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Spiritual Metaphysics | Explaining Spirituality and Metaphysics | Episode 2929

What is Spiritual metaphysics? And what do Spirituality and Metaphysics have in common? Are they the same thing or is there a difference? Join me (JB Glossinger) today as I discuss what they are, and why it is important to understand the difference.

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Episode 2929 Spiritual Metaphysics | Explaining Spirituality & Metaphysics

[00:00:00] Good morning and welcome to Morning Coach today. I am so glad you’re with us. As you know, my name is J.B. Glossinger, and this is your personal evolution system, the place to get your day started right. Welcome, welcome, welcome. And it’s a Sunday here at Morning Coach. I hope you’re having a great day. I hope you’re having a great weekend. If you’re in Australia, I know, you’re starting Monday, so welcome to Monday. For the rest of us, it is a Sunday, and as you know, Sundays are very spiritual here at Morning Coach. We really try to connect to something a little bit deeper on Sundays and that goes back to kind of my upbringing, I guess. You know, you always went to church on Sundays, and that’s kind of what you did. And, you know, so, Sundays are kind of that break day. You know, on the seventh day, God rest. So this is our seventh day. Unless you’re in Australia, which is you’re starting your week all over again, or over on that side of the world.

[00:01:02] But I want to get into a little, little bit of a topic today. We’ve been talking about what is metaphysics all week, and I kind of want to talk a little bit about spiritual metaphysics — metaphysics and spirituality. OK? And what do those mean? How do they connect together? And get a little bit a little bit of depth in what we do here at Morning Coach and some of the things we do. You know, a lot of people come here and wonder what is, what is Morning Coach all about.

[00:01:25] Well, you know, it was, it was a concept that I came up with when I was studying metaphysics and trying to find some answers. Right? And trying to dig in to understand spirituality, metaphysics, and religion, and that whole deep ball of wax. And as I did it, you know, I went looking for audio books and books and, you know, trying to find material that I could get stuff every day to get my mind right and change the way that I was thinking. I really couldn’t find anything. Even today, there’s not much out there. There’s a lot of audio books and, you know, there’s some books that you can read, but there’s no place where you can go every day and just get that pick me up that you need. And that’s why I started Morning Coach.

[00:02:03] I started Morning Coach as a pick me up, as a way to start your day, as a way to change the way you start your mornings, instead of getting up and watching the news or reading the newspaper back then. Right? It was like, let’s get something a little bit different going. And over the years now, it’s really changed into a deeper understanding of life in general. It’s really evolved. And I think of it like one of my mentors, Dr. Wayne Dyer, who started out from a psychological aspect of things and evolved to more of a metaphysical, spiritual kind of teaching. He evolved over time. And same thing with Morning Coach. Morning Coach is still a place to come and get morning energy. You’re going to get that from me. That’s a natural thing that I do. But the other thing is you’re going to get deeper ideas than you’re going to find in most places. Right?

[00:02:49] And so, I want to, I want to keep that going because I really feel that this is, you know, a need. I see it more and more as I coach more and more people. You know, we got a lot of different ways to go out and make money. There’s different ways to get motivated and there are different ways to get in shape. There’s different ways to do a lot of different things. But the one area that’s really, we’re having a lot of people struggle in is this area of metaphysics and spirituality. How do I connect to something deeper? Where do I find my source? How do I, how do I make that happen? Who can give me those answers? Right?

[00:03:22] And so, if it’s the first time you’ve listened or you’ve been with me for a while, you know, my background is, I was in corporate and built, you know, went, you know, built a great career. I was running a company in aerospace. I did my master’s in business. Did a general bachelor’s degree in my undergrad. And really got beat up on the road a lot. I owned a couple of businesses. And, you know, I’ve learned a lot about that area. But as I was doing those things, I also really got into the metaphysical side of things, besides the personal development, the Tony Robbins, the Les Brown, all those great teachers from the past. Right?

[00:03:53] And in the metaphysical is where I found a lot of truth and a lot of change. And, you know, the idea was then, you know, well, how does this work in life? How do you work that into life? Well, everything kind of comes from the metaphysical. Even more than the motivational. Because I can, if you get motivated every day and you set goals and go after it, you could do like I did, hit them and then still be miserable. And that’s where I was. But if you understand the depth of life and you understand metaphysics and spirituality, you can find more joy, peace, and happiness.

[00:04:24] And really, that’s the idea of Morning Coach is we’re elevating our consciousness every day. We’re finding deeper things to think about. And we’re getting some energy to delve into those. Even in my unique way of teaching, which is a lot of energy, getting together every day, and helping you get something different than the normal stuff that you’re getting day in and day out.

