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How To Start Your Fitness Journey

There is a lot of trepidation about how to start a Fitness Journey. It is a new range of habits and lifestyle – which means it can be exciting too!

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Of course, one of the early stages is going to be setting goals. And then you need to put action behind your intentions. It helps if you have friends who are also doing the same thing, but if you don’t, you can do this completely solo. 

You could look into personal training options which many people find help them through the initial trepidation of starting a Fitness journey. 

Think of starting at your fitness journey like starting a business. Before you launch your business, you will do plenty of research. You will find what is right for you, and what isn’t. Ensuring that you choose a path that makes sense for you. 

Only taking on things that you can fit in. And in the case of business, while you would lose money if you made a mistake when it comes to fitness, you could harm yourself. 

It is also possible to get into a terrible cycle of yo-yo dieting and working out too hard, then being exhausted and not working out at all. And you can also damage your internal mechanisms, like your metabolism.

So if you are ready to start your fitness journey in the right way here are some points for you to consider.

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Look at the Numbers

It becomes effortless to focus on the numbers of the scales. But that is not the only number that you need to pay attention to. Consider fat as nothing more than the energy that you have stored up ready for this journey. And think about the calories in your food as extra units of energy. 

If you wish to maintain your weight, you’re going to have to consume and burn the same calories over the day. This is important to remember that when people are on a fitness journey, it is not always about losing light, sometimes it is about building muscle and putting weight on. 

And the golden rule for any weight loss is to make sure that you only need 1200 cal or less for women, and 1600 cal a day for men. Make sure you understand your personal numbers.

Fitness Plan to Start Your Fitness Journey

You aren’t required to work out all day, and you are required to go to the gym if you don’t want to. Nobody is telling you that you need to have an incredibly hard work out. But you do need to ensure that you are working out at least four times a week. For a 30 minutes minimum. If you are an extreme beginner, then starting to walk for 20 minutes a day will increase your fitness incredibly. 

And it will help you shed pounds without putting in too much effort. But when you’ve moved on from those walks, it’s time to think about what you would like to try. Would you like to do weights, what about swimming? Would you like to do a combination of things? 

There are so many different fitness techniques that can get great results. But if you don’t enjoy them then not going to have a positive impact that fitness journey should have. You can try everything from yoga to spinning. It’s all out there, and you can try any of it.

Food Quality

The quality of the food that you consume will play a part over time on your fitness journey. If you are overeating sugar, A lot of preservatives and processed food then you will find you will not get the results that you hoped for. When you talk about the quality of your diet, this is not just about micro, macro, gluten and carbs. 

It’s about stripping back all of the excess and eating as organically as you can. Avoiding chemical foods wherever possible, means that you are only putting the best fuel sources into your body.


A problem that many people who start working out have is that they want to do everything correctly. And the problem is that real life is rarely perfect. In some cases, this will set people up for failure. You must know that somedays you’re going to fall off the wagon, and even if you’ve been avoiding carbs for months, you might really decide you want to eat a pancake. 

Or you might not feel well enough to exercise for a few days. So think about it this way of balance. Some days will not work out as well as others, but neither of those should impact your long-term goals. It is essential that you also don’t deprive yourself, and when you are exhausted, do some light exercise like walking or yoga. There is plenty of room for less healthy foods, and rest breaks if your overall lifestyle is healthy.

Support to Start Your Fitness Journey

Something that many people find discourages them is when they are going to the gym, classes, or doing everything alone. Having a supportive team is essential. You might have a family member who is also really interested in doing a specific sport type; this is an excellent opportunity to go as a duo and try that out. 

Perhaps you have a friend who is really trying to get onto a keto or vegan or a carb-free diet. If the diet suits you to, you can find a way to support each other. There are many places that you can find support, it is a case of looking. 

And of course, the most significant support is likely to come from your personal trainer, as they will be invested in your progress from the very beginning.


Although it was mentioned above, it is essential not to try to do too much too soon. You should also accept that getting better at each of the sports or activities that you choose will take time. And it will take time for you to really see the results of your actions. 

Having two great weeks will likely show you some effects on the scales and within your clothes, but this might not be enough for other people to notice. 

But within 12 weeks if you carry on, then you will see that many people have noticed a marked difference in your appearance. And it is not just weight, when you choose a more healthy lifestyle, your skin and hair will also look different. 

Working out and eating nutritional food will give your skin a very particular glow. And people will notice that to not to mention that you will just be generally happier as you are reaching your goals.

Try to be relaxed and quite fluid when it comes to everything you choose to do and don’t be afraid to try exciting exercise opportunities. 

Yoga and weightlifting, although the most common isn’t for everybody. You might find that a team sport like football on a Saturday morning is exactly what you need. And most importantly remember if you don’t like something about your fitness journey. 

You have the freedom to change it and move forward. You will get there in the end, with healthy goals and lean into your motivation.

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How To Start Your Fitness Journey


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