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Ways to Cure Your Headache Without Any Medication

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According to the World Health Organization, nearly half the normal population has a headache in any given year, and more than 90 percent of people report a headache at some point in their lifetime.

Although this does not mean that you have to work with them.

The first choice of Pain relief is over-the-counter options such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen, which is easy to obtain and can quickly remove some headaches, that is because they contain an enzyme in the body associated with the production of prostaglandin molecules Block them. Pain and inflammatory responses included.

But you do not want to pop them as candy. Taking NSAIDs like adware can often lead to stomach problems such as stomach upset or gastrointestinal bleeding Apart from this, OTC headaches can lose their effectiveness over time, causing a “rebound headache” that inspires you to take as many medicines as possible to get the same relief. It can make a vicious circle.

So you might want to try a more natural route to reduce your headache instead. Instead, try these natural headaches treatment.

Drinking water removes headache

Drinking Water

Dehydration is a very common cause for headache,

When there is not enough fluid in your body, your blood volume decreases. This not only reduces the amount of oxygen-rich blood circulating in your brain, but it can also be a reason to temporarily compress the brain slightly.

This can cause stiffness, as well as low oxygen, pain. So if you keep your hydration level equal, then you can reduce the pain due to lack of blood flow.

Get rid of headache by changing your food.

With allergic or intolerance, you can make an inflammatory reaction because your immune system works to handle “attacker”, which can cause some swelling in the brain, causing headache.

According to the doctors most common foods that are related to a migraine, red wine, chocolate, dark beers, daily meats, and old things. (Basically, whatever you love.)

For a few weeks, remove them from your diet and then start them one by one, this can give you some information about whether they are the factors. For example, if the headache persists even after finishing the food for a few weeks, then you know that it is not a criminal and you can keep it in your diet.

Better sleep helps get rid of headache

Better Sleeping-Sleep

Pain researchers found that rats deprived of deep sleep showed changes in important proteins that suppress old pain.

Although this study was done on animals, the conclusions are in line with other research, which showed the relation between bad sleep and headache among people.

According to the National Institute of Health, there is a ton of work in your mind considering your mind. Sleep is necessary for many brain functions, including removal of toxic substances and maintenance of communication routes and nerve cells. Bad sleep cannot only cause headaches, but also increase the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, depression and obesity, NIH notes. So make sure you get recommended from seven to nine hours per night.

Get rid of headache by taking chill moments

Chill Time

Drown in stress? You can priming yourself for headache. Stress is a huge trigger for stress headache, the most common type of headache, which is characterized by dull pain and stiffness, has been found in a study in neurology. You still can not create traffic stand or control your micro-management-wi boss, but you can take out 10 minutes of your day. Quiet time, even if it is running under the road or playtime with your puppy, can help in reducing stress, and in return, playing with a bang in your head.


sweating by Running

A study of people suffering from a stress headache, neck pain, and migraines found that exercise of 45 minutes three times a week greatly reduced all symptoms. People had a migraine less often, and when they had them, they were less painful and did not last long. Go ahead, dust the running snacks.

Doctor about your headache


If there is relief from natural remedies and OTC pain, then it cannot be time to make a trick,

If you say that you have not had any headaches before and now they are getting continuously, then I will get tested.

Dito to change your normal headache type. For example, you can always have tight, stressed headaches that come and go, but now they are not going away. Or do you have other symptoms, such as “floaters” in your eyes, which often indicates a migraine?

If you have a severe neck or fever as well as a headache, it may be a sign of infection,

The worst case? Your headache can actually be a sign of a mini-stroke if it is accompanied by confusion, fuzzy vision, weakness or memory loss.

But in general, headache is very common, and most likely, you are dealing with some minor like stress, poor sleep, dehydration, or food sensitivity. Whatever problem you are facing, you are trying to reach the root of the issue – the cause of your headache – can help prevent them from crawling back.

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Ways to Cure Your Headache Without Any Medication


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