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Spiritual Growth | Spiritual Awareness | Episode 2964

Having an amazing life grounded in Spirituality can make all the difference. I am pumped to discuss some of the Spirituality driven things that are happening here at MorningCoach. Join me (JB Glossinger) today to find more peace in your life, and Spiritual growth.

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Spiritual Growth | Spiritual Awareness | Episode 2964

[00:00:00] Good Morning, and

[00:00:09] Welcome to MorningCoach. Today I am so glad you’re with us, as you know my name is J.B. Glossinger and this is your personal evolution system, thee place you get your day started right. Welcome, welcome, welcome, and I’m so glad you’re with me today as we’re getting ready to take it on. It is a Sunday here at MorningCoach.

[00:00:29] We love Sundays because it’s our day to get a little more spiritual, get a little more mindful, and a little bit Deeper, about life and that’s what we do here together. It’s one of the most important things, that we connect to the deeper spirituality into something deeper for ourselves. Today we’re going to talk a little bit about spiritual awareness and connecting to that. It’s something that has served me and something that I follow every day and it just works. As you start to relax and surrender a little bit more to life, the ideas, what you’re supposed to do, the next steps really become clear. That’s what we’re looking to do, is help each other on that path to clarity and to a deeper spiritual awareness. You may not know, maybe your a new listener but if you’ve been with me for a while you know my background. I was a business guy, I had an MBA and I was in business, had a lot of success in business and got corporate in traditional business, broke away and then didn’t have much success. Then I was able to get my feet up and start working to get things working, but at that same time while I was having a lot of success in business, I wasn’t really happy and so I went and studied metaphysics and spirituality and got upon a Shads out and the Vedas, and the Course of Miracles, and Eckharttolle and every everything that I could possibly get my hands on that had any esoteric meaning in life.

[00:01:53] The Bible, the grand, the Kabbalah, I just started studying, took this Ph.D. in metaphysics and spent three years studying everything that I possibly could and wrote a dissertation on spirituality and business and really revamped my life, changed my life because I started to understand this deeper aspect of spirituality. Now that being said here at MorningCoach we got to cover a lot of ground. We’ve got to cover practical tips to spiritual tips and we’ve got to understand the whole process of this, but at the end of the day, It all comes back to this spiritual awareness or this spiritual connection that’s going to make everything happen. One of the things that’s just been divine league, I’ve been divinely guided at, is this idea, the levels, and helping people go through different things. I’m currently outlining 13 of them and been working on that and putting all that together is challenging and it’s just but I’m just allowing that to come through me and on the paper and it’s really going great.

[00:02:52] Each level is going to be a different step in creating the idea of connection and then the idea of getting the practical set up and then going into the deeper aspects of peace, and joy, and happiness, which are really what we’re here on this earth to do and also about the collective consciousness and consciousness in itself, and how do we shift our mind to that. So you know we’re getting started with that level one. We’re getting that going and it’s going really good. Obviously level 1 is about awareness and getting people a little more consistent and starting to get things rolling. Opening the mind up a little bit understanding the different systems that are out there and then practicing gratitude and really that’s our awakening level at level 1. We have many people on that and now we’re moving into Level 2 which is the twins. This week I’ll be introducing some content and that is the introduction to energy and peace in this core idea of being able to chant our energy in a right direction and being able to utilize it properly. Then obviously having peace of mind to bring those together to start you know living a life that you want to live, and really bringing it bringing in this wonderful life that you can change and as we move into the level 2 then we get in the sacred six and then the financial side of things. The inspiration that came is that I’m going to help everybody with theirs.

[00:04:13] So it’s once we get to the next couple of weeks here you’ll be sending in some information on level 2 and I’ll be working with you I’ll be reviewing it making sure we’re all on the same page and you’re good to go and once you are then you can go into Level 3. Once we feel you’re ready to go and ready to rock n roll, and level three is triads. Again we’re going to get deeper into energy and peace. Start going into some of the esoteric meaning, we’re going to get into community, why it’s so important. We’re going to do try out assignments, were going to talk about self worth, and being mindfulness and being mindful in some deeper areas there, and then once you’ve got that done then we feel you know I’ve worked with you and you feel like we’re ready to go we’re going Level 4, and Level 4 is Midas. That’s where we’re getting into prosperity and luck in Law of Attraction and manifesting experience. So I’ve got those first four levels mapped out and it doesn’t matter how long it takes you to get through them, but we’re going to be working together.

