. And what does that mean? Chop wood carry water. Well there’s an old Zen proverb that says before enlightenment chop wood carry water.

[00:01:20] After enlightenment chop wood carry water.

[00:01:24] If you think about that it’s like what does that have to do with anything. What does that have to do with me right? Well there’s many of us that feel,

[00:01:34] and I was one of these two that as life occurs, that you’re going to have these huge super enlightening moments that are going to change everything. The Archangel is going to come down, Archangel Gabriel is going to play the trumpet and going to tell you this is your destiny. This is what you’re supposed to do, but the truth is most of the big events in life are very subtle. There’s subtle changes as you go through your life you start to have them happen. Things just work, and as you go through your life you are chopping wood and carrying water. So many people get so disappointed by the fact that their life hasn’t turned out to be something they thought it was going to be and they keep trying to buy happiness or to find that right person, or to find the next thing that’s going to bring them that joy, that peace, that love, when it’s always right there in front of you. The big issue that we have is when we get so far ahead of ourselves that we never get in the present moment we never get in this now we never connect to where the true peace and the true joy and the true happiness is.

[00:02:48] As you meditate today and you think a little bit about slowing things down I want you to think about that Zen saying that Zen koan that says chop wood, carry water, before enlightenment after enlightenment,

[00:03:00] Chop wood, carry water.

[00:03:03] What does that really mean to you?. I kind of want to hear that, you can get into the what’s app group or in the Facebook group and talk a little bit about that but it’s a deeper concept of understanding what life is about, and then it’s also understanding that it’s in the smaller things that we can find true joy in true peace. We can find it right there without having to go have some experience in some ashram, we can find it right now, and that’s a beautiful thing about life. I’ve got another one from St. Francis of Assisi, now you know that I have this real connection with St. Francis. St. Francis was an animal lover, there’s a lot to St. Francis of that I love.

[00:03:45] I have Saint Francis the poem of St. Francis right behind me. It’s on my desk, on my shelf right behind me, behind my desk. I read every day, one of the things I start my day with, and it’s “Lord make me an instrument of thy piece” and I have this kinship with St. Francis even when I’m in Columbia a lot of animals come to me and it’s funny because they call me Saint Francis there because the animals I get along with the street dogs the street dogs always come up to me, all the dogs. So I have this kinship with St. Francis and I really do. I appreciate St. Francis and what he’s was about in St. Francis, this is story of St. Francis very quick one, it says St. Francis of Assisi was busy working in his garden. A visitor asked him what he would do if he were suddenly to learn that he was to die at the end of the day and the saint answered I would finish working in my garden. Think about that. OK so many people have always brought that to us and even coaches say what you going to do what would you do if your life was going to end this week or if it was going to end this day what would you do. St. Francis says you know if my life was going to end the end of the day, and I’m sitting here working the garden, I would finish work in my garden, I think those are profound.

[00:05:07] Both these the Zen koan or the Zen proverb and the story here of St. Francis are something that we can really take to heart, because I think one of the big issues and as we get ready to set up a level two and we’re really going to be working on your goals and getting you structured and set up to start working.

[00:05:27] Really getting it going for 2018 is the disappointment that comes when life isn’t exactly the way you want it to be or the way you think it’s supposed to be. It’s getting too far ahead, and not really enjoying the whole entire process. We get this disappointment that I haven’t hit my goals, that something hasn’t happened in my life, that I haven’t graduated high school, if we think back to when we were kids, or I haven’t won the lottery yet, or I didn’t get that car of my dreams, or I didn’t get the job of my dreams. We’re constantly so far ahead that we’re missing the whole point of life like the statement, The saying says as we’re planning our life we’re living it.

[00:06:21] One of the big things that we’re going to do in 2018 is really connect to this as I take you through the levels and get you deeper and deeper we go to some of the more esoteric meanings like this and we get into enlightenment when we get into happiness and we get into peacefulness.

[00:06:37] We’ve got to understand some of these deeper concepts and in order to do that we’ve got to get our mind ready and able to accept this. When I was younger, and I was broke, and I was frustrated, and I was angry, and somebody would say something to me like this that if St. Francis of Assisi was busy working in his garden and a visit or asking what he would do if he suddenly learnt that he had died in a day and then a saint after I had finished work in my garden I would say that’s a bunch of B.S. That’s what my ego would say.

[00:07:07] There’s no way he would finish work in his garden. He would go do what he could because his life was ending that day because my ego couldn’t understand it.

[00:07:14] My mind was not open enough to really comprehend the fact that sometimes the things that were going through in this moment are things that we need to go to.  As Michael singer taught us in the surrender experiment that we need to surrender to it and we need to live our life with what has being brought to us in that moment. Not getting stressed out not worrying about it just taking it step by step as we have these things come into our life and recognize the fact that there may be a time when something awesome happens and the Archangel Gabriel comes down and sings you a song and tells you you’re calling,

[00:07:47] but more than likely that’s not going to happen. True enlightenment comes while you’re chopping wood and carrying water, and afterwards you’re still going to chop wood and carry water. It’s just going to be a different perspective in the way that you see life. I can’t tell you how critical this is. People come to me all the time and say J.B. can you teach me how to podcast, can you teach me how to build and I build the business, and I put the courses together, I put that information out there. Why do they want to do those things. It’s what I’m learning, is the most important question. And a lot of times it’s because oh I want this, I want that, I want freedom, I want this, I want that, and they think that by doing something outside of themselves is going to bring them the joy or the happiness or the peace that’s going to make all the difference. Ultimately let’s just say it,the money, right the money, and they hear my story and I’m doing a lot of interviews now.

