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Protruding Eyes Makeup Tips You Probably Haven’t Tried Yet

So many expressions depend on the opening, shifting, shape, movement, contour and what not of your Eye area so it’s important to draw attention to this part. When you have Protruding Eyes, however, your eye shape is already catching too much attention and even that can be corrected with a protruding eyes makeup trick in the same way that the eye shape makeup tips that perfectly suit your eye shape will help achieve the right attention that your eyes deserve.

What Are Protruding Eyes?

Also known as “bulging eyes,” protruding eyes make the eyes pop more than any other eye shape. The idea, therefore in putting on the proper makeup for protruding eyes is to contract and lengthen your eyes, making these appear flatter on your face rather than popping out of your eye socket.

While protruding eyes can make you feel self-conscious, there is absolutely no doubt that this can be improved with protruding eyes makeup. See, the whole world hangs in awe at the natural beauties of actresses Christina Ricci, Amanda Seyfried and Nicole Richie, all of whom have protruding eye shape.

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What Are The Makeup Essentials For People With Protruding Eyes?

The standard skin prep routine recommended for all people of all types of skin should remain.These are:

Step 1: Cleanse or Exfoliate

To make your skin come clearer and more radiant, as well as to improve the cling of makeup on your skin, make sure to start your makeup routine with a freshly cleansed face. When you have extra minutes to spare, exfoliate physically with a dermal brush or a muslin cloth but, not with chemical exfoliators that can burn your skin and make it flake. Remember, you want something that will make your makeup adhere to and blend better with your skin.

Step 2: Tone.

Cleansing can strip away your skin’s natural oils and hydration content. By toning, you tighten your pores, locking away what moisture remains on your skin and preventing it from evaporating through your pores. Using the right toner can also help brighten and smoothen your complexion.

Step 3: Moisturize.

Restore your skin’s optimal moisture levels so that your skin is prevented from appearing fatigued and dried out when you layer it with makeup. This is why eye cream is important. Even celebrities with protruding eyes make sure to improve their skin’s dewiness first before putting on makeup for protruding hooded eyes.

Step 4: Prime Skin For Makeup.

People often skip priming the skin. Well, that’s okay if you know that your makeup clings well on your skin or, if your foundation already contains ingredients that prime your skin. This, however, could be an important part of doing eye makeup for protruding eyes because the main work involves faking a shadow and elongation for your eyes to cancel the bulging appearance.

Other makeup essentials for people with protruding eyes include the following:

  • Eye Liner. Darker shades of black, brown or grey will help contact your eye area. The best liquid eyeliners that use a pen type tool or, a gel tip will give you a prominently defined eye line. If you prefer a softer eye line, an eye pencil can work to give you the right shade although, it may work better on people with fairer skin tones.
  • Eye Shadow. Creating a shadow on and even beyond your eye fold fakes a smaller, less prominent eye area. Lessening the bright skin around your eye area gives your bulging eyes a smaller appearance.
  • Foundation and Concealer. You have to watch the wrinkles around your delicate eye skin because those can diminish the effectiveness of your eye liner and eye shadow in zooming out your eyes.
  • Mascara. Of course, if you weren’t born with thick eyelashes, you can always go for an eyelash extension or falsies. It helps keep your eyes prominent without making it pop out.

There are also products and makeup techniques that you should drop when you have protruding eyes. Here are just some of those:

  • Avoid shimmery eye shadows. These products prevent you from creating that fake shadow that tutorials on how to make protruding eyes smaller all too often preach about to be effective in closing the wideness of your eye opening.
  • Avoid highlighters. Again, for lining your eyes, you need an eyeliner, not a highlighter. You don’t want to achieve bright eyes. Instead, you want to create a shadow or a gradient for your eyes. Highlighters have a different role in cosmetics — they make your eyes pop — and that is not what you want to achieve from this protruding eye makeup tutorial.

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How To Do Makeup For Protruding Eyes

Follow the essential skin preparation routine detailed above. Once done, go ahead and have fun with these easy how-to’s in giving your look an extra oomph by containing the bulging of those protruding eyes of yours:

Step 1: Start by lining your eyelids.

To achieve the winged eye for protruding eyes, simply line your lower eyelids with the eyeliner type and color of your choice. It should be dark enough to fake the shape of your eyes. Extend upwards by projecting the line of your lower eyelid. Then, line your upper eyelid, connecting this with the line you created out of your lower eyelid. Fill the triangle that forms at the corner. Do the same with the other eye.

Step 2: Create a shadow.

Make your eye lose some of that wide-opened look by contracting it using your eye shadow. If you know how to do smokey eyes then you can do that. Or, you can simply use a kohl-toned shadow as your base. Brush and color up to above the fold then, outwards, extending the shadow beyond the natural corner of your eye.

Step 3: Create a gradient.

Depending on your choice of eye shadow color, create a gradient using lighter colors belonging to, more or less, the same shade as kohl, like deep purple or dark blue.

Step 4: Use a mascara.

Heavy eyelashes will look dramatic on protruding eyes. These won’t look heavy like when using it for eye makeup for downturned eyes but will work to make your eyes appear less of its huge natural self.

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Makeup can have so many uses — correcting, concealing, and even creating something that’s not even there in the first place. However, you should regulate your appetite to change or alter the way you look. Less is always more, even when you are trying to get the most diminishing eye look for gigantic, protruding eyes. The more you use, the less of yourself you start to look. So, know what’s best for you. A little bit of practice often does the trick.

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Protruding Eyes Makeup Tips You Probably Haven’t Tried Yet


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