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How Do I Relax? | Techniques To Help You Escape | Episode 2930

Ever feel like you cannot relax? Do you struggle to get out of the grind? I know the feeling. I do this podcast every day 365 days of the year, and there are days I need to Relax. How do I relax? Join me (JB Glossinger) today to discuss some techniques when you need to get away.

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Episode 2930 How Do I Relax?

[00:00:08] Good morning and welcome to Morning Coach today. I am so glad you’re with us. As you know, my name J.B. Glossinger, and this is your personal evolution system, the place to get your day started right. Welcome, welcome, welcome. And I’m so glad you’re with me here. It is Monday, and we love Mondays. It’s time to get organized. It’s time to get ready for a great week. That’s what it’s about here at Morning Coach, and I have got a great week planned for you. We’re going to do some things that are going to help you let go, surrender a little bit, and connect a little bit more with you and your being. And today, we’re going to start off by talking about how do I relax. And this is a big one, because if you’re anything like me, it’s hard. It is really hard. By the way, today’s show is brought to you by Good Morning Snore Solution. If you haven’t had a chance to check this out, if you’re having some problems snoring, go on over to and check them out. OK?

[00:01:08] So, let’s get into today. Well, let’s talk about this week. So, today, we’re to talk about “how do I relax?” We’re going to get into that. It’s going to be good. Tomorrow, we’re going to talk about “when hard work is counter productive.” That’s one you don’t want to miss. Right? Wednesday, our Metaphysical Day, we’re going to talk about “what it does it really mean to surrender?” On Thursday, it’s Ask J.B. I’ve got a great question, “What is a good fall routine, morning routine? What should I be doing in the morning?” So, we’re going to go over that on Thursday, dealing with the morning routine for the fall. On Friday, we’re going to talk about “should you give money to friends or relatives?” The question that I get a lot. Another good one that will help you. Saturday, our Systems Day, “how to get away?” Is there a system for that or not? We’ll discuss that Saturday. And then Sunday, we’re going to talk about faith a little bit and letting go and letting God. So, huge week this week.

[00:01:56] But I really want to get into this idea of you know how do I relax. You know, and I’m talking about all of us, right? How do we get into a position where we can start to relax a little bit? You’ve got, you know, a ton of things going on. You know, I just look at my life. I’m trying to get these SEO projects done. We’re trying to get the website all structured properly. We’re trying to run the company. And we’re trying to grow the company. So, I’m trying to do this every day and come up with creative content. I’m trying to write books and do the M/M course, and, you know, I’m trying to help. I’m coaching a lot of people. I take their energy on. And it really is, it gets exhausting sometimes, even when you do what you love. Right? And you get so close to it that you kind of lose this. What do I want to say? You lose the ability to step out of it, and it just starts to compound more and more and more.

[00:02:46] And again, even when you do what you love. You know, for a few years there, I was taking a real break, playing a lot of golf. Now, I’m back, training with Sir. I probably need to get back on the golf course a little bit because I’m an extreme person. When I do stuff, I jump in. I go 100%. Sometimes to the aspect of it becomes counterproductive where I don’t even give myself a break. You know, and I’m learning that this is a very important part of, you know, starting to relax a little bit more and in getting the mental aspect so I can be creative and really allow myself to get better.

[00:03:19] And same thing with you. You can only grind so much. Right? You’ve got to take a break once in a while because the answers sometimes are away from it. And when you’re so close to it, sometimes you don’t see what you need to do or where you need to be working and time just slides. Like, you know, you get this idea, and then you don’t work on it. Next you know, it’s three months later, right? So, we got to learn to step back because it allows us to get the priorities in alignment that they need to be in line.

