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Is It Safe to Vape CBD?

You may have heard about CBD…

Whether it is mentioned on the news, from your friends, or even on mainstream television, CBD is becoming more popular every day.

Vape pens are a great way to use CBD. They’re convenient, fast—because you get the benefits of the CBD just as fast as you would if you were smoking it—and as Vape pen enthusiasts will tell you, a healthier alternative to smoking because it’s free of tar and carcinogens.

Everything in life has some risk, even  Not doing anything is a risk. So what are those risks for Vaping CBD.

What is cbd exactly?

CBD is also known as Cannabidiol and is one of the many healthy cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant.

Because CBD comes from the cannabis plant, its use in society is often controversial and the center of attention for news stories and everyday conversation. 

However, doctors, scientists, and researchers have made careers out of demonstrating the benefits of CBD and how it can help a person cope with the struggles of daily life.

CBD has been cited by medical professionals to help with issues such as epilepsy, anxiety, insomnia, as well as in some extreme cases, even cancer.

There’s an important distinction to make between CBD oil tinctures and CBD oil made for inhalation. CBD oral tinctures are oil-based whereas Cbd Vape oil is not. Now let’s take a look at the types of CBD oil that are suitable for vaping.


Yes, you can vape CBD oil.

There are many different application methods for using and consuming CBD products ranging from sublingual absorption, transdermal absorption, digestion of edibles, and inhalation, also known as vaping.

Vaping CBD oil is a smokeless, low temperature method of inhaling CBD vape oil.  There are potential CBD vape oil benefits depending on the individual, their certain circumstances, and individual health goals.

  • CBD Vape Juice – CBD made for vaping is sometimes referred to as “CBD vape oil”, but it doesn’t contain any actual oil. A more appropriate name for it is CBD vape juice or CBD distillate. Food grade ingredients, so they can also be taken orally, but are very different from oil-based tinctures. It contains PG, VG, CBD extract, terpenes and cannabinoids.
  • CBD Cartridges – Similar to THC oil cartridges, these are slim disposable e-cig tanks filled with CBD e-juice. Contains pure CBD isolate, made using a CO2 extraction method. They connect to a standard 510 battery and provide an easy entry into vaping CBD. There are also cartridges, known as pods, that are compatible with popular devices like the JUUL.
  • CBD Vape Pen – Similar to CBD cartridges, these are slim disposable e-cig filled with CBD e-juice. Contains pure CBD isolate, made using a CO2 extraction method. They ready to use and provide an easy entry into vaping CBD.


Hemp and hemp derived CBD products were made federally legal under The 2018 Farm Bill, but it is important to check with your local state and city regulations to ensure legality.

Us CBD Legalization Map


  • Fast Acting. Inhalation of cannabinoids has a typical onset of 1-3 minutes with a lasting duration of 1-3 hours. This is particularly important for those who are using CBD for fast acting purposes, such as in the case of a panic or anxiety attack.
  • Potentially Less Toxic. Compared to smoking raw flower or nicotine containing products, vaping CBD may contain less carcinogenic or toxic byproducts, depending on the product you are using.
  • Dosing Accuracy. CBD Oil is that vape oil can be dosed fairly accurately in comparison to alternative oral consumption methods. This is especially important when using CBD for therapeutic health purposes (link to CBD class).
  • Cannabinoid Retention. Compared to smoking, vaping leaves a much higher, ranging from a 60-90% cannabinoid retention rate. This means there is less waste of valuable cannabinoids from vaping rather than smoking.

Is Vaping CBD Safe? The Effects on Your Health:

1. The long-term studies haven’t been done—and anyone with lung issues should avoid it.

“The biggest benefit of vaping CBD is it has a quick onset of action, within 5 to 10 minutes. You can also titrate the dose very effectively when vaping, which can be tougher with a sublingual or oral application. If you are going to vape, the best ones are products where ethanol or CO2 is used as the solvent to extract the CBD. There are some potential drawbacks. There are no long-term safety studies on vaporization, so the long-term effects are still unknown. And anyone who has lung issues, such as asthma or COPD should absolutely avoid vaping as it can exacerbate those issues.” Jon Mitchell, PA-C, certified physician assistant and functional medicine health consultant

2. Vaping is good for quick pain relief as long as you’re a discerning shopper.

The quality of hemp and CBD products is the most important aspect of safety and effectiveness in any type of delivery, especially vaping because of the direct contact to the throat and lungs. Look for a product that is made from the whole plant, which provides full-spectrum cannabinoids as opposed to CBD isolate, which doesn’t have as much benefit and can be difficult to trace the source and safety. Choose products made by CO2 extraction because that’s the cleanest processing method for vaping cartridges and does not produce added chemicals.

Why are lab tests so important?

Lab tests are conducted to verify cannabinoid content, THC levels, residual solvents and contaminants. Always make sure they’re up to date (preferably from within the last nine months) and are from a credible lab. You might feel intimidated when looking at some of the technical data in the report. Don’t worry, the THC and CBD levels are usually bold and easy to identify. You want to look for “Max Active THC” and “Max Active CBD” to determine the levels of THC and CBD. They are generally represented in “mg per mL,” “mg per bottle,” and as an overall percentage, which is useful for calculating dosages.


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Ingredients: All Natural CBD Isolate, Terpenes, Natural Food Grade Flavoring

Vaporized CBD oil is smoke-free and easily absorbed by the body to ensure fast-acting relief. Our 1000mg disposable Vape Cartridge is designed to be a quick and effective way to administer your CBD.

Is vaping the only way to use CBD?

Vaping CBD is not the only way to take it, but it happens to be one of the best. There are many other alternatives such as oral tinctures, CBD drinks, CBD isolate powder, and CBD capsules and edibles.


Just remember, research suggests that vaping is not 100% safe, so before you jump on the bandwagon, it’s important that you know what the risks are associated with the activity. 

It is likely that you have seen many CBD vape oil products on the market, but there are important factors to take into consideration before purchasing one.

For a product that is going to be inhaled into the lungs – it is critical that you are 100% sure the product you are using is safely manufactured.

These days there is a CBD vape shop on every corner – but that does not mean the products they are selling are automatically safe.

There is still no regulation or safety standard for CBD products on the market today, and oftentimes the person working the counter has limited knowledge about important safety considerations.

Many CBD vape oils come in a variety of flavors, but I encourage my clients to avoid these products. When using CBD oil for therapeutic health purposes, there is no room for artificial flavorings or ingredients.

This is time-consuming and not always possible when shopping in a busy store. Thankfully, I have done some research for you and found a product that meets my safety and quality standards.

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Is It Safe to Vape CBD?


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