[00:04:45] So, we talked about what metaphysics was at the beginning of the week. We discussed it. It’s the study of being. Why are we here? Right? And to me, that’s one of the deepest meanings I think there is. It’s like, well, why the heck am I even here? Why is my family here and why are my children here? Why is this happening? What’s going on? Well, then we bring spirituality into the mix. And what really is spirituality? Well, spirituality brings the deity into the aspect of it. You know, what created it? So, not only are we asking kind of, why are we here? with metaphysics, with spirituality, we’re going, well, what created it? You know, what was the energy that was here? What’s the idea behind all these concepts? And of course, that brings in the third area, which is a religion, which tries to explain both of these phenomena. Tries to explain why we’re here, which is a metaphysical component, and the spiritual component. And that’s where religion comes in.

[00:05:34] So with spiritual metaphysics, there’s a little bit of outside area in this, and that’s when we get into kind of what they call the metaphysical, which is kind of the prediction of the future, angels, you know. How do angels intercede? Are there angels? You know, those kind of ideas. What’s the tarot card and what are those readings mean? Can somebody tell the future? What about your horoscope and astrology? Where does that fit into the scope with this? So, all of that is kind of the area that we delve into.

[00:06:03] And so, for me, my primary area of study is metaphysics. My secondary area of study is spirituality. My third area of study is personal development. Really, that’s kind of the way it works is, is those areas. And then I kind of get into religion. And finally, the last part that I look into is this area of, you know, angels and kind of the New Age area. You know, what do these things mean?

[00:06:26] And I don’t spend a lot of time there because where I spend my time is “what can really help me find more peace, joy, and happiness?” And I find that by understanding spiritual metaphysics, and why I’m here and connecting to my spirituality really connects those things well, and some of those things that are external, I just don’t get into much. Some people do. Right? But I believe that I’m here to write my own story and take responsibility for my own self. Not, you know, nothing wrong with the angels and the fairies and all that area and learning the future, it’s just not what I want to pursue in the scope of really understanding the metaphysical ideas and spiritual ideas of the day. Right? So, you’re not going to get a lot of that here.

[00:07:07] There’s a lot of resources for that, but it’s what I call a gray area. Where metaphysically, you know, we get into quantum mechanics. We start understanding energy and things that are happening underneath. A lot of physics. And then we take into consideration what the religions have taught us over the years from a spiritual idea and kind of combine those. So, we can kind of really figure out this experience that we’re having and get into the depth of it, which means we’re, you know, we’re really enjoying this experience called life. And you have gratitude for life by understanding these deeper concepts.

[00:07:39] So, they connect, and we start to understand this underlying energy and this connectedness between all of us. And we get to this deeper aspect of then starting the understanding this idea of creating reality and manifesting what is in your life. And then we can get into collective consciousness. So, it’s a very, very kind of deeper aspect of life, and it’s a challenging thing to teach because, at the end of the day, we’re all having our own experiences. And, you’re having a totally different experience than me, but I can still help guide you in those areas because of what I’ve known and what I’ve learned.

[00:08:15] So, the basis of the foundation here at Morning Coach is getting to that area of understanding that that thought process that you’re bringing, those beliefs that you have. Thoughts are things, beliefs make them so. But then, the actions that you do and do every day are what is going to create your own reality. And the perception, the way that you see things, is creating your own reality. And that we can shift it, that we really can manifest it, and we can change the things that we want to do, and we don’t have to call on the archangel Gabriel, right, or have a fairy come into our life, or wear a special piece of jewelry or some gemstone. Again, not that I’m against those things. Those are gray areas, right? What I do know, from a quantum mechanical area and metaphysical area, that we can manifest a different reality by changing our thought process. So, by coming here every day with Morning Coach and starting to think differently is what allows you to start to make the shift in your consciousness that are going to make the changes.

[00:09:12] Now, why doesn’t it occur fast (because everybody wants massive changes to occur rapidly)? It’s because we have been conditioned. We have this conditioning over time, and our brain has these neural pathways that are fused that don’t allow it to happen quickly. Now, can it? Yes. A lot of times somebody will wake up, if they’ve had a death in their family, maybe, in deep meditation they come to their senses. Maybe it’s something that has happened to them, and they’ve had a traumatic event, and it opens them up to the new reality.

[00:09:39] But the truth is, most people are living in the minutia where they’re just going through the, you know, riding on the hamster wheel, working the hamster wheel, day in and day out. Why? Because that’s the system that’s been created around us. The system that’s been created around us is to control the billions of people on this earth. I have nothing against the system, because if we didn’t have a system, it would be crazy. Right? So, there needs to be some form of system that people are plugged into. The problem is, if we get too plugged into the system, we don’t enjoy life, and next thing we know, we’re 92, laying on our deathbed and wondering where the heck it went.

[00:10:12] And so, the idea here is to understand, you know, the deeper aspects of why we’re here. That experience that we’re having to connect to something deeper, to a spiritual concept. For me, it’s God, because of my upbringing in that word, but, to me, that means energy and the greater good that’s conspiring for me. And then connect that into a spiritual source or a way to connect with that every day. And that’s what Morning Coach really is. All right? So, I’m helping you to get your head in a different area, so that you can see and you can manifest a different reality and also be able to get clear about what that reality, that next experience, is that you want to be.