[00:08:55] Sign up with a group that’s doing podcast interviews because our focus as you know is to grow Morning coaches as we get into 2018 that’s my goal. We’re going to try to add 30 to 50 people a month and we’re going to really put some some effort into this. So I’m doing these interviews and they hear my interview and they’re like wow J.B. left corporate, kind of went broke, and then built this community, and I want to do the same thing.

[00:09:17] Nothing wrong with that, but why? What is your passion, what is your underlying reason for doing it,

[00:09:26] what is your intent, and that’s really where we got to go. We’ve got to figure out what it is that’s going to bring you joy, what are you going to do every day that you just absolutely love, that you would do no matter what.

[00:09:42] That’s the real secret of living is just to accept what has come into your life and then do it every day, if it is doing something like I’m done that’s fantastic do it, if it’s shoveling snow do it, if it’s working at McDonald’s do it. It’s what has been brought into your life and that is the power of getting in the moment and understanding the moment and recognizing the fact that even from a very practical standpoint even though we’re getting deep today,

[00:10:12] if you go with that attitude of giving the best and doing the best that you can and loving what you’re doing and getting into the moment and surrendering to whatever is going to be there, you’re going to move so fast, you’re going to move so fast. You know the number one complaint I get from my CEOs I coach and the business people that I coach is they can’t find people to work, that’s the number one complaint. I can’t find anybody motivated, I can’t find anybody that wants to work. I’ve got upward mobility all the way through my organization.

[00:10:39] So many opportunities out there right. But part of the issue we have today is the Internet culture that we’ve created and it’s cool. I get it. Look everybody wants to sit behind their computer and make money. Who wouldn’t want to do that, Right, Who would want to do that, but is that your intended purpose. Is that why you’re here. I’m not here to answer that for you.

[00:11:05] We’re going to get into that as we discuss your mission your values and goals and I want you to think about the next experience you want. I also want you to understand that maybe that’s not the hand that you’ve been dealt.

[00:11:16] Before enlightenment chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment chop wood, carry water.

[00:11:24] There’s a totally different mentality when we approach life this way.

[00:11:30] Whatever comes, you just let it come and then you make choices and decisions based on what’s happening and you enjoy this process. Now does this mean that we’re not going to set goals, that we’re not going to use a process to get organized? Of course not. In fact it’s important that we do, if we want to share this momentum, if we want to go a different direction, of course we want to make some changes and do some things differently. Have I always done good and done the things I was supposed to do.

[00:11:57] No way. I make more mistakes than anybody, I’ve made so many mistakes here,

[00:12:03] I made mistakes in my corporate career, I made mistakes in my relationships, I’ve made mistakes here with MorningCoach, I’ve made mistakes with my business, I mean I make more mistakes, every day

[00:12:15] I make mistakes,

[00:12:16] but all I could do is surrender to the knowledge that the greater good is conspiring for me, and that before enlightenment chop wood, carry water, and after enlightenment chop wood, carry water. If it was all over at the end of the day as St. Francis was in his garden and his visitor said what would you do.

[00:12:37] He said I would finish gardening, I think that we need more of this knowledge in the world today.

[00:12:46] I think we got to get ourselves in a position where we are understanding the depth of life is in living life not in the acquisition. Nothing wrong with the acquisition but it’s about enjoying the moments with your family your significant other. It’s about being here now is Ramdass taught us years ago, right and understanding the power is in the moment that this is when everything else changes and if we give it everything we got and we enjoy every moment life works. You know I spent Saturday, just think about it, I got up at about 7:00 in the morning recorded, I do this every day just in case and then I put it up at midnight that way I’m a day ahead but that way it’s always fresh and there’s something going. You know it’s clean and fresh and relevant. So I do it every single day. I don’t prerecord unless you know maybe once in a while but you know like if I’ve got something going on but I do this everyday it’s more for me. Saturday I get up at about 6:30 I got up I record I took Neo for a walk to my morning routine which I’m teaching and you will get more information on that this week as I’m putting the documentation out. Came back went and worked out, after I recorded worked out from eight thirty nine o’clock till about noon. It was crazy three four hours. Then came home showered put on my golf clothes, and went and played 18 holes of golf, came home and then had a great night relax watching movies.

[00:14:11] How did I have that energy, before enlightenment chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment chop wood, carry water.

[00:14:18] Just connecting to the moment. Being there when I was on a golf course I was on the golf course, was working out I was work it out, When I was home I was relaxing, eating properly, taking care of myself, really understanding the power of this moment.

[00:14:31] I just want you to think about that for a minute. Are you disappointed, are you disappointed with your life?

[00:14:38] If you are then that’s the where it all stops. It stops there, like that’s a bad spot to be and don’t be disappointed. Let’s recognize where you’re at and start making the changes that are going to bring you the peace joy and energy in those changes start mentally they start in your mind. We’ve got to work to really change that thought process. That’s what we’re doing with these two levels. I’m bringing you that, over the next couple of weeks we’ll be working together to put all that together,

[00:15:06] but all I ask you to do is commit to it and open up your mind to something totally different, because those two stories I just shared with you the Zen koan and the story of St. Francis are different than anything else that you’ve probably heard before. Chop wood, carry water, and Saint Francis, if your life was going to end today what would you do. I would just keep garden, I would just finish up my garden here, its a different way of thinking, it’s different, It’s so powerful and refreshing and freeing when you’re not so caught up in the noise. That’s what I want to help you do step out of the noise.

[00:15:42] OK. So let’s go make it happen. I love you, I do. We all have issues. Let’s keep working together to get through them if you need me, You know how to get me [email protected] and I’m going to keep bringing it every day. We’ve got some very special things coming here to the to this community, and I can’t wait to bring them to you. OK. So I love you, I do, get out there have a great day. I will have more for you right here to get your day started at

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Chop Wood Carry Water | Chop Wood Carry Water | Episode 2973


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