[00:03:46] So, even when you love what you do and you do it every single day like I do. I’m here with you every day. You may say, ” Ah, J.B., it doesn’t take that long to do the podcast, whatever.” It does. It’s a mental thing. It takes me, right now, the way that I’m doing the Coachcast, podcast, is it’s taken me between two and three hours because I’m doing some setup and stuff within. So, it used to take me 20 minutes because I’d just get on here and do it. Now, I’m doing a lot of other things that are involved with SEO and trying to help, you know, reach a lot of people. And so, it does wear on you. Because then I’ve got to coach and do everything else and, you know, I’m back to actually working a lot, and I love it. But I haven’t given myself a lot of space, and I think it’s, it’s getting to be a little counterproductive. Because then it’s becoming work, and work is not fun. And, you know, J.B. working all the time is, it’s just not a fun person to be around. Right? And it’s just the way it is. Even though I’m, I’m type-A. And so, we’ve got to figure out ways to take some breaks, right?

[00:04:46] So, number one, the morning is critical. And I’m learning this more and more, even though I’m the morning coach, that the morning routine is critical in our lives that we either have a morning routine or a morning ritual. We’re going to go over one Thursday because I was asked in the Ask J. B. section, you know, what’s a good fall routine? You know, what should we be doing in the fall? Which is, you know, a specific time, and you could change your routine up. We’re going to talk about that.

[00:05:09] And by the way, if you want to ask me some questions, just go over to and hit the Ask J.B. I answer them all on the show. I can keep you anonymous if you want. But they’re just awesome. It helps me with the show, right? Especially when we’re doing, you know, this is episode 2,930. I need topics. So, please, go to Ask J.B., right?

[00:05:27] But it is important. It’s critical. And one of the things that is critical about this is the meditation aspect. And as I get into M/M and I’m in stage 3 or stage 2 right now, you know. I’m working on focusing sustained attention.

[00:05:41] And by the way, the new videos are out. If you signed up originally or you’re a Morning Coach member, the, you know, stage 2 is out. So, you can go in there, and you’ll see it in your library. Go in there and you can catch up a little bit.

[00:05:53] I’m, I’m, I’m recognizing the fact that, you know, the mental capacity to just go 100% all the time, it’s really hard to do that. And so, including in that routine, listening something positive, which I do, right, every day. And then adding some meditation is such a critical component of being able to relax your mind and be able to get better at what you do. Just as my coaching is getting better, I need to get better. Right?

[00:06:19] And also, kind of understanding where you’re at in your life. You know, I’m kind of in that midlife area, 48, going to be 49, and it’s a midlife crisis kind of thing for me. Kind of evaluating where do I want to be, what do I want to do. You know, kind of what’s the future going to look like? Do I want to stay in the states? Do I want to build a retreat center in Columbia? Which is something that I’m really focused on, and I think I’m going to do that. I’m going to take a group to Colombia in 2018, and I’ll announce that. We’ve got a retreat with Sir in February. And then later on in the year, if you’re interested in going to Columbia with me, it’s going to be a pretty extensive retreat in Tayrona Park and Neiva and some of my places. It’s something I’m really, really interested in, and I’m thinking about spending more time down there and writing and working. But anyways that’s me.

[00:07:05] But in order to get that clarity is, I kind of go through this midlife issue. I need to rest. Otherwise, I’m just grinding it out, day by day by day by day. And it’s, it’s just, it just doesn’t allow you the freedom to really direct your life where you wanted to go. I think this is so critical. So, that, that’s why we’re doing M/M, the course, because it’s so critical that you figure out how to meditate. And honestly, “The Mind Illuminated,” if you haven’t started reading in the course, you got to catch up because that’s the best book I’ve ever read. And you can start with starting your practice and keep going, and we can get deeper into it. But I want you to slow it down in the mornings.

[00:07:39] Some of the other things that I want you to get back to- and, again, as you know, I do these for me just as much as I do them for you- is I need to start playing more. And I mentioned that, you know, I got back with Sir. And when I train with Sir, it’s very serious. We play. And we laugh. We have some fun. But it’s serious training. It’s life or death stuff. And the area that I’ve kind of left behind a little bit was a little bit of the golf and a little bit of the play. And so, I need to get back into that a little bit. I’m going to, I also got to get back in to traveling a little bit. You know, I’m going to be talking to a few of you that have helped, you know, volunteer, and there’s a couple people sent in that they’re looking to help me speak a little bit. Plan on getting on the road a little bit again next year, but I need to play. Have a little more fun. And I think we all need to do that.

