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Spiritual Guidance | Spiritual Leadership | Episode 2957

What are the qualities for Spiritual guidance? How can you become a better spiritual leader? Join me (JB Glossinger) as I discuss the importance of becoming a spiritual leader and helping others.

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Spiritual Guidance | Spiritual Leadership | Episode 2957

[00:00:00] Good Morning,

[00:00:08] And welcome to MorningCoach. Today I am so glad you’re with us. As you know my name is JB Glossinger and this is your personal evolution system, thee place to get your day started right. Welcome, welcome, welcome, and I’m so glad you’re with me today as hey we’re rock n roll and we’re having some fun here getting organized and structured and just enjoying it. Just remember as we drive for our goals and we go after the things we’re going after and you know manifesting that dream just remember a little bit of the spirituality because it’s really critical that we keep that in focus in fact that may be the most important thing at least it is for me one of my most important values is to be connected to God in the spiritual side of things and have that deeper aspect of life.

[00:00:53] We’re going to get into that a little bit and you know Kalid mentioned on Facebook why we have to be so cautious of using that term God,

[00:01:01] and you’ll hear me say universe or other terms or whatever and I’ll get into that in a little bit because that’s a great question on Facebook and if you haven’t got a chance to join us on Facebook we’ve got a few levels going. Actually Facebook level 1 is rockin right now and we’ll be starting level 2 next week, so keep an eye out for that either tomorrow or Monday or Tuesday, and we’re going to be doing personal invite So as we get into the levels I don’t want to get into it here too much but I’ll be reaching out to everybody because I’m going to be involved as you go to the start level two and then move to level three. I’m going to be involved with the things that are happening for you and we’re going to be looking at your sacred six.

[00:01:37] You’re in check the box off on finances and you know Level 2 is called the twins because we’re going to start getting into energy and peace and so there’s a lot coming. Obviously we have MNM still going on for many of you that are taking mindfulness meditation and now I’m going to be building some content and structure for those levels in the community the way we’re doing that.

[00:01:57] Super pumped about that, excited, and I want to thank you for the e-mails that have been coming in. All kinds of e-mails, ideas, thoughts. Please send them, I’d love to hear them. You know members are you know you’re the reason I’m here, and so I want to make this as as awesome as possible, and I think it’s coming along really really good. Things are really moving for 18 and we’re going to just have a great 2018 together. Today we’re going to talk about spiritual leadership it is Episode two thousand nine hundred fifty seven, and today I just kind of want to go over some ideas on you know this idea of how we become more of a spiritual leader and connecting to something deeper. Right which is so important and and using that term called God and Kalid put up there and we had a good dialogue a lot of people jumped in and started discussing you know why we have to be a little cautious with God in using that term. I don’t feel I have to be cautious with that, I just believe in religious pluralism which means there’s many paths to God and Jamie posted read the self esteem prophecy insight because it tells a lot about that, and you know we’ve had James Redfield on this show and that’s a good place to think about this idea of what is J.B. talking about religious pluralism but it means there’s many paths, many names, many words, that are used when we talk about God but I don’t have a problem using it.

[00:03:20] I’ve mentioned my mentor is Wayne Dyer, I’ve always loved Wayne Dyer but even before I had a chance to meet him and break bread and go to lunch with him, Thanks to read Tracey over at overed house. I just loved this stuff, and if you look at Wayne, Wayne started off in the psychological area he was a Ph.D. in psychology and he was with the Orona zone. He never mentioned God in all of his original work. It had nothing to do with it.

[00:03:44] By the time he got to his final work and the stuff that he was doing then he was talking about God all the time. So my issue is just making sure we understand that term because it is spiritual. Look MorningCoache is a spiritual experience. There’s no other way to put it. This is a deeper, deeper experience. The people that come here are very intelligent and are looking for something deeper, and this is a spiritual experience. My background is in business and metaphysics. You know both of those things, and to be honest with you metaphysics is more important to me than business. I absolutely love it and I love this spiritual concept so I don’t mind if somebody says maybe we shouldn’t be ashamed to use the word God. No you should never be ashamed if that’s what your your belief is and what your deity is. That’s fine. If you believe the universe, if you believe the creator, if you believe divine intelligence, you know it’s just that term and again verbiage or vernacular words sometimes limit meanings and this is definitely one of those situations where we’ve got to pick a term. For me I use God, and it’s not I don’t say you know whatever you believe or God because I’m trying to not offend somebody, that’s the last thing I think I just respect other people’s thoughts and also their beliefs.

