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In today’s world, a significant number of people are suffering from high cholesterol-related diseases. And, it is not a rocket science to understand the presence of cholesterol in one’s body can easily affect their lifestyle, especially the heart. It is very important to learn the relation between cholesterol and heart disease. Dr J P S Sawhney, Chairman Department of Cardiology at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, in an exclusive interview with Famhealth, answered various common and complicated questions related to cholesterol. Since we believe each and every person out there, unaware of such things, must know and understand all such points. So, here are the questions that were asked to Dr J P S Sawhney: What exactly is Cholesterol? How important and detrimental it is? Cholesterol is no doubt one of the major risk factors in any heart disease. In order to understand it simply, it is a fatty substance that circulates in the blood vessels. The bad cholesterol, known as LDL cholesterol, gets deposited on the artery walls and causing the artery to block, which in turn causes a heart attack or stroke. The good cholesterol, also known as HDL cholesterol, removes the LDL deposited on the artery walls. Cholesterol, in general, is a normal constituent of the human body. Each and every body cell, be it the brain cells, growth hormones, sex hormones, and all other cells require cholesterol. Even a new-born baby has around 40-50 mg LDL cholesterol present in its body. It is important for every individual to keep a check on LDL levels. It should be less than 100 mg in any case. If an individual is suffering from any type of heart disease, in that case, LDL cholesterol should not exceed 70 mg. Around 80% of the total cholesterol present in the body is generated by the liver and 20% cholesterol gets imported through the diet. Food items that carry cholesterol are generally animal products, such as milk, eggs, and meat. So, it is important to maintain a balance in this diet. Maintaining a better lifestyle increases HDL cholesterol and improves the quality of LDL cholesterol. Initially, it was a known fact in the science world, that oily food items cause heart diseases, but now the latest studies are showing that sugar is the major cause of heart disease rather than fat. The food items carrying a high amount of sugar and carbohydrates increase the triglyceride levels, decreases HDL cholesterol levels, reduces the size of LDL cholesterol, changes the HDL: LDL ratio, and causes a blockage. However, in case of saturated fats, if you are consuming 10% of saturated fats, monounsaturated fatty acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids, it does not have any adverse effects on your health. So, high intake of sugar and carbohydrates is a major cause of artery blockage rather than saturated fats. What is the best course of action for maintaining low LDL cholesterol? The best way to maintain low LDL cholesterol is to exercise. Every nutrient present in the body has a U-shape curve. Be it sugar, salt, oil, potassium, or any other nutrient, high intake has its own problems whereas low intake has its own effects. So, it is important to balance the intake. However, when it comes to toxic elements, such as LDL cholesterol, pollution, smoking, etc. carry a linear relation. The more your intake, the more it harms. So, it is important to minimize intake as much as possible. People should understand the role of diet in heart health. It is important to consume more and more natural food items. Today, the market is full of refined food products, but they are not good for health. So, take care of your diet and take care of your health!
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