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Think Outside the Box

Think Outside the Box is a metaphor that means Thinking from a different, unconventional, or new perspective. This phrase often refers to novel or creative thinking.

What Does ‘’Think Outside the Box’’ Mean?

One of the most popular phrases in the business world is ‘’Think Outside the Box’’. It is understood to mean thinking creatively, freely, and in a straightforward way. It’s the kind of thinking that in an age of increasingly powerful algorithms and neural networks is gaining traction. For now, these are the kind of things that machines can’t do well.

A hypothetical story of the origin of the term is actually a great example of what this kind is, and why it is needed. As the story goes, management advisory groups began using a special puzzle called the ‘’No Dot Puzzle’’ in the 1960s and 70s, called Sam Lloyd’s 1914 book ‘’Cyclopedia of Puzzles’’. They will present the diagram below with the following instructions.

Using four straight lines or less, all 9points without lifting the link, without lifting the pen without tracing the same line more than once.

The most referenced solution appears below. It only uses 4 lines.

See where the ‘’Outside of the Box’’ comes from? There is no instruction to stay in a box, but our minds have tried to make a box there, and an immediate hurdle has been put in place minds have tried to make a box there, and an immediate hurdle has been put in place.

11 ways to think outside the Box:

Think outside the Box all the time, but how do we do that? How do we develop the ability to Deal with problems in addition to the ways in which we usually deal with anxiety? How do we develop the ability to look at things differently than we normally would? Think outside the box starts well before we are boxing, that is before we face a unique situation and begin to force it into a familiar ‘’box’’ that we need to deal with. Already know or at least think that we know how to deal with it.

Here are 11 ways to improve your Out-Of-The-box thinking skills. Try to push your thinking every time and beyond the next time, your abilities can be developed when you are faced with a situation where everyone knows how to solve it.

  • Study another industry:

I have learned so much from my educational theory about teaching reading to learn about marketing. Go to library selected trade magazines in the industry yourself, or get some books from the library, and learn about how things are done in other industries.

  • Learn about another religion:

Religions are the way in which human beings organize and understand their relationships not only with the supernatural or the Devine but also with each other. Knowing how to form such relationships teaches you a lot about how people relate to each other and the world around them.

  • Take a Class:

Learning a new topic will not only teach you a new set of facts and figures, but it will also teach you a new way of looking at and understanding the societies of your daily life or the society or natural world in which you live. How will you help to exacerbate these problems and how do you see the potential solutions being explored.

  • Read a novel in an unfamiliar genre:

Reading is a great mental stimulus in our society, but it is easy to get confused. Try reading something you’ve never missed, if you read liberty fiction, try a mystery or science fiction novel. If you read a lot of hard-boiled spy novels, try romance and so on. Pay attention not only to the story but also to the special issues facing the author.

  • Write a poem:

While most problem-solving leans heavily on our brain’s logical centers, poetry neatly bridges our more relational left-brain thought processes and our more creative right-brain processes. Though it may feel foolish and getting comfortable with feeling foolish might be another way to think outside the box, try writing a poem about the problem you’re working on.

  • Draw a picture:

Taking pictures is more right-minded and can help prevent your logical left-brain problem as well as manage it. Also, looking at an issue involves other ways of thinking that we don’t normally use, and you get another creative boost.

  • Turn it upside down:

Turn upside down towards something, whether it can help you see some patterns that reimagined as a turn around the piece of paper physically that would not otherwise appear. The brain has a set of pattern-making habits that often obscure other, more subtle patterns at work. Changing the orientation of things can hide more obvious patterns and bring out other patterns.

  • Work backward:

Just like turning something upside down, working backward breaks the normal perception of the brain. This is the key to planning ahead, for example, where you start with a goal and think about the steps needed to reach it until you reach where you are now.

  • Ask a child for advice:

I don’t buy the idea that children are naturally creative before society destroys them, but I do know that children think and speak in disregard of conventions, which is often helpful.

  • Invite randomness:

If you’ve ever seen a video of a Jackson Pollock painting, you’ve seen a master artist consciously invite randomness into his work. Pollock has done a great job with his brushes and paddles in the service of catching the stray drips and paint pieces he has created.

  • Take a shower:

There is a strange psychological connection between bathing and creativity. Who knows why? Maybe it’s because your mind is on other things, maybe it’s because you’re naked, maybe the hot water is relaxing you – it’s a mystery.

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