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Can hydrafacial get rid of dark circles?


Do you feel bothered having dark circles under your eyes that will not fade away? Dark circles also give you a tired, somewhat aged appearance that could be more desirable. Fortunately, there is a skincare treatment which may help this problem, and it’s called HydraFacial. 

HydraFacial aims to refresh the patient’s facial skin by deep cleansing, peeling, and moisturising. Now that you know what HydraFacial entails continue reading to determine whether It is for your dark circles.

What are Dark Circles?

Eye bags are small black circles near the eyes. The common causes include sleep disorders, heredity, physiological changes, and allergies.

When you have less sleep, the skin turns weak, leading to the showing of blood vessels, especially in the area around the eyes. This has a genetic cause because some individuals are predisposed to forming dark circles compared to others.

What is HydraFacial?

HydraFacial incorporates cleansing, exfoliating, extracting, hydrating, and protecting skin from free radical damage. The treatment uses a pen with a small spiral on the end; it smartly pulls the skin and brings out the dirt before the final application of hydrating serums.

HydraFacial is safe for all skin types as it is not very abrasive. It helps the skin shed the dead layers and provides the new surface skin with all the essential nutrients required to give the skin a fresh and glowing look and feel.

HydraFacial Benefits For Skin Health

HydraFacial has some benefits for your skin, some of which are as follows.

  • It effectively washes the skin, bringing out the particles that need to be eliminated, and causing the pores to open.
  • This helps reduce wrinkle and line formation, thus making the skin look younger.
  • The hydration step uses water to help your skin recover its natural state of health and can also contribute to making skin shine.
  • The antioxidants in the serums counteract free radical damage to the skin.

Is It Possible to Get Rid of Dark Circles with HydraFacial?

HydraFacial treatment can minimise under-eye circles but cannot eliminate them. Thus, the treatment enhances the skin conditions, makes it more hydrated, and increases blood flow to the specific area. This can help to give the skin beneath your eyes a more awake and brightened appearance. 

Despite this, dark circles can be because of several factors, such as family history and advanced age, and therefore, the results will not necessarily be the same in all individuals. Nevertheless, HydraFacial is quite helpful, but it may work better when combined with other treatments or skincare regimens focusing on dark circles.

What are The Ingredients in HydraFacial Serums?

HydraFacial serums used in the procedure have beneficial properties for the skin. 

Some are hyaluronic acid, used for moisturisation; vitamin C for skin protection and whitening; and peptides for collagen synthesis.

Elements like peptides and vitamin C are helpful for dark circles. Peptides assist in firming the sensitive skin near the eyes, preventing the formation of dark circles. Vitamin C effectively lightens the skin and the evening out of pigmentation, thus making the dark circles less apparent. 

Other Treatment Options for Dark Circles:

Some eye creams, lasers, and chemical peels are used to treat dark circles.

  1. Eye creams commonly include caffeine and retinol, which reduce the swelling and darkness of the skin under our eyes.
  2. Phototherapy works on pigment areas and collagen formation.
  3. A chemical peel helps in skin shedding and illumination. It is less invasive than these treatments and requires no downtime, making it a good option. 

Tips for Maintaining Results

  • For the skin, you should use a mild cleansing lotion, use a moisturiser daily, and always use sunscreen to avoid LY grimace UV rays. 
  • To treat dark circles, one should purchase an eye cream which contains vitamin C or peptides. 
  • Ensure enough rest, take water and consume products containing all essential vitamins and minerals. 
  • Do not touch your eyes, especially avoid rubbing them and while applying creams or lotions on or around your eyes, be very gentle.

Book a Consultation!

HydraFacial can be helpful for treating dark circles under the eyes. Although it does not eliminate them, it improves the skin’s condition, and the area under your eyes appears lighter and less puffy. So, book your hydra facial at Royal Cosmetic Surgery and be amazed by the results!

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Can hydrafacial get rid of dark circles?