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Letting Go Of The Want | Episode 2862

Love to go down the rabbit hole. On todays show we discuss the idea of Lack and the want. You will be able to understand why the want of something can actually backfire. Join me (JB Glossinger) today as I discuss letting go of the want, to get what you want.

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Letting Go Of The Want | Episode 2862

[00:00:14] Good Morning, and Welcome to MorningCoach. Today I am so glad you’re with us.

[00:00:19] As you know my name’s J.B. Glossinger and this is your personal evolution system, the place to get your day started right. Welcome welcome, welcome, and I’m so glad you’re with me today, as we are getting ready to rock and roll and have some fun here in morning Coach Land. It is our deep day and our deep Day means we’re going to go down the rabbit hole and talk about something that has a little bit of some metaphysical consequences and I can’t wait to get to that. It is going to be awesome. Just a quick note, I went to Guns N Roses last night, which was just awesome. First time that I’ve seen them live but a little history. Back in 1989 I was living in L.A. I had left school. Things were going very well for me and I moved to California to try to get my head clear.

[00:01:07] I lived with a band out there. Was going to do some acting believe it or not, it was actually pretty crazy. And we used to go out to the clubs and I was out there for a few months and it was just crazy. Hollywood was crazy.

[00:01:20] They say if you take all like the weird people in the world, and you put them in like on a marble board, made them all marbles, and you turned the board. Everybody would go to Hollywood California.

[00:01:32] That’s where they would go. And so here I was back in 1989, 90 when my guns n roses was really getting at their peak. I walked into that whiskey Go-Go which is a very famous club in L.A. And as I walked into the whiskey there was nobody there.

[00:01:48] It was early. Things were just getting rolling, and up at the bar with two guys talking. And one of the guys was in a total white leather suit, and it was all white leather if you can imagine a white leather jacket white pants and on the back of the white leather jacket was a rose, was a rose.

[00:02:05] It just all rose, and it actually was Axle. So I went up and said hey man how you doing? And I was young you know. I was 20 or 21, 22, whatever. I was born in 69 so it was 90. So how old was I? 69, 79, 89,. About 21. Right?. Right at that age. And I walked up to I walked up to Axle said “Hey man how are you doing? I’m from Indiana.” and Axle Rose, I just left Purdue at that time. Axel Rose his name is named Bill Bailey and he’s actually from West Lafayette Indiana. So it was pretty crazy I had a pretty good conversation with him, and he’s got a reputation as not being the nicest person in the world, but actually we had a good conversation. It was actually pretty cool. So it’s kind of funny that back in 1989 I actually met Axle Rose or Bill Bailey is his really name, back in L.A. And then here we are, Gosh 89 99 2009 like 30 years, almost 30 years later in South Florida and I just we went last night and had a chance to see Guns N Roses so it was kind of cool. But it’s just sharing you a little bit of my life history, and that was pretty crazy back in 1989 and we all have those histories. That’s what makes life so awesome, and if your doing ILD with me, you know that’s one of the big things I want you to get out is your authenticity.

[00:03:16] Who you are, and sharing a little bit of that through the forms of communication that I’m teaching at ILD. The tape making a note of that I will be bringing some new things to some of the previous modules. I know we’re a module four, but I’m adding some new videos so I will be sending an email on that to let you know. So just a little history there, a little fun last night and today we’re getting back into it. We’re talking about letting go of the want. And this is one of my primary teachings here at morning coach and it’s one that you don’t hear much because it is a metaphysical one. And as we go out there and personal development, and you know we put that energy out there and we listen, we hear a lot about goal setting. We hear a lot about tenacity and persistence.

[00:03:56] But the one thing we don’t talk a lot about is this idea of lack and the idea of getting ourselves in a position where we want something so bad that it never comes. And there’s a reason for that, and there’s a metaphysical reason for that and it actually makes common sense, it’s very, it really make sense. But

[00:04:15] at the end of the day, if you haven’t really heard the concept it can be challenging. It is this. So many people want things in their life. Whether they want a better relationship, they want a better career, or they you know they want more Money, which is the big one right?

