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Attitude Key | Attitude Equals Your Altitude | Episode 2867

It is time to get another week rocking. This week it is all about Attitude Key. We know that there are a lot of cliches around attitudes, but you know what they say is that is a cliche because it is usually true. Join me (JB Glossinger) today as we discuss taking your attitude up to the next level.

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Attitude Key | Attitude Equals Your Altitude | Episode 2867

[00:00:06] Good Morning,

[00:00:12] And welcome to MorningCoach. Today I am so glad you’re with us. As you know my name is J.B Glossinger, And this is your personal evolution system the place to get your day started right. Welcome, Welcome, Welcome, and I’m so glad you’re with me this Monday as we get ready to take on the week. If you’re new here welcome.

[00:00:33] You can listen via the iPhone app, Android app, windows app, soundcloud, iTunes, Google Play, were all over and it’s all about putting that great energy out there and you’re helping us do that, and I appreciate that. And this week really talking about attitude is one of the reasons that we do this every day because attitude is one most important things that we can have. I’m going to go through that in a minute and why that is. But I’m super pumped about this week. I am. I mean this one kind of idea that we’re going to get into this week has totally changed my life, and it’s changed literally I would believe millions of people’s lives that have been able to kind of flip their attitude and make it a little more positive and we’re going to go through some ideas on how you can do that. And just why it’s so important. I know probably preaching to the choir if you’re listening to this in the morning every morning you get it right. But still you can take some of these things and put them in your tool box and help some of the others because as you know this is about changing the world it’s about putting that energy out there bringing consciousness to a higher level and really eventually getting this place where we can end poverty, disease, and hunger, and if you’ve been following anything that’s going on in the world today you know that we need a little more positive message and more light warriors out there. As you know we are putting that good energy out there.

[00:01:52] So today we’re going to talk about attitude equals your altitude. I know that’s a cliche but it’s true. And I’m going to go through some ideas to help you with that. Tomorrow is our personal development day and I’d love to tell stories and once in a while and I’ve got a good story for it called The Frog race. Going to have fun on Tuesday Wednesday or metaphysical day.

[00:02:11] In case you’re new you know my background is I did a bachelors in an MBA in business and a Ph.D. in metaphysics. I love thinking deeper, and we’re going to get into a kind of a deeper thought on Wednesday talking about does positive or does being positive even really matter. We’re going to get into that in depth.

[00:02:29] Thursday we’re going to revisit Zig Ziglar one of my favorites and we talk about Zig Ziglar and see you at the top and a little bit of his book where he discusses fleet training so don’t miss that. Friday we got PMA equals OPM. I’ll go through both of those are on Friday. Don’t miss it. Saturday staying positive around Negative people. How do we do that and what systems can help us. Leading us into Sunday which is we’re going to talk about a spiritual attitude or really understanding spiritualism versus stoicism and where do you fit in those two kinds of attitudes it’s going to be a really good Sunday.

[00:03:04] Sundays are great too because it’s a kind of a spiritual day and I love, love spiritual days.

[00:03:10] So super pumped you’re with me excited that we’re moving forward here really understanding this idea of you know attitude and really understanding that you determine your own reality. The way we think about things is the way our reality really is. You know and you’ll hear me say that all the time that you know we’re determine our own reality our approach and the assumptions in the way we see things and that we each kind of have different view points on lives. It’s amazing how somebody can look at something and see one thing and somebody else can look at it and see totally opposite. And that’s really how we’re determine our reality.

[00:03:46] And you know the conditioning that we’re getting day in and day out from our TV shows, our news, our Internet programs. We got to be very cautious because we start to let other people determine our reality and determine our attitude towards things. And it gets kind of scary. I mean all you got to do is look at Facebook for a little while stay on there and you can see how people have such different views of so many different things and they’re allowing others to determine their reality. I mean there are people out there that hate their life and think the world is in such shambles and in the worst place ever. Right? I mean you can see it in their attitude. Then there’s other people that see it in a different way. I mean the stock market’s at 22000 It’s the highest it’s ever been. People are making tons of money living their life and they see things as great. It’s really amazing that the attitude that people bring, the way that it shapes their life and the reality of their life and not only their life but the life of those around them.

[00:04:41] You know if you get caught up in everybody else’s reality that’s what you create. And we need to create more of a attitude of love, and an attitude of progressiveness, and an attitude of good energy. Right. And the only way we do that is to control our own attitude on our own environment and believe that we’re creating our own reality.

