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The Ego | Ego needs | Episode 2863

Sometimes the Ego can actually help instead of hurt you. Join me (JB Glossinger) today as I discuss when the Ego and its needs and actually help you achieve your dreams.

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The Ego | Ego needs | Episode 2863

[00:00:15] Good Morning, And welcome to MorningCoach. Today I am so glad you’re with us.

[00:00:20] As you know my name’s J.B. Glossinger and this is your personal evolution system, the place to get your day started right.

[00:00:27] Welcome, welcome, welcome, and I’m so glad you’re with me today.

[00:00:32] We’re rocking and rolling again, another beautiful day here in south Florida getting ready to take it on. Make it happen and get after it. You know we’ve been talking about being assertive this week and hopefully you’ve taken some things away. Hopefully you got a little bit of this idea of get rid of the want yesterday. That’s such an important thing that we connect to that. And today we’re talking about Egoic needs in getting a little bit into this. This area of ego and when it’s good and when it’s bad. But I’ve got to tell you I was thinking about the whole Guns N Roses experience from this week on Tuesday night. Couple nights ago I was at Guns N Roses. Thirty five thousand people there. I mean it was packed. We were down on the floor. And I mean it was just amazing how many people were in there and I mean it was just a great show. Three hours. They did a great job. But as I was thinking about it the last couple of days it was just, it was kind of amazing to me because I think about Guns and Roses, And I told you I had met Axl years ago and in the 90s and in the 2000s I mean they kind of disappeared. Axl always had these weird personality conflicts anyways right? He’s kind of been one of those people it’s a little differen,t which is hey I’m not here to judge, but he disappeared for a while.

[00:01:46] I mean they kind of fell off the map and then they’re playing all these small venues and here they were with getting slash and Duff back and kind of the group back together and they had thirty five thousand people. And what was awesome about that was sticking with it and then recognizing that you know not giving up and kind of getting back at it, is what we need to do sometimes just like they’re doing. They are going to gross 330 million dollars with this tour. Three hundred and thirty million dollars. It’s amazing it’s the tenth largest grossing tour event of all time. And like I said I think what we can take away from that is, you know if you look at Guns and Roses, you know life doesn’t always happen the way you think it’s supposed to happen. You know here’s a band that was taken over the world. I mean Ax,l and you know we all know his personality faults if you’re you know younger and don’t remember Guns N Roses. You know they were the rebel band and he wouldn’t show up and the people would riot. I mean it was crazy in the early 90s with Guns N Roses. And then it really faded as rock and roll kind of disappeared and they disappeared. You know they try to do a couple albums but nothing really work and here they are selling out stadium after stadium and becoming relevant again.

[00:03:06] And I think it’s just sticking with it you know going through the ups and downs. You know if you had to sit there, I could see it kind of an Axl’s eyes. He was loving it, seeing all the people and you know imagine not being able to fill a stadium and now here you are again filling stadiums again it’s pretty cool. Right? So I think we can we can look at that as an example of how things AB and wave and flow. You know you may be on top of the world one day things are going right and everything doesn’t work for a while. Most people get apathetic and quit but you just got to keep moving. And I think that’s the biggest thing, and as you keep moving will you be back in front of the 35000 people who knows right? But you keep living your life, you keep doing the basics, you keep going after, you to keep learning, you keep working it, and that’s what comes around it comes back around and it’s great to see. I just I thought it was just as I thought about more and more as I looked around the crowd and I looked at you know the guys in the band and luckily I was close enough to kind of see you know kind of see them and see if the enthusiasm was there and it was just cool. It was good to see that. And it was just a great example of sticking with it and allowing it to come back. So just good. I just want to keep that with you. So if things aren’t going exactly the way that you think they need to be or should be right now. Just keep going you know keep rowing that boat because we can come out the other side and it can be pretty cool. All right. So today we’re talking about egoic needs or significance. And this is a big one for me.

[00:04:33] The older I get the more I get into coaching and working with people. I find that this is you know an issue for a lot of people, not specifically you here at MorningCoach but specifically people that aren’t into what we’re doing, that aren’t improving themselves, that are trying to get better. And that’s the majority of the population right? And that has to do with this idea that they need significance or they have egoic needs. Meaning they’re buying their houses, their cars, their clothes, everything to impress others.