[00:10:51] That’s what we’re talking about, manifesting a different life experience than you currently have, getting away from judgment, and recognizing that you’re on this path, which is really a spiritual journey that can be a lot of fun. It’s a spiritual, metaphysical journey.

[00:11:07] But you got to be able to get out of your own head, and you’ve got to be able to see it from a different level. You know, there’s an old saying, and I love it: if the voice in your head, if you can hear the voice in your head, is it you? And I just want you to think about that for a minute. If you can hear the voice in your head, is it you? And that’s something to think very deeply about, because the idea here is that we’re more than we can even imagine. And that’s what I convey to you every day is that you are here experiencing this wonderful thing called life and you are even more than you could even imagine. You’re more than even the physical construct or stuff that you can do within the framework of you understanding this. And that’s one of the greatest secrets in the world.

[00:11:50] You see, one of the greatest secrets in the world is that we have this unlimited power to create reality. But the blessing is that we can do it. The curse is that we have an ego that blocks us from knowing that. That creates doubt and anxiety and worry. And why is that there anyway? Well, if we look into spirituality and you believe in Divinity and you believe in creation and you believe that we’re here to experience, well, then the reason is because that divinity wants to experience- which is you, right? Think about that for a minute- But in order for you to experience, you have to forget that you are the divinity. So, our greatest blessing is also our greatest curse. And that’s the ego nature of us as a being.

[00:12:31] And whether you follow it through Christianity or you go through Hinduism or you look at the different religions, it all comes back to this wonderful connection to something that is deeper than all of us. This agape love. This gratitude for life and experience. And that’s what we’ve got to dig into and really find is find that joy and that happiness and knowing that we’re being here.

[00:12:54] Now, people always ask me, “why do bad things happen to good people?” Well, again, we’re getting into judgment areas. And when we start to look at it from an observer standpoint- which is what I call it, right? Observing life- it’s hard for us to judge, because we don’t know why that being has chosen to go through that path of suffering. We’ve learned from the Buddha that one of the objectives is to ease suffering or to end suffering. Right? And we do that by getting out of mind and doing some meditation.

[00:13:24] But at the end of the day, does that mean that somebody is not going to suffer either physically or mentally or go through some challenges? Well, we really can’t, we can’t get into that to understand that or judge that why negative things occur. Because maybe that soul, maybe that experience, was meant to go through, and it might even be a self-sacrifice, where they have went through it so somebody else doesn’t experience pain, which is the greatest gift that anybody could give us as a spiritual experience. Right? So, we’ve got to reserve judgment and be able to step out of it and love and recognize the fact that maybe that experience was here so somebody else could experience something else. And that’s the greatest gift. They’re giving even more than you could even imagine, as you see the suffering.

[00:14:09] So, the whole idea today, then of spiritual metaphysics, is a step out of, out of the normal idea or minutia that you’re living and look at the metaphysical concepts. Why are we here? What’s going on? Connect it to the spiritual. What is the divinity? What is the creation? Exactly what do you believe? Bring that all together and realize the joy of this experience of life. That it can be happy if we get out of our mind. We can find joy. We can find this internal wellspring of love and energy and enthusiasm if we can step out of the conditioning that we’ve got over all these years.

[00:14:45] How do you do it? Well, you come with me. We work together every day. And that’s what we’re doing whether it’s in M/M, Mindfulness and Meditation, or it’s me taking you through ILD, trying to pull out a passion for you and get away from all of the things that you’ve got in your head that you’ve collected over the years that are driving you into suffering instead of joy. That’s what we’re doing together every day. OK? And there is a very deep metaphysical and spiritual connection there, and there is a reason that we need to do it every day. Because it’s really easy to fall back into your normal conditioning and just suffer through this life, which to me is just a sin. I really… if there is a sin. Right?

[00:15:23] I want you to enjoy life and I want you to feel prosperity. I want you to feel abundance and I want you to feel energy and love. But, you’ve got to connect to something deeper to help you do that. And you’ve got to get away from that noise that’s just holding you back. And we’re doing that here every day. OK?

[00:15:38] So, just get here every day. Let’s keep working on it. When it comes to spiritual metaphysics, believe me, there’s a method to this madness. I’m helping you open it up to the greater possibilities that are within. And today is spiritual. So, let’s dig into it a little bit. Let’s have some gratitude for life. Let’s have a little faith in the greater good and allow the answers to come to you, because they’re internal, not external. OK?

[00:15:58] I love you, I do. And I will be with you every day to keep you going. That’s what we do right here at Morning coach. Let’s keep the energy going. And I will be back with you tomorrow to start your day right here on

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Spiritual Metaphysics | Explaining Spirituality and Metaphysics | Episode 2929


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