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Don’t let your concentration split

Exactly when you sit to work, your cell phone dings, then you start feeling hungry, and then out of nowhere, you remember that old series where the hero dies. That’s all, “your work has been successfully terminated“.

Concentration split. It often happens when working. Half of our mind is here and the other half is wandering somewhere else. You fight with your own thoughts to keep it all together. Sometimes you succeed and sometimes you fail.

Your mind is like water, just a drop can send ripples all over. But when you need to work and you can’t seem to concentrate no matter what, what should you do?

I have a couple of techniques to deal with that rut you are going through. I know, you want to work but you can’t bring your mind in control. Most of the time and for most people, our mind controls us, not otherwise. But you can try to discipline your mind a little.

It is difficult, I agree, but we can find a way out. Just stick to this article until the end.

I’m also like you, when I’m writing a blog I want to work on my Spanish and when I’m practicing Spanish I want to watch the drama I started recently, and if I start watching the drama I immediately feel guilty to not be working at that moment. Ah, the guilt, I can’t even begin to explain how bad it makes me feel.

Can you relate to me? Or is it just me? Please tell me it’s not just me.

Anyway, So as I was saying I have two techniques that I follow to make myself feel better during such fickle-minded days.


Create a commitment

First off, I write down all the things that I want to get done on that day. Yes, a to-do list. This creates Commitment to what should be done. Also, helps not to forget any important work that needs your attention.

And next, when I feel distracted, I set some minimal time to work on it, and then I’ll move on to the next thing. Like for example, if I’m practicing Spanish and I’m distracted. I tell myself “Just one hour”.  In that one hour, there’s a possibility of creating some connection with what you’re doing and you may even want to continue it for more than an hour.

Again, this is also a commitment.

See, even now I just came here to make a few edits that’s all but I ended up writing this whole article and publishing it.

No procrastination zone

Lastly, we procrastinate even the tiniest of tiny tasks, like sending an email or making your bed. We tell ourselves “maybe later” and that “later” never comes until it’s absolutely necessary. So if a job can be done in 5 minutes or less, do it now. Now is the right time. Always remember that.

This one simple rule will take off so much stress and workload. Try and see it for yourself.

That’s all.

I benefitted so much from these techniques to improve my productivity. We expect Motivation to work, and if we don’t feel motivated we push everything aside. But that’s just not right. Just stay committed to your work rather than expecting to be motivated first.

Commitment stays longer than motivation, in my opinion. And if I’m not wrong, that commitment you make itself can become your motivation. So don’t sit around waiting for your motivation, create your motivation.


Nos vemos Otra Vez.

Lots of LOVE,


(Penname: Sarvani)

Thank you for your time

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Don’t let your concentration split


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