[00:05:01] And that’s a deep thing I know today is not a metaphysical day but if you really think about that your attitude in the way that you’re viewing things in a way you’re bringing these things into your life you’re creating that reality and that’s a that’s a real real issue if you’re not a happy person and things aren’t going the right direction. So how do we change that. We change it by changing the attitude. We move the needle. And what I mean by moving the needle is, most people are very negative. OK it just is what it is that’s the way we live. It’s the nature of the human being to be negative. And so my job here at MorningCoach is to help you move the needle. I need to move that needle from 51 to 52 percent negative and 49 and 48 percent positive to 51 to 52 percent positive and then 48 49 percent negative. If we can just flip that needle a couple percentage points and get you thinking more positive than negative. It’s going to change your life and how is that going to change your life because you’re going to shift your reality through your attitude. You’re going to see things differently. You know one of things I work with people a lot of times when they’re in a job that they hate. I asked them Did you go there was there a point in time when you loved that job. You know the first day you’re so excited you got the job.

[00:06:16] I mean anybody that gets a job usually is pretty excited when they get the job and I’m like Well what changed. What really changed did you change your attitude changed. Maybe something’s happened to a job maybe got a jerk of a boss. But the truth is that jerk of the boss is coming into your life because you’re manifesting it somewhere along the line. Something happened to change your attitude with the structure of that job and that affects your performance which then affects everything the relationships and the whole dynamic. And then it just becomes a negative situation and you hate that job right. Same thing in relationships. Why do most people get divorces as we know that’s the biggest statistic people just it’s increasing people are getting more and more divorces.

[00:06:56] Well because when they go in the relationship they’re excited they’re excited but then they start focusing on the negative. They start seeing the other person and the negative light instead of the positives instead of accentuating the positives accentuate the negatives. And what we focus on expands thus creating the reality and splitting up the relationship.

[00:07:16] So the hard part about what we do here at MorningCoach a lot of time is taking the personal responsibility for where you’re at in your life and the things that you see and a lot of people get angry about that.

[00:07:26] And I don’t want to hear that. You know I don’t want to hear that I have to take responsibility for the things of my life and the issues I’m having But the truth is we have to at some point take responsibility, and then make the change. What do we have to do in any situation to really make the changes to acknowledge the problem. Right so acknowledge a problem that things are where they need to be in my life currently whatever that is whatever part of the life that is. And you need to change your attitude, and start to shift it so you can have the shifts to really change your life and that’s what’s so cool. Let’s change our lives. You know yesterday I talked about asking you receive. Let’s make the changes that we need and we start off by being a little more positive about the ability to make the change. Again this all those things when You know I’m coaching people and they come to me and they say J.B. And they tell me every excuse in the book that they can’t make the change. I can’t help you unless you start to acknowledge that it’s your issue right. So once we acknowledge that we have an issue now we can start to flip our mind and say OK I can make the change and start making a change just a little more positive let’s start thinking differently about the situation and all of a sudden things start to change right. So it’s really cool when you see that happen for somebody whether it’s their job or their relationship or whatever they’re working with.

[00:08:40] It starts to change. Could it be a new job?  Maybe it will be a new relationship? Could it be a rekindling in the relationship?  Perhaps it will be the job kind of changing the attitude could change everything?

[00:08:51]  But the thing that has to be paramount to everything is a flip and the attitude that you can do it that the change can occur that you’ve got to get a little bit more positive and have a little more gratitude that the life that you have is awesome and you’ve been given this wonderful opportunity and all you got to do is start to make the shifts in the momentum and the change doesn’t mean everything is going to work out the way you want it to work out. Of course not.

[00:09:17] That’s not the way life is in any coach that tells you that is wrong. The truth is there’s going to be a lot of things that occur in your life. Ups and downs ins and outs and he just got to ride the wave of life and try to stay positive along the way and it’s amazing when you wash out how awesome it can be if you keep the right attitude. So what are some things you can do to keep the right attitude, will start your day with more energy. Start your day with power. Get here and listen every day and get something different than the same things you’ve been getting year after year, after year, you want a different result do something differently. Listen to MorningCoach every morning then take action on the things that we’re discussing. Get a little more organized get structured stay a little more positive. OK. Get out and move, Get in a health kick. You’ll hear me talk about this all the time. I’m not a personal trainer I’m not going to go there. I’m not a doctor. I don’t go there.

[00:10:07] But I can tell you this that when I’m in shape and I’m feeling better, that my bank accounts better, my attitude is better, everything’s better, if I get up and start moving. So get up and start moving. I know it’s challenging. I know we’re busy I’m getting busier and busier than I’ve ever been because now I’m taking on coaching clients doing retreats and keynoting And you know writing I’m having so much fun but I’m busy. Used to be that I could set up a call and say Give me a call or talk. I can’t do it anymore because I’m busy and getting exercise and my life is getting tougher and tougher but I’ve got to squeeze it in there because it needs to be a part of my life because why. It helps with my attitude which in turn helps me with every other area of my life. It’s a natural boost that I need. So you’ll hear me say that consistently all the time. Get on the health kick and if you aren’t hey there’s no better place than today to start don’t let tomorrow be another tomorrow tomorrow never comes close. Let’s get on that. Used books, audios, videos, can’t tell you how important it is to get used music. You know get other knowledge around you. One of the reasons I started morning coach was because I got tired of getting too many different messages from different books so I’m not here to tell you not to read. I want you to read I want you to get teachings from all over. But make sure you have one consistent message and that’s here at MorningCoach right.