[00:04:30] We want more time. All these things that we want, can be pushed away from us through the wanting. And what I mean by that is, and this is where I got to slow it down, right slow it way down, and really get this concept. When you want money, and you’re sending that signal out to the universe or God, right? and you’re like I want money, I need it, I want it, I want more money in my life, or I want that relationship, why can’t I find that significant other person. Well the signal that you’re putting out is that you’re getting the want. You’re getting exactly what you’re asking for. You are asking for the want of money. You’re wanting it. So you’re just living in this complex situation where you’re just getting that every day. Day in, and day out, you are being given the want. But if you’re able to relax and if you’re able to let go, and you’re able to say “OK it’s going to come.” You know it might not be right now but it’s going to come. I trust it. And you go out and you take action. You just continue to move forward. It comes into your life. See the difference is you don’t want anymore, you don’t want it. You trust and so think about this from the metaphysical perspective. If you really knew that more money was going to come into your life at some point when it was ready right you surrendered to it.

[00:05:44] When it was ready, or if you really knew that the perfect relationship was going to come, or you really knew that the business was going to grow, or you really knew your career was going to work, Why would you want? You wouldn’t want. So one thing is actually a lack activity. It’s actually saying that it’s never going to happen because you want it. You don’t trust that you have the ability, if that’s what you think. Right? If that’s kind of your belief system, or that something greater than you has that ability.

[00:06:13] And so we get into this lax situation where we want money and we start doing things for money and we start changing our decision making instead of understanding our lifestyle or intelligent life design style right life. We just start following the path to what we think we want. And as we do that, we just get more of the want. And it’s why you see very wealthy people that like buy a yacht. Right? And they’re never happy with it and they’re continually wanting another yacht, and another yacht, and another yacht, because it’s an ego thing, and it just there’s just never happiness. And so in life one of the real secrets to living a very spiritually connected life, a very metaphysical life, is being able to detach from the result. Be able to detach from the result and also detach from the want.

[00:07:01] And when you do those things it doesn’t mean you’re less driven it doesn’t mean that you’re not using the sacred six, Right? you are you’re still setting goals, you’re still going after it. Remember my quote you know “thoughts are things, beliefs make them so, but actions solidify the beliefs” right? Remember that. I mean that’s the key is that we’re still taking action but we’re not wanting. We’re not in psychological pain or suffering because it hasn’t come yet. We’re not saying I want money, I want relationships, I want a new career, I want this. I want that, I want, we’re wanting all over ourselves. But really the truth is that most people that have never listened to MorningCoach have never even thought about this concept, right?

[00:07:43] Never, it’s never even dawned on them that, wow maybe me wanting is actually what’s creating the want. Maybe me wanting, is actually pushing it away from me. That’s a pretty big concept. If you really think about that, that is a life changing concept and basically what I’m telling you to do is to relax a little bit, take massive action but release the want. Release that neediness, release that focus on the egoic side of things, and just focus on the actions, and believe that the greater good is conspiring for you. You know, believe that you’re taking the action that you’re learning the skills that you’re doing the things that you need to do. The answers will come to you there inside of you. And I think here at MorningCoach one of the things that I’m going to start doing is going down this path a little bit more, because I think it’s really important. In fact I don’t even think it, I know it. That the spiritual side, that connection is what we’re missing. It’s not about the goal setting, you can do goals setting. Right? You can make goals, you can have goals you know all that.

[00:08:54] I mean we’ve gone through it, and we’ll go through it again because the basics are the key. You know when I trained with Sir with Mike Lee and Eric. You know it’s you know in boxing and MMA It’s the basics that win right? It’s the same thing in life.

[00:09:06] It’s the basics that when doing the basics is very important, but getting beyond that and understanding is critical. So understanding that hey I’ve got to set a goal, now going to take action to it, but I’m not going to want it. I’m just going to let it come and I’m going to detach from the result when it comes I’m going to enjoy it. I’m going to enjoy the process but I’m not going to get so caught up in it.

[00:09:26] OK so it’s Wednesday, it is a deep Day right? And this is deep thought. This is really, really, deep. You’ve got to either agree to this, or you’re left brain that analytical side is going this guy is crazy. What’s he talking about letting go of the want? What does that absolutely mean? What, what, what, is that? Well you know what, I don’t get it. Right? But the idea here is this stop wanting money for example.

[00:09:52] And let it come in your life. Let the money show up instead of wanting it, and then set some goals and get organized and get a game plan together. That’s going to allow you to bring it into your life. That’s what I’m talking about, letting go of the want. And you know I wish I had a relationship, I want it so bad. You know we’ve all been there.