[00:05:06] That they have a low value proposition for themselves. So they’re out there trying to say look at my house, look at my car, look at my clothes, look at my jewelry, look at this because this is what gives me significance. Look at my job. And you know those things can be a driver and I might talk about it in a minute but they’re not what gives you the true satisfaction and happiness that you need in your life.

[00:05:32] And when you are trying to fulfill egoic needs it makes it even worse. So I’m not against having great things. In fact I want you to. I’m not against having huge goals. I want you to. What I don’t really, what I have an issue with as a coach and as somebody who’s helping you, is when you’re doing those things with the intent to create significance for yourself or just to have people say wow cool look what they’re doing, now we all have a little bit of that in us right? We all do. But you won’t see me driving around you know with the license plate with trader on it. Now I’ve got to be careful because I do have a good Morning Tire Cover right. I do. I do I have a MorningCoach Good morning Tire cover. You haven’t seen that before. My wife Pillar got it for me in Columbia, but the idea is like trader or you know something that you know like stockbroker. Then they have their Ferrari and it’s like this is you know that identity’s coming from that. There is some areas where that’s good. I’m going to talk about it. But for the majority of people that don’t really get it they’re just trying to kind of show off or show some, try to create significance because it’s a need that they have, and I want you to be able to evolve beyond that. OK I want you to be able to evolve beyond egoic needs of significance. Right?

[00:06:46] And I want you to be able to do things because you want to do them not because you think it’s going to impress somebody else and that’s really the idea here of getting past egoic needs. Now when our egoic needs good, well obviously as we’re working up Maslow’s hierarchy of needs from Psych 101 right?

[00:07:03] Getting ourselves some security, getting ourselves some value, getting ourselves moving up that chain, then we’ve got to set some goals, and sometimes that egoic need is great for that. You know if you don’t have money, a lot of times having a goal for money, were going to talk about manifesting money tomorrow. But if you have a goal, then you’re going to go after it. It’s the carrot right? So sometimes those things play in good as long as you can be aware, of what you’re doing and why you’re going after that. That’s the key thing here. It goes down to intent as the the great Dr. Dyer used to teach us before he passed away. You know that intention is really what it’s all about. And so it’s not always the acquisition it’s why you’re doing what you’re doing? What is the intent? What is the reason behind what you’re doing? That’s the key. And as long as we can understand the intent then we can go after it. So if you want something awesome and it’s something you want that Ferrari right and you understand you’re getting it, not because you want to show off because you know you quit your job and you’re successful as an entrepreneur, but you want the car because you want the car with the engine and you’ve always wanted it. I am cool with that. I’m not going to push you away from that, but what I am going to push you away from is getting caught up in the material area where you believe you need those things in order for you to have satisfaction and happiness and joy. Because you don’t.

[00:08:28] And it’s a very sad place to be when you have to be represented by a car and a license plate. Right? That’s not what we want. We want to be represented by something much deeper which is an altruistic love for ourselves, and for what we’re doing in the world. And you can do that. So he egoic needs can be used as a carrot and there are times that we use those things, and there’s times that you should put it out there and go out there and have nice things. Look I got to tell you I mean full disclosure when I get a new piece attack I love it. I feel good now. Sometimes I justify it with business sometimes I just want to buy it for myself. And hey when I get the new Iphone or the new camera it’s cool to have it out there. People are oh wow that’s so cool you had that. Nobody is going to say that isn’t cool. Right everybody likes to be the cool kid? I don’t know anybody wants to be the not that cool kid.

[00:09:20] What would, I don’t know what the opposite of that is. But everybody wants to be liked and have that significance, but just don’t do it for that. Don’t get the new iPhone 8 which is coming out in September because you want to show it off to your friends. Right? Get it because you want to get it. OK. Now I’m getting the new iPhone and I’ll tell you that. Right now I’m debating on getting a second line for my coaching clients and actually a separate phone and I’ve been looking at the Galaxy S8 and a Google pixel Excel, but I may just get another iPhone or I may just wait for the iPhone 8 and keep the one I got. But I’m having fun with that because it’s getting me to look at some tech and I’m a nerd. I like that. So sometimes egos A good thing, but the main thing is don’t do it for other people. Don’t do it for other people. We all fall in that trap I was talking to my contractors were getting the house done. You know what I’m like “well what do other people do?” Well he’s like “I don’t care what other people do, this is your house, what do you want it to be like?” We have this innate area in the back of our mind that screams Well gosh I wonder what everybody else would like. And he brought me back down to earth like who cares. And it’s true it’s my house.