[00:04:59] Sometimes that word god is not what they use they use universe and I’m OK with that it’s the same thing and the scope of things is just verbiage.Great dialogue and as always I love those Facebook comments and Kalid you’re just a rock star and I appreciate you getting that started. If you’ve got questions like that, that you want me to answer directly just go to the ask on MorningCoach and we’ll make a whole Coach Cast about it or we can have dialogue on Facebook. It seems like that’s where everybodys from the survey, we had like 230 come in Facebook’s private e-mails number one Facebook’s number two for primary communication. So

[00:05:33] we’re going to build on that and really focus some time on that, and you know Karina who is just awesome. Karina’s overseas right now, but you know she’s going to help. She’s helped me already get my mind straight, and we’re going to be doing some Facebook lives and stuff. I’ve got two phones on, the iPhone X came in so I’ll be doing a review on that. I’ll put that up on YouTube and I have the LGV 30 which I actually love the cameras on the LGV30 the front facing is not as good as the iPhone X, but the back facing is just far superior so probably used the X for certain things and the LG for others. Really the primary idea here is to create communication for the different levels. As you go higher and the levels obviously you’ll be able to communicate with me more and there will be more interaction and we’ll be helping others come through the levels so excited about that. So I just want to talk to you a little bit about God.

[00:06:22] Now let’s talk about spiritual leadership. You know I was listening to Wayne this morning and I was out for my normal walk and I normally listen to MorningCoach and then a Wayne Dyer or you know something that’s uplifting and I love all Wayne’s stuff, so I listened to it over and over again and he was talking about the universe and I loved this he called it the Uni verse the one song the one verse and that we’re all in it together and I thought that was really powerful. That it is a universe and that is one verse Universe and that one verse means that we’re all in this collective consciousness. As we go out and as we approach what we’re doing here at MorningCoach and we start to increase our levels and you go to a level two, then level three,then level four, then level five, and you become more of a spiritual leader because obviously at the upper levels we get more into the deeper aspects of metaphysics and why we’re here and you know the spiritual side of things. You’re going to be a moral leader and what do we do when we we become a spiritual leader. Well one of the first things that we do is we lead others to discover their purpose and identity. I think that’s so critical that we help people find out who they are and break through that barrier that noise that is created Who we think we are.

[00:07:35] This is my biggest issue with personal development and self-help is that a lot of times we’re driving for things that we don’t even realize what we want right.

[00:07:43] So if we don’t do what we want, and I mean the observer level you know the spiritual side all of a sudden we get there and we change it up again. It’s like man I didn’t want that now sudden you’re going after something else. Eventually you’re starting to send mixed signals and that’s why you’re not manifesting the things that you want. The first thing that we need to do is we establish spiritual leadership which we’re going to be doing is that we need to help others discover their purpose and identity. Get them out of the news, get them away from the people that are pushing them to believe there’s something and realize that they can be extraordinary because at the end of the day were in the universe, were in the one song, we’re in the collective consciousness, so we need to lead others to discover purpose and identity. We need to lead others to transformation. Spiritual leaders help people transform. It’s just not about achieving a goal it’s actually transforming helping somebody realize the power and the strength that they have inside of them. You know Karen and Annabel and so many others who have found the strength to change who they are where there’s been an abusive relationship. Maybe it’s a little bit overweight, maybe it’s been in a career change, or making something different, maybe it’s a health issue like cancer and fighting through that as we have many survivors here at MorningCoach. Joanne and Helen and many others that are struggling right now.

