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Thigh Toner Versus Hip & Buttocks Thigh Exerciser

I’ve got two pieces of equipment to review with you: one is the Thigh Toner and the other is the pelvic hip and buttocks exerciser.

Feel free to check out the video version below.

Here’s an excerpted transcript from the video.

So I’m going to talk about both of these and which one I think is the better buy, depending upon what you’re looking for.

Let me first talk about what they’re made of. The hip and buttocks exerciser is made of metal. It’s covered with a very thick, durable plastic.

The Thigh toner is a little bit different. It’s very lightweight, and it is covered in foam. In other words, it’s basically a piece of plastic with some foam on it.

The hip and buttocks exerciser has a little roller so that you can increase or decrease the tension. I haven’t found that to be really helpful. The thigh toner doesn’t have anything like it. Instead, it has a fixed setting. That’s all you get. There’s no changing the tension.

For both pieces of equipment, you put them in between your legs and squeeze. For the hip and buttocks exerciser, it’s designed to help strengthen the muscles in your pelvic area and your inner thigh, buttocks, hips. The thigh toner is designed for your thighs. But it depends on the exercises that you’re doing.

Here’s why I think the thigh toner is actually the better product. The main reason has to do with the range of motion and the options that you can do with the thigh toner over the hip and buttocks exerciser.

With the hip and buttocks exerciser, what you see is about what you get. It has a smaller range of motion. Although you may be able to increase the tension on it, it requires you to really focus and squeeze. But in the end, look at how much work you’re going to be doing…just a tiny bit of work.

With the thigh toner, you’ve got a full range of motion. So your legs can start out very wide apart. And if you slow it down, you’re not only getting the contraction when you’re squeezing it, but you’re also feeling that tension when you bring it back out.

Ultimately, you get more of a workout with the thigh toner. That range of motion that you get, look at that…that counts. But the other thing I want to say about the thigh toner is that there are other exercises that you can do with this. Besides just your legs, you can bring this equipment up to your upper body and do some exercises with it that way as well.

So let’s discuss one of the first upper body moves that you can do with this and it doesn’t even require anything extra. You’ve already got it.

You bought it for your thighs, but I’m going to share with you a couple of other ways that you can use the thigh toner. First of all, hold the thigh toner up next to your chest and turn the thigh toner outward so that you get the full range of motion here. Then squeeze.

You want it working across your pecs. You’re squeezing. But you’re not just letting it bounce back, you’re controlling the movement when you open it back up. That’s your first exercise. Note that you cannot really do anything like that with a hip and buttocks exerciser.

You might be able to do something small, maybe some pulse moves with it, but that’s going to be about it.

For the next exercise, you can also take the thigh toner and put it under your arm. I recommend that you do hold it in place. However, you don’t have to. And then you are going to bring your arm down to your side. Complete a set and then you just switch it to the other side. You can figure out how many repetitions you need for each set.

Now you have two exercises that you can do with the thigh toner: the chest press and sidearm press. There are also many more exercises that you can do with the thigh toner. Consequently, my suggestion would be to purchase the thigh toner instead of the hip and buttocks exerciser. But it’s not just the additional exercises, it’s also the range of motion that you’re getting when you squeeze.

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Thigh Toner Versus Hip & Buttocks Thigh Exerciser


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