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Best Hair Fibers of 2016 – Don’t Buy Before You Read This!


What are Hair Fibers?

Hair fibers are an excellent all natural way of improving the appearance of thinning or balding Hair. It’s all made possible without any drugs, surgery, or nasty chemicals that can be costly and potentially dangerous.

It can add volume to hair to make it look more full and luxurious, and if the right brand is selected it can look all-natural without any hints of being artificial.  There are even hair fibers for both men and women with different shades and colors.

Hair loss is a natural part of living that is increased by things like poor diet, age, hormones, and stress; luckily there are hair fibers to help improve the appearance of hair. It’s not meant to help grow hair nor does it have a negative effect on hair growth, but it does provide a cosmetically pleasant appearance.  You simply apply it to your scalp and shape it as you would your natural hair. Certain brands offer support for completely bald heads, while others require some hair to be in place to thicken it up.

This article will provide you with all the information to decide what hair fiber brand is right for you, what to look for in a hair fiber brand, and what each brand has to offer.

How do You Use Hair Fibers?

You can self-apply hair fibers on your own without the need of a barber or beautician. The main ingredient you’ll find in these fibers is often either keratin or cotton.


Keratin is described by the encyclopedia Britannica as:

“A fibrous protein forming the main structural constituent of hair, feathers, hoofs, claws, horns, etc.”

You hopefully won’t be applying it to any animals, but for humans it can create the appearance of a full head of hair.  They’re also hypoallergenic, won’t irritate the scalp, easy to apply, bonds easily to hair, does not add any weight and helps to make hair denser. Since it’s already what makes up hair, it can appear natural without the artificialness that some other ingredients may have.

The way to apply this is by adding it to dry hair and styling it as you would regularly. You just spray your hair and pat it down to help spread out the fibers. Certain brands even offer:

  • Wind resistance.
  • Rain resistance.
  • Sweat resistance.

You can get rid of it by adding a bit of shampoo and washing it out.Certain brands are more long lasting than others, as they use added ingredients. There are also different colors one can use such as:

  • Black, dark brown, medium brown, light brown, medium blond, light blond, auburn, gray, and white to name a few.

One doesn’t even need to have any hair to add these kinds of hair fibers. It can also be added to bald spots or entirely bald heads. For short hair it can be lined up using a sheet of paper or equivalent, longer hair can use brushes and hair spray to make it settle. A spray is often advised for keratin to help make it bond better, and to prevent it from clumping or coming off.

Some light moisture is actually beneficial as this form of protein can help provide a binding effect. Looks wise it can appear much richer and fuller much like thick or coarse hair would appear.

Cotton hair fibers often offer the following:

  • Typically cheaper than keratin brands.
  • Are negatively charged so they can cling to hair.
  • Aren’t derived from animal products.
  • Tend to be not as positively reviewed as keratin.

Moroccan cotton is often the most used of all hair fiber brand cotton ingredients. Since it is hypoallergenic, it can be added to one’s scalp without fears of cross contamination. They bind to hair since hair has a positive charge, and cotton has a negative charge. One issue with this is that it will not work on bald spots. So while it may bind easier, it can only attach itself to existing hair.

Wool is another way to make hair appear thicker and denser. It’s often not as used as cotton and keratin, due to it being slightly more difficult to conform to all hair types. There’s not much information  available about wool, and this is because it’s very difficult to find a hair fiber brand that uses wool.

Best Hair Fiber Brands

Keratin and cotton brands were found to be the most often purchased and well-reviewed. Here’s a list of the highest rated hair fiber products that had the best overall customer reviews:

  1. toppikToppik Hair Building Fibers: This brand boasts 9 different colors for both men and women. It can be sprayed on and is resistant to wind, sweat, and mild rain. The main ingredient is keratin and the brand has currently 1,683 positive reviews on, making it the highest reviewed hair fiber brand on this website.

It’s even said to stay in place until you wash your hair. A 15% off coupon is applied for first time purchases. Free videos are also offered to show how to apply it to make it look realistic. This brand is also the most popular overall, and is often compared to every other hair fiber product as the standard. People with both curly and straight hair have mentioned it blends well with any hair type.

Customer Quotes:

“The hair fibers are a godsend… I would definitely recommend this for anyone and any age, with thinning hair or bald patches”

“This really made a difference in how I feel about myself. I no longer have to be embarrassed or cry about how little hair I have”

“My hair is extremely thin on tip and once I style my hair and finish with the fibers you’d never know I had such thin hair. It looks so full”

Potential Concerns:

Some customers did say that if you really examine your hair that you can tell this is not real. Much like other brands it also did come off in flakes if you were to scratch your hair or get it wet. This is also one of the most expensive hair fiber brands available. However, the price is also due to the fact that it’s the most well reviewed out of all hair fiber brands.