[00:10:26] You know when you come into my office I have a bookshelf that’s I mean gigantic that I built because I always wanted a bookshelf in here. Now I’m going to start creating the interview room. Just amazing how much time this takes. I mean it’s just amazing. Time just slips through, but I’m getting there, and I’m having fun doing it like we’re finally getting some good stages here at the house and things are moving forward. But you know I’m trying to get away from doing anything for anybody else and doing it for strategic or system reasons instead of somebody else. OK. The other thing is you want to be aware of why you want something and I think this is a critical like statement when we talk about MorningCoaches. You know why do you even want it? You know why do you want the things in your life. I see so many people that get you know kind of caught up in instantaneous gratification. They go buy something they throw it on a credit card they don’t realize the interest that they’re going to pay on it is going to make the cost of it like 10 times. But they needed it, they wanted it, right? and they wanted it right then. And why did they want it. Well because they wanted to impress their friends. They needed that new iPhone because they wanted to walk around and show everybody had a new iPhone. Right?. That’s what the lesson is for today to really look deep at the reason that you’re doing things and then understand why you’re going to get it and then buy it or acquire it. Again.

[00:11:46] Then the idea is the carrot. Having that carrot there, so that we can use that carrot to keep moving forward and to motivate us a little bit.

[00:11:57] I like the carrot goals. I’m going to be the, I think that if you can get yourself you know buying little things or buying things for yourself whenever you do something good. I’m all for it. Pat yourself on the back and do it. I think it’s cool. But really understand the intention understand why you’re getting it and then a be proud of it. Now with this, don’t get yourself in a pattern where you’re looking for a nice car or you’re looking to buy something for yourself because you’ve done a good job and you start to feel guilty. I don’t want that, That’s lack. That’s all we talked about yesterday. There is enough of everything there but we need to do it because it fits in our life at that particular time. And if you’re gonna reward yourself, reward yourself right? Go ahead. If you’re going to reward yourself for hitting the goal reward yourself. Don’t feel guilty because I’m saying don’t pander to these egoic needs. We need some of that. The ego is still part of us. You know a lot of times spiritual teachers will create that separation you know and I will to. I’ll say you know you’ve got to get in the observer, you got to watch it ego, you know create that separation. I don’t want to beat the ego to death. The ego is still part of us we need it. It drives us sometimes if we get rid of our ego entirely we become apathetic and I don’t want you to become apathetic.

[00:13:06] You know I don’t want you to just throw on a Moo-Moo and move to an ashram somewhere. If that’s what you want to do cool. I get that. But I would say that ninety nine point nine percent of the people here listen to MorningCoach that’s not what they want to do. We live in a material world so we need some material things right? So don’t just discredit the ego. I think sometimes the ego gets such a bad rap. And the truth is that we’ve got to utilize it and use it and just be aware, and that’s what I want to help you do today. OK. So think a little bit about GNR. 35000 people in that stadium. I couldn’t believe it. I really didn’t think there would be that many people. And Axl’s voice was so good. They did such a good show for three hours and just utterly impressed. But they’re back. Selling out stadiums $330 million dollars. Will they stick together? Who knows. But at the end of the day they came out of this thing right? They worked their way through it and now they’ve they’ve got the 10th biggest grossing concert ever. When they literally disappeared. So think about the things in your life that you’ve given up that maybe you should bring back. Think about the joys and the things you used to do that you kind of let up because it became unpopular whatever happened and bring it back and start to understand the egoic needs of when we want them and when we don’t want them, and give your ego a little bit of a break.OK give it a little bit of a break. It’s part of you.

[00:14:28] It is us, and it can help drive you. So it’s not always a bad thing. All right. So and get back here tomorrow because we’re out talk about manifesting money. It’s going to be a great one. And I appreciate you with the shares and the likes and the reviews and all the things you’re doing to help get this message out there because it is about making the world a better place. I couldn’t do it without you. And that’s why I love you. So get out there have a great day. Let’s keep putting some great energy out there and I’ll be back right here tomorrow to get your day started right here on

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The Ego | Ego needs | Episode 2863


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