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Almased Figure Plan – The 14 day program

Lose weight without feeling hungry with Almased: Your guidelines for a slimmer body with nutritional advice.

Losing 10 pounds in 14 days* is possible with this plan for the figure you have always wanted. The plan guides you through the 3 weight loss stages with Almased, provides you with a meal plan for every day weight maintenance in the fourth stage, the “Life Phase”. How does Almased benefit your body and why do you not feel hungry during the Almased Diet? Here are the answers to the most important questions:

What is Almased?

All-natural Almased is a powder made from high-quality fermented soya, skim milk yogurt powder and enzyme-rich honey. It contains all important nutrients the body needs, essential amino acids and enzymes for easy digestion. Almased is non-GMO, gluten-free and contains no added sugars, preservatives, artificial flavours or fillers. Almased uses a clinically tested formula and can be used by nearly anybody and is diabetic friendly.

How does Almased benefit the body?

Almased provides the body with optimal nutrients the average diet may lack. It is “vital Nourishment” in the true sense of the word. The powder, made from high quality soya, probiotic yogurt, and particularly enzyme-rich honey, provides the body with all essential amino acids. Blending all of the raw ingredients leads to a synergistic effect. The components of one ingredient increase the benefit of the others. The result is a new, innovative dietary supplement: Almased.

How can you lose weight without feeling hungry when using Almased?

The high-quality easily digestible protein in Almased ensures a long lasting feeling of satiety: one meal replacement (about 180kcal) keeps you full for about 4 hours.



*Weight loss may vary from person to person



Why is Almased the optimum nutrition for weight management?

Whether or not a body stores fat depends not only upon the number of calories but also upon the nutritional value of the food. If one eats highly nutritious food, one can eat considerably more calories without laying down fat. The Almased diet provides very high-quality nutrition, which is low in calories but even more importantly, sends the right signals to your body. Here Almased plays a central role.

Almased Achieves:

  1. Optimum nutrition through the combination of its basic ingredients.
  2. Effective weight control without losing muscle mass.
  3. Almased users have more energy and vitality as a direct result of good nutrition.
  4. Almased can be used in conjunction with all common diets and has been proven to increase their success.

Almased improves your energy level and strengthens your body’s system

Start your day with more energy

Almased contains important essential nutrients and cell protective phytochemicals. In addition to its other positive effects, Almased also supports a restful sleep.


Strengthen your system

Almased provides the body with lactic acid and active lactic acid bacteria, which have a positive effect on intestinal bacteria and the intestinal mucosa thus strengthening the body’s system.


Work Out

Almased provides high quality protein for athletes and exercisers who wish to improve their physical condition.


 This is how it’s done: Your success to losing weight.

Initiation Phase – Day 1 to 3

During the Initiation Phase, your body’s system will be reset. 3 Almased meals per day are ideal. During this phase, you should have as few carbohydrates as possible. Bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, sugary drinks (sparkling or still), fruit juice, beer and sweets are off limits. Other food should also be avoided. It is important that you drink plenty of fluid since the body detoxifies heavily during this phase (2-3 litres per day). This flushes out acidic by-products that are released as the body breaks down fat. Water, coffee and fruit or herbal teas without sugar are recommended for consumption. It is ideal to begin the Initiation Phase on a weekend.

Reduction Phase – Day 4 to 7

During the Reduction Phase your body burns fat. 2 Almased drinks (breakfast and dinner) and one normal meal (lunch) per day are ideal. If having your normal meal for dinner instead of lunch fits your lifestyle better, you can swap them. In this case you should have Almased for breakfast and lunch and eat your regular meal in the evening. Since a low intake of carbohydrates is especially important in the evening, avoiding high-carb side dishes (bread, potatoes, rice and pasta) can speed up the weight loss process. This applies to evening meals in all phases. Carbohydrates that are consumed for the lunch meal are processed faster because you are more active throughout the day. Avoiding snacks will help the fat burning process, The Reduction Phase can extend over several weeks, if desired.

Stabilisation Phase – Day 8 to 10

During the Stabilisation Phase, Almased ensures that your metabolism continues to work at the ideal level. This phase is meant to stabilise the metabolism at a level where fat is actively burned. In this phase, you should have 1 Almased drink with 2 normal meals per day. For best results, drink Almased in the evening.

Life Phase – Day 11 to 14

Three meals and one Almased drink per day – Live life to the fullest. During the Life Phase, you can have 3 meals per day. Avoid eating snacks. To keep the metabolism active, 50g of Almased (=1 serving) should be taken daily in addition to a meal. You can have Almased with breakfast, consume it as a drink, or add it to your cereal. If you want to continue losing weight, you should eat fewer side dishes at dinner or avoid them altogether. If you want to lose more weight, you can prolong the Reduction Phase as well as the Stabilisation Phase. You will continue losing weight during the Life Phase:  your weight loss will, however, be slower.


Tips for the Life Phase:

  • Avoid pre-dinner drinks or beer. Even if it is non-alcoholic, since the contained bitter compounds increase your appetite.
  • Drink 2-3 litres of liquid low in calories throughout the day. Preferably water, tea (fruit herbal or green) or coffee.
  • Drink between meals not while you eat. Drinking while eating leads to a faster increase in blood sugar levels, which slows down the fat burning process.
  • Eat 3 main meals per day. Otherwise your metabolism shifts into energy saving mode.
  • Eat a salad before your main course. If you prepare the salad yourself, make sure to choose low sugar or sugar-free dressings. If you go out to eat, ask for a dressing on the side and use it sparingly.
  • Prepare sauces from pureed vegetables with vegetable broth and yogurt or sour cream. This method uses less fat and carbohydrates. If you prepare a meal that is high in carbohydrates (pasta, potato and rice dishes) make sure to use less fat.
  • Eat plenty of vegetables
  • Avoid frozen dinners. They usually contain a lot of sugar, white flour and saturated fat and provide the body with little nutrients.[egg id="2"]

And finally…

  • Avoid “fast-acting” carbohydrates:
  • Bread, Pastries and Cereals
    • White bread
    • Rolls
    • Baguette
    • Croissants
    • Waffles
    • Sugary Cereals
  • Sugar and Sweets
    • Glucose
    • Maltose (malt sugar)
    • Maltodextrin (large sugar molecule that is quickly absorbed
    • Cornflour
  • Grains, Pasta, Potatoes
    • Baked Potatoes
    • Microwave baked potatoes
    • Fries
    • Instant rice
    • Cornflour, boiled
    • White rice
  • Drinks rich in carbohydrates
    • Coke
    • Lemonade
    • Other sweetened fizzy drinks


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Almased Figure Plan – The 14 day program


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