[00:05:09] Like I said there’s 13 of them. So as we get into the deeper level 6 is about intrinsic value, Level 5 are getting in the self-accusation of peak experience, so as we get into those areas, like I said later on we’ll do some studies to punish odds Vedas and some of the deeper esoteric stuff, we’re just going to go level by level transition from each level and you’re going to love it. I’m loving it already and again this is divinely inspired and it’s it’s all about spiritual awareness. It’s about listening to that intuition on what is supposed to happen. And the reason it’s happening and why it’s happening and how it’s going. Now I can say this a great example of spiritual awareness. I could say well why didn’t I start this you know five years ago or 10 years ago when I you know or 12 years ago when I started MorningCoach, well because I wasn’t ready. I wasn’t ready to put something together that’s going to scale and help so many people. It just is what it is, and I wasn’t ready, I had to grow as a person spiritually, had to grow as a person mentally, in order to be able to do, take this next step which is really about the system of evolution and the process to help people really grow through a consistent method that is a system. Right. A system is just what a lot of people crave and it’s what a lot of left brainers crave.

[00:06:33] Here at MorningCoach most of the people that listen, I would say there’s maybe one, that isn’t super intelligent. Everybody that listens to morning coach has this just tremendous IQ, very smart and is looking for that left brain information right, and so with the new levels that’s what’s going to happen. Why am I bringing that up? Well I’m bringing it up because it’s really me listening to this spiritual ideas and thoughts of what needs to be done here, and getting away from the egoic ideas of what needs to be done and just allowing things to come together and it’s just a wonderful journey and I appreciate you being with me for that because it’s really coming together in such a great way. I know many people when they first come to MorningCoach and it’s why I’m doing all these interviews so I’m getting asked to be on a ton of interviews right now and a lot of them want to know about the business side. It’s always about well how many people and how did you do this, and how did you do that, but I got to tell you it’s not about the business is about the people and it’s about the spiritual connection that’s what’s going to bring ultimately bring success. It’s what you’re focusing on and the connection that you have to something more powerful, It’s at self-accusation, and then the interesting value that we’ve talked about those level five and level six characteristics that we will get into that are taking you to the path of enlightenment where none of that really matters.

[00:07:57] At the end of the day as long as you’re allowing it to come into your life it’s amazing how that transition is starting to occur in me and can work for you where the worry just dissipates and we’re trying to build a business statement about that. About something much more deeper, and it’s such a great feeling to connect to that, and when you have that connection is when everything starts to work for you and you don’t have those psychological issues. The stress, the worry, anxiety, all that fades way it just melts into the background when you start to put things together. Does it mean they’re, let me paraphrase this properly, does it mean that you don’t have to work? No I think it’s the exact opposite, when you tie in to your spiritual awareness you surrender to it, and a great book for that was the Surrender Experiment with Michael Singer, and that surrender is what makes you work. It’s not giving up, we had this discussion when we did the book review, it’s not giving up, It’s really about giving it all you’ve got, It’s really about getting yourself in a place where this has been brought to you. God brought you this and it’s time for you to go to work. It’s time you start putting forward the effort that it’s going to take. I got to tell you right now it’s even the weekends I’m putting in about 12 hours, maybe a little less than that, probably 10 hours a day. People always say J.B. but you had this lifestyle you don’t need to do that.

[00:09:25] I probably could have stayed doing what I was doing but it’s not divinely inspired. So I’m surrendering to this, and we’re building these Facebook groups out. We’ve been manually putting people in. Yesterday we spent about six hours in the morning just manually adding people and then sending Facebook messages to people that have left, who are no longer members and saying look you know this private group is for level 2, and if you want to get in the level system higher than level one, then you’ve got to get back with us and you know answering those messages and trying to be there, right and trying and trying to do what we could. I’ve also you know committed to this first group that I’m going to be the person to take people through the those first five or six levels so that we have people that are willing to help people at level 1 and level 2 within our own community and create this ripple effect of an organization of community that gets what we’re trying to do here, and that is to make a difference in the world and really bring more joy and more happiness and more peace to the world and more connectedness and helping people wake up to this idea that we’re all connected anyways instead of the separation that is occurring more and more. We’re just creating more separation and it’s just driving people apart.