Another concern is that you should be well aware of the color. People who didn’t choose the right hair color choice mentioned that it was noticeable. Trial and error play a major part in using this brand.

  1. gofybrGofybr: 10 different colors are offered of this 100% cotton fiber brand. It’s also resistant against sweat, rain, and wind, with breathable fibers which don’t cause itching or sweating. A 60 fay supply sells for $30 which is cheaper than most other brands.

It applies a fine powder which can be smoothed in to give a natural looking head of hair. A money back guarantee is also offered for any unsatisfied customers. There’s even several before and after photos are available on the official website. A few YouTube videos have reviewed this brand, with each video blogger mentioning how it offers a realistic look that’s easy to apply.

Customer Reviews:

“It’s very easy to apply, and won’t stain anything”

“I’m not embarrassed to go out anymore. Absolutely a game changer”

“It’s a big help for people who have thinning hair”

“I tried it &I’m really quite pleased with the results!”

Potential Concerns:

It does not work on bald heads; you must have some hair in order for it to work. Unlike other brand which uses keratin which is actual hair protein, this uses cotton. This can make it look and feel less real than other brands. It can also spread to parts of your body if it gets in contact with water according to users.  All the marketing and reviews are from men, and it’s unknown if women are able to use this.

Though there is a satisfaction guaranteed money back return, there’s’ not much information about whether or not this is applied on all purchases. There’s also a lack of reviews that aren’t already featured on the official website.

  1. hairmaxHairMax Hair Fibers: 6 different colors are offered by this keratin containing brand. It’s described as being “Re-designed to look more like real human hair”. They statically cling to thinning hairs and are said to increase the volume and density of hair. There’s also no added formaldehyde, sulfates, or paraben which can irritate the scalp.

It’s also made for both men and women. No fading or color running when sweat or water comes in contact either. Before and after photos also show how easy it is to apply. It’s also offered in different stores and online websites such as Neiman Marcus, QVC, and other brick and mortar stores.

Customer Reviews:

“This hides my thinning part and my hair appears (and feels) thicker!”

“This stuff is great just make sure you get the right color for your hair”

“It makes me look like I have a thick head of hair!”

Potential Concerns:

No money back guarantee is offered and there are few reviews available. There’s also much less information available outside of the official website than other brands.  Some users also mentioned how it made their pre-existing hair appear dryer than normal.

There were also negative reviews from people who said the colors weren’t very good. reviews has people describing the colors as dirty looking, or unnatural and unappealing to the eye.

  1. viviscal-hair-fiberViviscal Hair Filler Fibers: One of the few bigger name brands that actually uses soy, corn, and wheat to mimic hair. They offer 6 different colors. You stroke your hair and gently apply it smooth until you reach your desired texture of hair.

A full 90 day money back return policy is offered for an entire refund if purchased directly from the official website. Results are also said to come within 30 seconds of applying. This brand is cheaper in cost than other hair fibers.

Customer Reviews:

“My hair looks great and I don’t feel so self-conscious anymore”

“This product is great!! Covers the thin hair and/or the grey and it stays in place”

“I would recommend this product to anyone wanting to hide their scalp showing though their thinning hair”

“This product does what it says it will do”

Potential Concerns:

Reviews were mixed about how well this applies. Some mentioned it clumps up and leaves a mess when applied, though others had no such issues. There is also a good mix of critical and positive reviews. Price was a major concern for users, some of which said it was overpriced for the overall quality offered.

Their page has 88 negative reviews with 281 positive reviews. A common concern is that it does not apply very well. There were also issues with the color; people felt it didn’t look as natural as they wanted. The actual bottle itself caused trouble as it made it difficult to apply.

  1. infinity-hair-building-fibersInfinity Hair Building Fibers: Made for both men and women, this is available in a spray and pump. There are 10 different colors and 4 different sizes such as a small travel variety. It’s self-described as being the “#1 Hair Fiber for Women & Men”

An additional “locking spray” is offered to help maintain the look and feel. This brand is also meant to work on all hair types from curly to straight. Much like other brands this is meant to stay on under all conditions, and will only come off if shampooed. It’s also the fastest to apply, while some brands apply in 30 seconds, this one shaves off 10 seconds and applies results in 20 seconds.

