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basics of nutrition


Nutrition!! now where should i begin, this is a very wide topic and has a lot of factors and concepts embedded in it and to make things even more complicated there are many methods for achieving the exact same thing but as i always say each and every Body is different and if a thing is working for your friend that doesn’t mean that it will also work for you the same way. But in this blog we’ll talk about the basics of nutrition that are universal for everyone and maybe we’ll talk in depth in coming blogs Nutrition in a nutshell is the way you eat your food to attain a certain health level or to change your physique all together, which basically means eating according to your goal whether you want to lose fat or to gain weight, nutrition is the key to your transformation. Now, my school of taught is all you need to focus on is calories and macros to change your physique i’ll explain more on my school of thought in a different blog.

But for now let’s focus on calories and macros,

calories, what are those?

Everything that you eat has some calories some foods are calorie dense and others are very low calorie foods and every food is divided into three categories that is protein( believe you might have heard a lot about this word if you workout) carbohydrates and fats.
Now all three have very different purpose and tasks, and have very different caloric ratios. so protein and carb both have 4 calories per gram and fat have 9 calories per gram

lets discuss more of those bellow.


Protein’s is a bodybuilders best friend as, protein’s main task is to do muscle synthesis in your body which basically means when you train hard in the gym protein is the macro-nutrient that helps your muscle to recover for another workout and repairs all the torn muscle fibers, which basically means building more muscle as you train,

so how much protein is required

to be honest it depends on your own body and how your body reacts to protein as some people can gain lean mass while eating very less protein and some require quite a bit amount of protein just to maintain there gains  so the exact amount of protein that everyone will say is about 0.8 gram of protein per pound of body weight or twice the weight in kilos, but i think 0.6 per pound or 30-40% of your total calorific intake is enough to build a good physique.

foods rich in protein

  • all the non-veg source contains quite a bit amount of protein
  • like chicken, egg, mutton, beef, dairy and etc.
  • but when it comes to vegan source its very tough to find a good source of protein and there are no clean source of protein(contains a lot of carbs)
  • like soy, lentils(or dal), beans like kidney beans or rajma and all the other beans and lentils contains quite a bit of protein. 
  • nuts like peanut.
  • all fatty seed source that are gonna show up in good fat source.
  • and of course the staple whey protein.


Carbohydrates a.k.a. ‘CARBS’ many of the fitness influencers consider Carbs as the absolute enemy for human body which is not exactly true, carbs is your body’s main source of energy, so all your organs and especially your brain relies on carbs to push you through the day so limiting your carbs is not a great idea according to me and many other experts, unless or until you are carb sensitive or nothing else is working on your body, but then also it is never recommended to be on a very low carb diet for more than 2 months straight.

Now carbs can be divided in two types as Simple carbs which contains very high amounts of simple sugar that your body digest very quickly and Complex carbs which does not contain much of simple sugars and takes a bit of time to digest, if i just keep on explaining this it will get very tedious and long so read about carbs and how much you require on a day to day basis in depth in other blogs.

for now just remember you need at least 2 gram of carb per pound body weight or 40-50% of your total caloric intake.

sources of good quality carbs

good quality not always means complex carbs,it totally depend on your own body or the time that your are taking it.
  • first of all rice, as many Indians might think that it is bad but these the best source of carbs that you could have and not roti or wheat products.
  • sweet potato
  • corn
  • mainly all the veggies and some fruits
  • oats are another classic source of good quality cabs.
  • and you might get an idea about others.


Now let’s get down to fats, when people start their fitness journey they think that fat is there main enemy and if they consume zero fat they will become slim and trim which i also used to think when i started my fitness journey but after sometime i understood that healthy fats are the most important stuff for your body and fats are the main recipient that are responsible for hormone production and fats are also important for your joints health so going no fat won’t make you slim it’ll only make you even worse, as your hormonal profile will get imbalanced and you will suffer severe joint injuries in coming times.

good quality fats are also necessary to burn off excess fat from your body, you can learn that in a different blog.

why fats are inmportant

  • good joint health
  • better hormonal profile
  • to stay full for a long time after eating meals
  • for better skin and healthy organs

source of good quality fats

  • nuts like almonds, cashew, peanuts, walnuts etc
  • egg yoke is very good quality of fat
  • fish 
  • some seeds like sunflower seed, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, flax seeds and other healthy seeds.
  • omega supplements
  • avocado, olives and other fatty veggies.
  • coconut oil, olive oil and ghee.
  • dairy like milk and paneer.

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basics of nutrition


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