[00:09:03] Look we can get through all of this and we’ve got to help people transform and that’s what a spiritual leader does. We want to impact the world. Another thing a spiritual leader does is they impact the world so as we come together as you learn and become more of a spiritual leader, you help people in discovering their purpose in their identity, your helping them lead to transformation, and you’re helping them impact the world. It’s critical. As they impact the world you know we make a difference in this universe. This one song this one verse and we help with the collective consciousness. OK. You may see once in a while I rant on Facebook and the reason I’m ranting iso t open people up, to think differently, to give them something else to think about, and sometimes seems all negative but it’s not negative it’s just opening people up. Not MorningCoach not you but regular people who are kind of stuck in the day to day minutiae. That’s what we’re doing we’re trying to impact the world. We help. This is an important one. We help as spiritual leaders, help people see old things in new ways. One of these we will get into, years ago I did a spiritual book study and I loved it. But as we get into different levels you know the first levels are sacred six and finances, and then you know really getting into meditation understanding goals and then we’re going to move into some of the older wisdom which I’ll help you with.

[00:10:23] Which is the Paneshads and the Vedas which are some just ancient, some of the original spiritual text written out in India and it’s just amazing how the Vedas how so much of it ego related and some of it that applies today. So we we take old things and we show them in new ways. There’s a lot of wisdom that we can find out there. Wayne Dyer had the book Wisdom of the ages which I loved and we’re going to share that as we progressed through levels and your spiritual leadership as you’re out there you’re going to be able to take some of these old ideas and you’re going to be able to show them in new ways. That’s what a spiritual leader does. Also you know provide them in a common tongue, something that people can understand instead of something that’s a little bit difficult. We want to break things down to keep them simple. For me the levels are going to do that, and as you go through that you’re going to master those levels we’re going to make sure you have it and then you know you can go to the next level and then you can help others that are at the lower levels which is so important, so we want to help see old things in new ways. OK. And again I said I will be helping you with that. Then they gain followers as a spiritual leader not by position or rank or some religious organization they gain followers by who they are. That’s what great spiritual leaders do. So as you we go back to the beginning as we help others discover their purpose and identity. Right.

[00:11:49] As you discover your purpose identity more and more you will start to gain followers. You will start to have impact in this collective consciousness and you can start leading transformation.

[00:12:01] You can kind of see how it’s circling or it comes all the way around. We have to first lead others, we have to first discover our own purpose identity because that’s how we become a spiritual leader. Without that purpose and identity we can’t gain followers which in turn doesn’t allow us to to impact the world or help transform. In order to get into this universe this one song we need to discover our purpose and identity which then allows us to gain followers and help them transform and impact the world.

[00:12:35] So my job is to lead you to discover purpose and identity so that’s what we’re doing at level 2. We’re getting this sacred six organized, we understand your mission, we understand your values, we understand your goals, the whole purpose of sacred six is to get you clear about what direction you’re going to go. Once we have that then we’ve got to make sure your finances are in order. Why do we need your finances in order because we’re not doing things for money we’re taking the stress and the pressure away. That’s going to allow you to help transform yourself but also help transform others and help impact the world. Then once we get that going now we move into Level 3.

[00:13:12] We take a look at old things in new ways and we continue to grow, you by helping your unit, your family unit, your friends, the people around you me helping you, and we just it just trickles. It just works. That’s why I’m so excited because you know we’re putting together something that is a god whisper. This is God breathed. It came from God, It was inspired for me as I started to look at MorningCoach what was going on, and it came to me, It was like we have to develop structure, we have to develop levels, and we’ve got to help people become more spiritual leaders if we’re going to make a conscious effort to make a difference in the world and participate in this one song this universe that is infinite and really connect to something deeper as we’re doing today. OK so let’s get out there let’s make it happen. Let’s put some great energy out there, again what are we going to do? We’re going to discover our purpose and identity, we are then going to help transform, and help others transform, we’re going to impact the world. Then we’re going to move to helping others see old things as new, then we’ll gain followers and help make a difference in the collective consciousness, and in that universe. It’s going to be a great day, it’s going to be a great great year as we get ready for 2018. Let’s not get out of the moment, Let’s enjoy it today.

[00:14:29] Let’s have some spiritual energy and let’s keep progression forward. You know I love you so much, I do. Let’s go make it happen, and if you need anything at all you know how to get me at MorningCoach, and again I thank you for the e-mails. As we get ready to make this transformation into the new year and it means so much, so go have a phenomenal day, and I will be back with more right here tomorrow on

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Spiritual Guidance | Spiritual Leadership | Episode 2957


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