Customer Reviews:

“finer fibers for more natural look, tiny fibers sift into the hair easier”

“It covered my large balded area and looked almost natural”

“This is a good product to conceal some bald sports or places where yourhair is really thin”

“It got a constant flow rate so I was able to get a constant distribution across the area”

Potential Concerns:

Some customers were concerned about how much one needed to use to achieve a good head of hair. This means that each bottle only lasted for a short while, as it ran out very quickly. There were also problems people had with the fibers coming off too easy. People who were extremely bald also had issues with making this product work.It apparently did not cover the surface area that they wanted, so this caused them to appear to have a comb over type of hairstyle.

This brand had the most mixed reviews of both positive and negative. It’s also not intended to be used for bald spots according to the official website, only for already existing hair. Customers often were unaware of this as finding this information is difficult. There is no mention of this on the official bottle, only on one section of the website.

  1. art-natural-hair-fusionArt Natural Hair Fusion: Available in darn brown, light brown, medium brown, and black. This is made with all natural ingredients and uses a special variety of cotton known as gossypium herbaceum, where it grows in parts of Africa and Arabia.

Similar to other brands, you pepper it into your hair that is either falling or thinning. Returns are offered within 60 days on all purchases. Theofficial website also mentions how men and women in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s can use this to make it appear like a full head of hair.

Customer Reviews:

“I can’t believe it actually works, but it does. Great temporary solution for thinning areas”

“I love that the fibers don’t rub off or fall off”

“These tiny fibers can help you regain your confidence”

“I was also able to wear it through the night and through to the next day and the fibers blended well to my scalp and hair”

Possible Concerns:

Many of theavailable reviews featured online are from verified users who were given Art Natural Hair Fusion for free in exchange for a review. This can mean that the reviews listed are actually biased and possible not trustworthy. Overly bald people did mention however that it’s not very noticeable when applied.

Another major concern was from users who felt that it looked extremely artificial. Judging from the photos posted online by those who complained, it’s clear it indeed looks like fake hair. This is possible due to the cotton used, which is cheaper in price, but can be harder to make to appear like real hair. It also ended up flaking off and causing a mess for some people, one user posted a picture of his sink with flakes of this product covering everywhere.

  1. cabokiCaboki Hair Loss Concealer: Described as not being a “paint” or “shoe polish” for hair, it’s said to be a natural looking solution for thinning hair. There’s even a free sample offered on the official website, with a claimed 6 million different users.

9 different colors are offered from black to auburn and everything in between. It’s also made with all natural ingredients including Moroccan cotton. The official website also mentions that each application to this product rounds out to around just 50 cents.

Customer Reviews:

“It gives me more confidence in my appearance. My hair looks AMAZING!”

“This product is so easy to use and it has changed the way I see myself and the way I present myself to the world”

“If you have thinning hair give this a try”

“This product is amazing… I was amazed.. as were my wife and kids”

Potential Concerns:

Similar to other cotton hair fiber brands, this one is often described as looking messy and artificial. There’s also a high 151 critical reviews on their page.  People often added how it was easy to take off even during routine tasks. Sweat and moisture rubbed it off very quickly.

It’s also not for use on bald spots; it’s intended to be used on hair to make it look denser. This is the case with all kinds of brands that use cotton. People who ran their fingers through their hair even gently noticed how it flaked off and removed the entire product. There was concern about this as customers were unaware this was going to be a problem.

  1. cuvva-hair-fiberCuvva Hair Fibers: Made with organic protein and offered in dark brown, medium brown, light brown, and black. This brand boasts a 20 second application time and it’s backed by a fullmoney back guarantee.

This uses keratin that is charged with electrostatic energy to help it bind to thin hair. There are no added artificial additives or harsh chemicals added either.  A roughly 60 day supply sells for $29.95.

Customer Reviews:

“CUVVA IS A TRUE GODSEND!… I love this product and it has definitely given me my confidence back to show and style my own hair”

“used this for the first time today and I LOVE IT!!”

“This is a  great product to fill out those random sorts of bald patches or to fill out thinning hair”

Potential Concerns:

It is slightly more expensive than similar brands that use keratin as a primary ingredient. Very few customers left critical reviews, though some did say it looked like they sprinkled something on their heads, instead of it looking like real hair.

People also added how it’s impossible to tell how much is left, that the spray nozzle is difficult to use, and that it can sometimes look dusty. Those who compared this to similar products also mentioned how it does not have the same staying power. There were problems had with the application as sometimes people were unable to apply a satisfying amount.

  1. efficient-hair-fiberEFFICIENT Keratin Hair Building Fibers: 9 different colors are offered and it is made with natural organic keratin. It can be added to both bald spots and thinning hair for both men and women.

The official website describes it as being a “cosmetic breakthrough” that works in an instant. It’s available both from the official website and its page.