[00:11:22] But get some books get some audios watch some videos watch an inspirational movie. It’s just awesome when you connect with some of that OK. And audio’s obviously you’re here. So that’s perfect. But do that the other thing you do hang around with positive people you’re just you know we’ve heard from Jim Rome for you know hundred years right. You know is that year the average of your five closest people. Jim Rome said and so many people have parroted that over the years. And it’s true the people we hang out is kind of who we’ve become and the good thing about the new way that we do things here on the Internet is you can hang around with people in a different way you can get on the net you can get on Facebook you can you know get in touch with people, it works real well. The other thing you could do is get to retreats. You know get to retreats get to events you know get to places where you can get around other people they get you and your life will start to change and all of a sudden things will start to happen because you’re around people that are positive again. What are we trying to do this week and what are we trying to do every day at MorningCoach get you to 51 percent positive and 49 percent negative instead of 51 percent negative and 49 percent positive it’s all the change that we need to make that that little 1 to 2 percent change can make everything and getting out and hanging out with positive people can make the big difference.

[00:12:39] And a couple other things that will make a big difference in your attitude is show generally genuine interest in other people.

[00:12:45] Are there people that don’t get it. Of course. Of course there’s a very high number of people who are very selfish who are just out for themselves. Look I’ve heard a quote and I believe it is that most people in the United States in America want you to be successful just not more successful than them. We are going to run into those people when I’m going to talk about what we do on Saturday with that. But try to show general interest and get to know people and it’s amazing you will find that even those people that don’t get it even those people that don’t want to be successful they’re lonely inside they’re lonely that’s why they’re frustrated. They are negative. They’re at 60 70 80 90 percent negative. They’re just they just don’t get it. Right. But if you show just a tiny bit of interest in them and try to learn about people you can be the conduit or the person that helps change their life. And that’s huge. So show genuine interest in others because that brings your attitude up. See them see the good as Zig Ziglar once taught as years go find the good in other people because nobody else is. Let’s dig that heart of gold out and let’s find that good and others because it will help change the attitude for others and help us. In yourself stop the negatives using the Rubber Band. The most expensive personal development tool ever the rubber band. I made these bands the always positive ones here at MorningCoach so they could be Snapable.

[00:14:09] But you can put a rubber band on and any time your negative, snap that thing. Right snap it, and get yourself to be a little more positive. So use that rubber band once in awhile, wear it. The other thing that the rubber band does, or all these positive MorningCoach wrist band or something in that manner does as people see it and ask you ?why are you wearing a rubber band.? Say “because it keeps you positive.” Right? And it just reminds you it jolts you to get a little more positive again.

[00:14:33] So where that rubber band, where a wrist band where something that snap able so you can snap it and get yourself back in order. And finally today I want to leave you this even though it’s Monday we’re getting ready to take on the week, we need to take a break once in a while. I’m the first person that’s bad at this. I’ll tell you I’m just I never take a break. Mentally I just can’t disengage from MorningCoach. Even though I used to be famous for being done at 9:30 in the morning. My brain is always trying to figure out how can I get this to more people and help more people because it’s needed. Right? But you need to take a break. In order to need to stay positive and keep that need over 50 51 percent. You need to step back from things, that means your relationships, that means your business, that means your job. You need to step back so you can recharge your batteries and go back at it again and really start changing that reality because that’s what we’re talking about. I think from a metaphysical perspective we’re going to talk about this Wednesday. The big deal here, is where changing our reality. And that’s what I’m helping you do here on MorningCoach by opening your eyes up to a new way of thinking and that’s the key thing. So let’s get out there and be a little more positive let’s be that beacon of light in the darkness. Let’s flip that Needle up to 51 percent. And hey I’m here to help you. You need anything.

[00:15:47] [email protected] Just get a hold of us and I’ll keep rocking. Man I’m going to keep getting your day started right with energy. But you got to do your part and your part is to acknowledge that hey I got to get a little better at this. Got to get a little more positive and how am I going to do it? I’m going to get on a health kick, I’m going to exercise maybe a little bit, I’m going to start listening to MorningCoach more consistently, I’m going to get around some positive people. I am going to stop being negative, and going to flip that rubber band, and going to get this thing working. All right. So let’s do it today let’s have a great week. Let’s get a great start. And let’s go do it and I will be back with you here tomorrow to get your day started with this energy OK.

[00:16:24] So I love you, I do. Get out there and have a magical, magical day and I’ll be right back with you to start your day here on

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Attitude Key | Attitude Equals Your Altitude | Episode 2867


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