[00:10:15] I mean that’s where you know for the majority of my life I lived. I lived in Lack, I lived in want. So let’s talk a little bit about lack. What is lack thought process? Because if I’m telling you the want is part of Lack process, let’s talk about that. lack has to do with not believing there is enough, not believing we live in an abundant universe, seeing things as down instead of seeing things for what they are. For example in our current economy, in our current economy in the United States, the stock market is at record highs. Now if you know anything about the stock market and I’ve discussed it here in the past and I’m not telling you to go out and be an investor I’m just telling you that people are making millions and millions and billions of dollars right now. And why aren’t you making millions and millions and billions of dollars right now? Well because you don’t have that knowledge. Maybe you are, maybe you are. But there are most people that don’t understand that, and if they would have gotten the market years ago and just put money away, put money away, put money away, they would be wealthy now. But nobody teaches like that. I mean there’s very few people. Tony Robbins went into the financial side. But nobody is teaching this idea that we don’t want the want, we just want to get the education.

[00:11:27] And my point is, when you live in lack, when you live in lack, you do not see the prosperity that’s around you. See personally for me, you can make money when the markets are doing the best that it’s ever done, and you could also make money when it starts to take a dive, because you buy on the dips. You can make money every day by creating relationships with other people. You know when I teach in more intelligent life design, is that five hundred people spending $2000 a year with you or a hundred and sixty six dollars a month is a million dollar business. If you break that down to 100 people spending $2000 a year with you, right 100 people that’s like a quarter of a million dollars, and let’s say you can’t, you don’t know how to get that going. Well let’s say you do it over five years in five years if you meet 20 people a year that you can provide value, to and give them $2000 consistently year after year, after year, after year, in business. Right? $2000 That’s It. 20 people two people a month. Just think about this. OK. That’s going to be a quarter of a million dollar annual business, after five years. Now I don’t know what you could do with a quarter million dollars but you could probably live a pretty good life right? So see that’s a different mentality than most people have. Most people aren’t willing to put five years, they’re not willing to build a relationship, they’re not willing to understand it, or they don’t know where to start. Right? Because it’s like well where do I start, J.B.? Well that’s where you got to get the education and the knowledge and do courses like ILD and go to events, and learn because it’s there for you.

[00:12:56] But that’s the difference between prosperity, thought process, and lack Process. lack process is “I’ve got this career I’ve got this job I will never make more money. I’ve got this relationship I’m in a bad relationship. I will never manifest a better relationship.”

[00:13:12] Is that true? Is that true?

[00:13:14] Like you can have the life that you want, but you’ve got to get out of lack. You can’t want it anymore you’ve got to take the action and believe that it’s coming and be working towards it. Thoughts are things. Believes make them so. Action solidify the believe. You are in the right place at the right time to hear this message. You totally are. I mean I am getting better and better at this every day. And the reason I’m getting better and better is because this message has to be taught. I want to help you make the changes and this isn’t coming from me. I’m not taking the credit for this egoic. I’m taking the credit for it. I am not taking any credit for it. I’m just the vessel right. I’m the vessel in the morning to help you to get you thinking differently about the changes that you can make in your life. Is it bad to be an employee? No not if you don’t want a change. Right? I don’t mind that. I love people to be employees. In fact that’s part of my new keynoting, is going into companies and seeing and getting people fired up and getting ready to go. That’s the key right?

[00:14:12] So we’ve got to do that together, and together what we do is we get our focus away from the want, and we get our focus on abundance, and prosperity, And out of Lack. And we start to believe, when we start to take action, and we start to believe that the things that we weirdly want to bring into our lives we don’t want them any more. We just are working towards them.

[00:14:35] We detach from the the result. Then we detach from the want, and we bring it into our lives, and as it comes

[00:14:43] We have gratitude, we are grateful and we start going after the next thing, and the next thing, and the next thing, and we live this abundant life, which you deserve. That’s a whole nother coach cast, because a lot of people don’t believe they deserve but you do.

[00:14:56] We stay away from egoic want, we stay away from egoic need, And we focus on what truly the game plan is all about. Which is understanding your defense, and building offense, and residual and passive income, to be able to live a life that you want, with freedom and joy and happiness. Free of pain and suffering.

[00:15:14] And that’s what we’re doing here together. OK. Got it. So let go of the want. Start to believe. Start to heal your own self from this lack prosperity thought right? Get into a more abundant thought process and let the tools and the ideas in the thoughts come to you because it will literally, literally, change your life. OK.

[00:15:35] So I love you let’s get out there and have an amazing day.

[00:15:37] Tomorrow we’re going to get rock and we’re going to be talking about egoic needs and letting those go. But today the focus is on what letting go of the want. I love you, go have an amazing day, and I will be back with more right here to get your day started right. On

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Letting Go Of The Want | Episode 2862


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