[00:08:20] Find ways that you can play. Go to an amusement park. You know, take your children out. You know, if you’re blessed with children, it’s awesome because you can play with them, right? And you can get out and do that. So I would suggest that you add some form of play. Maybe it’s a sport. You know, for me, golf or for, you know, I haven’t played basketball in hundred years, but if I went and played golf or basketball I could go do that. It literally hasn’y about 100 years. Probably six years. But I do need to play. I need to find some groups. Maybe a get into a Dungeons & Dragons group. Something that’s going to get me away from this a little bit because I am into it so much. And I’m loving it. But it’s a little too much, right? And that’s where that balance… and I don’t want to say balance comes in, because it’s never about balance. That’s where relaxing and letting go. So, playing is a form of relaxing.

[00:09:07] Appreciating nature is a form of relaxing. Getting out. I’ve been working, we got planted a bunch of bougainvilleas around the house, and I was out this weekend with Matt Kramer, who’s a singer with Saigon Kick, and as you get to know Matt, I’m going to have him on the show a little bit. You know, Matt is one of these guys that, you know, he dropped out of high school and was in a band, and, you know, they did so well and had a lot of cool things happen for him. And then, over the years, you know, he’s been a connoisseur of food. If you follow him on Facebook, he cooks. He’s got these great, great, great recipes and just really a foodie. He’s a foodie. And then he’s good in the garden. You know, he knows how to do stuff. So, he’s showing me you got to do this with the bougainvilleas. Really kind of sneaks up on you. Right? You know, who would think a rock star would have this kind of background? You know, he’s my vocal coach too, but he’s got this really eclectic background. And Matt’s about getting out, appreciating nature. He spends a lot of time in his backyard. He spends a lot of time with food. Those are things that I don’t do a lot of. Right?

[00:10:04] So, by bringing somebody on a friend or a coach to help you kind of understand those things, adds to your life, and it gets you away again from the normal everyday grind. He took me to a really good Greek restaurant. We went to this cool festival on Saturday, and then, you know, I was just trying some new food, new types of eating. And, again, a friend and a mentor to teach some of those things is always good to have. And then getting out and appreciating nature is great. You know, appreciating our furry friends.

[00:10:30] This is another one that you know I don’t neglect. I mean, I take Neo everywhere. You see my pictures. We walk him, gosh, he gets three walks a day. He’s spoiled. But still, getting him out to a park or taking him somewhere. Go on, you know, down in Columbia. You know, this year, it’s been amazing for me. I haven’t been to Colombia since December. It’s going to be almost a year since I’ve been down to the country because I’ve been just, you know, we changed this into coaching, and, you know, I’ve been just working so much, I haven’t even gone down to Columbia. So, you know, and I take my furry friend down there, Neo. But it’s great to get out with your furry friends. It’s another way to relax. Right? So, if you’ve got dogs or cats, you know, dogs more specific, you can get out, and you can play with them and have fun with them and take them out, which is great.

[00:11:12] And then, of course, taking real breaks is critical. It’s something that I need to get myself rocking and rolling with. We had talked about next year that we’re possibly… Pilar likes to travel. I don’t like to travel, except to Colombia, right, because it’s three and a half hours. We’re talking about taking some real breaks. And I’ve always wanted to go to Israel. I’ve never been. I want to visit some of the Holy Lands and, you know, go to some of the places where a lot of this history has been. And she has said, hey, we can go over there.

[00:11:41] Also, you know, I’ve got German and Polish heritage. So, I’ve always wanted to go feel the energy and go back to Germany a little bit. And also, you know, where Viktor Frankl and some of the concentration camps and see, you know, some of them. I’m kind of a history buff. So, some of that, I want to do. And, we’re planning some of that this year.