Customer Reviews:

“It fills in the thin spots and appears thicker, making me feel less self conscious about this issue”

“I love the product. It has the natural black color. It matches with my black hair. The product is easy to use”

“I tried this because of the cost – much less expensive than Toppik or the others… It goes on the same, covers the same but doesn’tseem to dry my hair as much”

Potential Concerns:

Reviews were split down the middle between positive and negative experiences. People did have issues with it coming apart with slight humidity and moisture. There were also problems with a lack of quality since it often did not apply as smoothly as other similar products.

Color was also an issue with people who felt it did not match their natural hair color. It also looked weird to some who said it’s easy for it to scatter and appear in blotches when applied to the scalp.

  1. samson-hair-fibersSamson Best Hair Fibers Kit: 11 different colors are offered and these fibers are coated with a moisture guard for preventing humidity to affect it from coming off. This brand is rigorously tested such to ensure it stays on.

Free shipping is offered on all purchases over $75 and there’s additional add ons such as a spray to help lock in the look and feel. The website directly compares itself to its competitors by claiming to be a more effective and natural looking substitute.

Customer Reviews:

“I’ve used several different brands of hair fibers this one falls in the middle in terms of quality”

“Works wonders, but pretty expensive for how much I need to use”

“It is light and comfortable… stays well … thickens…. great price”

 Potential Concerns:

It’s near the expensive range in comparison to other hair fibers. People who have used this and other brands have mentioned that it’s not as long lasting, and that it clumps up. Since it’s used in a plastic bag, there were issues with distributing it on the head.

It also did not comb well according to customer reviews. People had to arrange their hairstyle carefully to ensure it wouldn’t fall out in small specks.

Every brand has its pros and cons, and each one uses slightly different ingredients. Some require a lot more maintenance to ensure they won’t fall off, and others can be applied with no concern over wind, sweat, rain, or touching. Picking a brand for yourself depends on your budget, specific preferences, and whether or not you need a specific color.

The benefit that hair fibers have over other procedures and methods is cost and time. Hair fibers are much quick to apply and don’t require as much money as a hair transplant or chemically invasive procedure.

What Causes Hair Loss?

Humans naturally shed around 50 to 100 hairs every day. While this is normal, baldness and thinning hair can also result if there’s scarring and hair follicle destruction.

The scientific community still doesn’t know the full root cause of hair loss, but there are certain factors which can increase this risk:

  • Medication.
  • Physical changes caused by illness.
  • Genetics.
  • Changes in hormones.
  • Age.
  • Lack of healthy nutrition.
  • Stress.

The most common of all conditions are known as female or male pattern baldness. This can be seen in receding hairlines and bald spots. People of all ages can be affected by this with cases seen as early as one’s 20’s.

A study by the Palacky University based in the Czech Republic found that more than 50% of men show signs of baldness by 50, and around 30% by 30. It can be hard to deal with this issue if one isn’t prepared. Luckily hair fibers are a noninvasive and easy to apply solution to improve the appearance of receding or even balding hair.

There’s even YouTube videos online from people who are bald who have used hair fibers for a full head of hair. You can see people go from having random patches of hair, to a realistic looking tapered or longer cut for men, or luxurious hair for women.

Alternative Hair Loss Solutions

Medications, ointments, hormones, and hair transplant surgery are different methods which are costlier and may give off side effects.

One treatment is a medication called Finasteride, which can lead to side effects such as:

  • Decreased libido, impotence, and ejaculation disorder.

The FDA has even given a warning that it can increase the risk of high-grade prostate cancer.

Another option is a surgical procedure known as a hair transplant. You take donor hair follicles from one part of the body to add to your scalp. Sedation is required because the procedure can be painful. It’s also not uncommon for there to be bald sports after the procedure, swelling in the scalp, and strangely enough also hiccups.

It can also be extremely costly with numbers up to $10,000 not being uncommon. Overall, it’s clear that hair fibers cost less, require less maintenance, and won’t cause an allergic reaction.


Thinning, bald, or patches of hair is something that most people will have to deal with at one point of their lives. It can be difficult to live like this for some, as it changes the way someone feels about  themselves.

Luckily, there are many solutions that are cheap and easy to apply such as the different hair fiber brands listed above.

Hair fibers offer many kinds of colors and depending on the brand, they can stay on until you shampoo and wash it out. Hair loss is a common problem that will affect people at some point of their lives. Hair fibers can provide the appearance of a full head of hair without the invasiveness of surgeries, hormones, or medications.

You no longer have to worry about hiding hair loss with a wig, toupee, comb over, or other costly or unsightly approaches. Both men and women can benefit from using hair fibers for realistic looking hair.

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Best Hair Fibers of 2016 – Don’t Buy Before You Read This!


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