[00:10:39] Our job here at MorningCoach is to bring people together and that’s what I’m focused on whether it’s a retreat or whether it’s here online or whether it’s on Facebook or whatever are going to do work coming together so that we have an outlet or a place to go. Also I want to hang out with cool people. I’m going to be 49 in 2018 and in 50 in 2019 and these next couple of years you know I’m solidifying my group. That’s really what I’m focused on, I’m letting God help me do that. I’ve got friends all over the world and I have them, but the thing that I want to do that’s a little different than I have over the past 10 years, and this is again divinely inspired is to actually help, to get a little bit more. I know there’s a lot of people who have lost me for years are very happy just listening. They get value, they’re willing to be a level two member, they don’t need courses, they don’t need levels you know they’re just happy to support what we’re doing, and I love you for that. It keeps us going. It’s part of what we’re doing, but there’s another group of people that really want to get involved and really want to have systems and levels and structure and it’s something that you know over the years I haven’t put in place and now it’s just going to be awesome because we’re going to have a structure to go step by step and then make sure people are getting what they need and we’re aligned with the right people and we’re coming together. You know it’s my dream it always has been my dream and it’s always been the vision that we have thousands of people in your corner cheering you on,

[00:12:01] when you do things, and really bringing community together, and so that’s what we’re doing and people that get it. That’s why instead of just opening MorningCoach up and doing a trial and the level 2 and letting everyone just join, I want people to send in an application, I want people to have a sponsor, I want people to have a little effort to get involved in what we’re doing because I want to see if it’s somebody that I want in my life. Am I going to invest hours of time into that person as I review the sacred six or help them go through the levels and then eventually other people are investing time. We want to make sure their the right people because we don’t want to invest a lot of time, and somebody’s going to quit or somebody is going to go somewhere else or somebody just doesn’t care. Some are just kicking the tires. So that’s what I’m pumped about and it’s the spiritual awareness aspect of it that’s driving me, it’s what’s taking me there, It’s being able to listen and I really believe that the meditation of mindful goodness course is the more meditation that I’m getting and the more I meditate the clearer it’s becoming what we need to do here in order to help each other, and you’re here in this message for a reason. We’re going to get out there and we’re going to do it.

[00:13:09] And I want you to start to feel more of that energy and feel more of that positivity and step away from the worry, the anxiety, the doubt, and start to connect to something deeper. I want you to connect to that spiritual awareness and be able to surrender to it and allow things to come in your life and just take it step by step and just have fun with this. Love life. Have fun, help others, and contribute. That’s what’s going to make your life so much better because I can tell you it goes fast. I cannot believe i’m going to be 49 and 50 this year, I really can’t. I’m not saying it’s old, I’m just saying wow I can’t believe that I’m coming up on that and it’s not slowing down even though that’s going to be one of our things, is one of our levels is really about psychological time and how we can slow it down. It’s just an awesome time to be alive, and we just got to keep rolling and you know work in here together to get more spiritual to connect to more of the deeper aspects of life and really to find those levels of higher consciousness and self-accusation where we are enjoying it. I can guarantee you, if you hang in there with me and you just stick with with me you know this is uncommon for me this is coming from something much deeper, and that’s why I do it every day because I’m just a vehicle. I have absolutely no notes this morning just fy.

[00:14:28] This just comes trough me, and it just comes through me because it’s what we need to hear and what we need to be discussing. I just asked for guidance and let it go and it comes, and I just want you to know that we’re connected to something more than you could even imagine. You know the Course of Miracles says if you knew who walked beside you, you would never be afraid. That’s what I’m saying with divine guidance. I’ve never really dove into it as much as I have now, and I really believe that. If you knew who walked beside you you’d never be afraid. You would never worry, you wouldn’t have fear, you wouldn’t have doubt, and I got your back, God’s got your back, our communities got your back and it’s a great place to be, when you know you’ve got some support and we’re here to support you with whatever you’re going through. That’s what we’re putting together to help you get through it. All right so I love you. I do, get out there have a great day, and let’s go make it happen and I will be back with more right here on to get your morning started alright. If you need anything you know how to get me. Let’s keep rolling and let’s just do it, let’s do it, let’s go have a great day ok. I Love you. I hope you get your week started tomorrow right here tomorrow on

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Spiritual Growth | Spiritual Awareness | Episode 2964


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