[00:11:58] So, Olaf, you know, I know you’re listening, and I may be coming your way, and all those in Europe. You know, I’ve never been over to do something over there, and there’s a good chance that I’m going to come over, and we can put a little thing together and do a meet up, or I could do an event over there, and we could get together and do some fun stuff. So, look for that. But taking real breaks is important that every once in a while, we get out there and we take that break once in a while. It’s critical. OK?

[00:12:24] Another area of relaxing is to delegate. Now, for me, this is so hard because of the nature of what we do. It’s really challenging to delegate things off. The other thing is hard is like, just for example, our current SEO project that we’re doing. You know, a lot of people see us at Morning Coach of having unlimited resources, and we don’t. Everything takes time, energy, and money. Everything, you know? And it’s really challenging for all of us to do what we need to do, right?

[00:12:52] And so, when it comes to resources, for example, we can not do everything that we need to do with the SEO in-house with our small team. There’s just no way. We don’t have enough time. And so, we want to delegate it out. But the problem is that those resources that are going into that, we have no ability to allow that to work. We have no ability to, to, know if it’s going to work. Right? So, that resource that we’re putting out there, we don’t know. And, every penny that we spend kind of moves us in a different direction. So, we’ve got to be really careful about that.

[00:13:25] It’s hard to delegate because you don’t know. And you can only do so much, you know? And these aren’t full-time positions, obviously. It’s a blog post here and there that we need, you know, SEO’d, but it takes away from our team. So, we have very limited resources to delegate. And in that, you’ve got to be very cautious where you’re spending money. And then even if, you know, you’ve spent and brought on a six-figure person and put them in a position, you don’t know if they’re going to work. So, for me, one of the hardest things for me is to delegate very specific things that we need to do.

[00:13:56] Luckily, we have a great Morning Coach community. There’s people here that are willing to volunteer and help us with the mission which helps us. But it is a very challenging thing to do is to find those and develop those resources that we can delegate things off. Which then, again, puts more things on your plate. So, you know, it’s, but it is something that is necessary. And luckily, we have some really great people that are helping us and doing some things. But, you know, if you can delegate a little bit more, it will help you.

[00:14:23] And finally, you just got a disconnect. And, again, that morning meditation, that disconnect in the morning, is so critical. I am a tech person, right? You know, I’m getting ready to get the iPhone X. I’m going to be up at 3:00 in the morning. I’m going to buy that thing. I’ve got a new watch coming with the LTE Light. I’ve got, you know, not that I’m just a total Apple person, but I’m in their system. And I’ve got, you know, iPads and Macs and Macbooks and, you know, and I just, I’m a tech person, and I kind of love that stuff. But you got to be able to disconnect once in a while. And again, I’ve gotten to where I am through technology but with a metaphysical background. And now, I’m moving with technology, using it to help me with the metaphysics. Right? And connecting and just meeting so many new people. It’s awesome. But we got to be able to disconnect, so we’re fresh and we have the energy to take on the challenges.

[00:15:13] So, how do you relax? Let’s get that morning organized. We’re going to talk about it this week. We need to get out and play a little bit more. And, meditate a little bit more. Let’s get our furry friends out a little bit more. And let’s take some real breaks. Get those coaches and mentors in our lives that really help us kind of understand the things that we need to be doing. And let’s just connect a little bit. And finally, delegate. You know, get some people to help you. And that’s going to help you move forward.

[00:15:37] And as always, I appreciate you. I do. I thank you for being a part of Morning Coach. It is our mission to put good energy out there and to help people find a better way, a better life with more happiness, joy, and peace, and more consciousness. And by you being here, we’re doing that, and I couldn’t do it without you. And I love you for that. I really do. So, let’s go make it happen. Let’s put some great energy out there. Again, if you need to ask me a question, please go to Ask J.B. because it’s, that’s where I see it. Just post it in there, and I will get to it. OK? So, get out there. Have a great one. And I will be back with more right here, tomorrow, to keep you rockin’ on

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How Do I Relax? | Techniques To Help You Escape | Episode 2930


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