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How Long does it take for CBD to work?

CBD has recently been in the headlines with sprays, edibles, and oils containing this mild mind-altering ingredient. Being advertised as a solution for many ailments, from stress to PTSD, our CBD products are known for being more welcoming naturally than other hemp-derived products. If you’re new to CBD or a seasoned veteran, understanding how it operates in the human body is critical for a good experience. Let’s take a look at how long it takes for CBD to work for the average person.

What is CBD?

Before we get into the nuances of CBD, it’s best to define what CBD is. CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is a molecule found in the cannabis plant. Most people are familiar with this plant because it’s usually referred to as marijuana. However, contrary to conventional tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD products have little to no THC, making it more encouraging to use for a range of health concerns. While tests are still in process for CBD effects, users claim that results are milder than THC, which is more encouraging overall. For more information on CBD, you can find more information on you and your endocannabinoid system and CBD. 

Factors That Affect CBD Absorption

CBD offers a calming effect for a person, which is why it’s been added to many products today. How long does it take for CBD to work? There are several factors to consider first.

The human body must absorb the CBD molecules before they can create an effect on the body. Three main factors influence the length of time between taking the CBD and feeling it.

Body Weight

If you’re a slim person, CBD may be short-lived in your system. The molecule is fat-soluble, which means that it ultimately stores in fat cells. More fatty tissue will hold more CBD, which leads to a slightly longer experience with this ingredient.


Taking a higher dose of CBD will create a more intense experience that lasts longer. Ideally, taking the recommended amount of CBD for the product’s type is always a safe idea. However, as it’s subjective to the user – we recommend taking a small dosage and gradually increasing over time. Starting, we recommend taking a look at our CBD Dosage chart – to ensure you get a great experience every time. 


A person with a fast metabolism, such as an athletic individual, will have a shorter CBD experience. Your metabolism reflects how fast you burn energy. People with slower metabolisms will see a vast experience as a result of their body chemistry.

How Each Different CBD Method Feels Like

How long does it take for CBD to work? The time varies when you consider the method of intake. Feeling an effect is subjective, but most research points to a specific range of times when you’ll feel the CBD in your body.

CBD Vapes

Our CBD Vapes brings the product directly to your mucous membranes, such as the mouth, throat, and lungs. The bloodstream is adjacent to these tissues, which allows the CBD to be rapidly absorbed. The blood delivers the CBD to the brain, and the chemical reactions can start working from there. As a result, you might feel the effects after only 15 minutes.

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CBD Edibles

CBD edibles, such as our CBD gummies, can take almost two hours to offer their full effect. The absorption into the body must work on digesting the food while allowing the CBD to enter the bloodstream through the stomach and intestines. It’s important to note that digesting CBD is the slowest way to feel the effects. CBD edibles come in many shapes and sizes, from brownies to even lollipops.

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CBD Capsules

Our CBD capsules must also move through the digestive system to work within the body. However, these capsules may have more concentrated ingredients than edibles. With this fact in mind, pills may take around one hour for their full effects. Experimenting with gradually more capsules may give you a better idea of how CBD impacts your experience.

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It’s essential to note; every person will experience CBD in their way. How long does it take for CBD to work? In the end, you’ll need to make that determination for yourself. CBD remains a simple solution for many people as they go about their days. Since the mild-mind-altering effects are more appealing to consumers, CBD has raved the market to do its natural health benefits and relatively more encouraging effects. Whether you prefer the CBD Vape Cartridges or our CBD Flowers, you can always find your next product at Knockout CBD today. 

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How Long does it take for CBD to work?


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