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Top Reasons Why CBD Might Not Work for You

With CBD being at the forefront of hemp-derived products, it’s easy to see why. From the mild mind-inducing effects to the convenience in our CBD Capsules, CBD enthusiasts rave over the Natural Health Benefits – all while enjoying to their preference. Where there are more than 7 facts about CBD that you didn’t know, choosing a CBD ingestion method is now easier than ever. However – for some, this is entirely irrelevant. Whether it be from not noticing the effects or expecting a different result, let’s look at 7 reasons why CBD might not be working for you. 

1. Not from a Reputable Source

With any hemp-derived product, it’s always an excellent recommendation that the consumer does their thorough research. However, with the nuances of CBD, it’s easy to get mixed up with the different vocabulary and industry jargon. While you can always find how CBD affects You & Your Endocannabinoid System, our CBD is made from the highest quality material to ensure a safe experience. 

Further, by proactively assuring the highest quality ingredients, our Knockout CBD lab results ensure that you know what you’re getting with every product. With any mind-altering consumable, the last thing that you would want is any impurities from a faulty brand. Premium and trusted by many, our Knockout CBD Shop has a wide range of CBD products catered to the community. From our conventional CBD tinctures to our CBD Flowers, you can always find your next preferred CBD product today. 

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2. Improper Dosage 

While it’s subjective to the consumer, CBD dosage is always of high consideration. As with anything you consume, you can warrant unwanted effects by taking too much of the product. On the other hand, not taking enough can feel as if there’s no effect at all. While our CBD dosage chart has a detailed breakdown of considerations, a few important considerations are as follows: 

  • Consumer’s weight
  • Concentration of CBD
  • Consumer’s Body Chemistry
  • The severity of the condition you are treating

3. Different Delivery Method

With notes of different effects, the ingestion method has varying effects for individuals. As our CBD Vape Cartridges ingests through inhaling the CBD vapor, the inhalation method has shown to deliver the CBD faster to the bloodstream. On the contrary, where our CBD gummies digest through eating the product, users note that it takes longer to feel the effects. A part of the top reasons why CBD might not work for you, trying a more preferred method of delivery could change your entire idea of the effects on CBD. 

4. Mixing it with Different Products

With CBD being a mild mind-altering product, we highly recommend not mixing this product with others. Where CBD comes in different variations such as Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, and Isolate – the manufacturing process with our transparent lab results ensure that you know what you’re getting with each dosage. However, when you mix it with another mind-altering product, we cannot determine the compounding effects. Whether this is the intended preference or a completely new experience, assuring responsibility should always take precedence. 

5. Expecting Different Effects

Mostly for its natural health benefits, it’s important to note that CBD reacts with you in different ways. For example, with 3.1% of the U.S. population affected by anxiety, this percentage only increases – especially in these trying times. While commonly used to treat anxiety, CBD shows a mild mind-inducing alleviation with no psychoactive effects. 

Determining what we’re treating with CBD will ultimately provide an optimal amount of CBD to ingest. Which, in terms, will give the consumer a clear picture of what to expect for intensity. Contrary to THC, CBD will not provide the psychoactive effects – but its common usage is for mild and more comfortable alleviation of unneeded stress. 

6. No Immediate Results

While all contingent on your dosage and body chemistry, some users claim that they can’t immediately feel the effects of CBD. While we can’t determine the optimal amount to ingest, it’s essential to dose slowly – where you’re able to find the preferred dosage. Being patient with any mind-altering product is highly recommended. 

However, some consumers have noted that the effects don’t come immediately with the proper dosage. In this scenario, we suggest trying a different method of ingestion. For example, if you’re okay with trying our CBD Vape Pens, the vapor is absorbed quickly into your bloodstream by inhalation. All contingent on your personal preference, there are plenty of options to find the optimal CBD ingestion method.

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7. CBD is not for you. 

While we have listed top reasons why CBD might not work for you, the last and most subjective reason – perhaps, CBD is not for you. Whether you prefer a more intense feeling or it doesn’t give you what you anticipated, CBD’s natural health benefits are just not for some. While we recommend being patient in your dosage and determining what you’re taking CBD for – the choice to use CBD is ultimately up to you. Nonetheless, if you’re a new CBD user or a seasoned veteran, you can always find your next product in our CBD shop today. 

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Top Reasons Why CBD Might Not Work for You


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