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Resveratrol - A Potential Height Increase Supplement

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Resveratrol has a similar structure to estrogen and may prevent binding of estrogen to various cells that would decrease growth.  Therefore, resveratrol may increase height if taken during development at the right dose.

 Resveratrol Treatment Delays Growth Plate Fusion and Improves Bone Growth in Female Rabbits

"Trans-resveratrol (RES), naturally produced by many plants, has a structure similar to synthetic estrogen diethylstilbestrol. Pre-pubertal ovary-intact New Zealand white rabbits received daily oral administration of either vehicle (control) or RES (200 mg/kg) until growth plate fusion occurred{We don't know if this will have the same effect on men}. Bone growth and growth plate size were longitudinally monitored by X-ray imaging, while at the endpoint, bone length was assessed by a digital caliper. In addition, pubertal ovariectomized (OVX) rabbits were treated with vehicle, RES or estradiol cypionate (positive control) for 7 or 10 weeks and fetal rat metatarsal bones were cultured in vitro with RES (0.03 µM–50 µM) and followed for up to 19 days. In ovary-intact rabbits, sixteen-week treatment with RES increased tibiae and vertebrae bone growth and subsequently improved final length. In OVX rabbits, RES delayed fusion of the distal tibia, distal femur and proximal tibia epiphyses and femur length and vertebral bone growth increased when compared with controls. RES-treated OVX rabbits had a wider distal femur growth plate, enlarged resting zone, increased number/size of hypertrophic chondrocytes, increased height of the hypertrophic zone, and suppressed chondrocyte expression of VEGF and laminin. In cultured fetal rat metatarsal bones, RES stimulated growth at 0.3 µM while at higher concentrations (10 μM and 50 μM) growth was inhibited. RES has the potential to improve longitudinal bone growth. The effect was associated with a delay of growth plate fusion resulting in increased final length. These effects were accompanied by a profound suppression of VEGF and laminin expression suggesting that impairment of growth plate vascularization might be an underlying mechanism."

Note that only the smallest dosage of Resveratrol had an anabolic effect on growth which is consistent with the view that estrogen has an equilibrium level for growth.  These rabbits were pre-puberty so estrogen levels should've been lower than puberty.  Since estrogen levels increase during puberty doses should increase during puberty as estrogen would be higher than equilibrium level.  It's hard to ascertain what that is for humans though.

"Trans-resveratrol (3, 5, 4′-trihydroxystilbene), is a polyphenol naturally produced by a variety of plants such as peanuts, berries, skin of red grapes in response to stress, injuries and infections."<-Does anyone have anecdotal accounts of tall people or groups that ate lots of peanuts, berries, or red grapes?  Or drink red wine?

"in weanling rats demonstrating that 6 days of treatment with very low doses of RES (1–100 μg/day) had no significant effect on radial bone growth"

The Rabbits were twelve weeks old.

"tibia length 111.6±0.6 mm in the RES group vs. 109.5±0.6 mm in control" over 8 weeks.  That's approximately a 5% increase in growth rate.  Vertebral height was increased as well.

"RES-treatment delayed the time of growth plate fusion in all studied growth plates."

"After 10 weeks, 33% of the animals in the RES group had unfused distal femur growth plates while only 10% of control animals had"

Surprisingly, RES decreased the number of proliferative chondrocytes per area in growth plates versus control but this is consistent with the view that Resveratrol delays growth plate senescence.

"chondrocyte expression of VEGF to be clearly suppressed in RES-treated rabbits as compared to controls (265±54 vs. 626±50 VEGF positive cells/mm2) while in the E2 group VEGF expression was similar as in controls (632±153 vs. 626±50 positive cells/mm2). Also the expression of laminin was decreased in the RES-treated group as compared to controls (17.7±0.6 vs. 27.4±1.04 positive cells/mm2;). In contrast, laminin expression was elevated in E2 treated animals (44.4±0.8 vs. 27.4±1.04 positive cells/mm2 in control)"

"RES significantly improves bone growth by delaying the process of epiphyseal fusion in female animals. Animals treated with RES had wider growth plates with enlarged resting zone, fewer proliferative chondrocytes, increased number and size of hypertrophic chondrocytes and markedly suppressed VEGF and laminin expression."

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Resveratrol - A Potential Height Increase Supplement


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