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Life after Jail Release

Life after Jail Release scenario discussion is a tough nut to crack. It is believed that the sufferer know its problem than any other. Experience of imprisonment is different to individual so every prisoner has its own psychological and physical problems. These sort of people struggle a lot to maintain their previous lifestyles but complexity of their behaviors, psyche, and personality do not allow them. And thus they remained behind in the race of life.

What is psychological perspective Life after Jail release?

Psychological perspective does not link with emotional state but also discusses practical matter as well. Prisoners are those people who have to face some consequences against their unlawful activities. During prisonization, the pain and torture of imprisonment affects people individually. Everyone has its own psychological problems during this pathetic journey. Prisoners are hanging in the state of extreme stress in jail due to loss of loved ones company, fear of deterioration and pathetic restrictions of cell. When prisoners step out from jail, they have lost their ability to think creative and deciding for their own self.

Psychological effects may be short term or may be long term. Although the effect of torture and stress tries to be release some cognitive exercise but still it has strong effect on one’s life. Some of the stunning psychological problems are:

  • Disillusionment is a feeling of disappointment. After getting released from jail, it is assumes that released prisoner that whatever is going on in his life is not much better as it should.
  • Dissatisfaction with life is also common psychological comes out as its consequences.
  • Due to living in prison for a period of time, Claustrophobia develop in his mind. He is feared by the small spaces or those spaces from which you are unable to escape.
  • Depression, stress, denial, feeling of panic are also consider as common physiological factors which faces by who have released from prisoners.
  • It happens sometimes that when a person enters into jail to meet his consequences he is free from any substance abuse but when he releases he has fallen prey of that abuse. This clearly presents company actually does matter on the psychology and behaviors of individuals.

What are personality disorders occurs after released?

According to researchers, psyche of prisoners affect due to uncomfortable environment and pathetic situation. These effects do not restrict to one’s psychology but definitely affects his behavior as well. Life after Jail release become miserable.The surprising changes in one’s Attitude and personalities are:

Personality Disorder
  • It has been seen that people who spend their time as prisoners they become loners and prefer solidarity. They become rigid towards their expression.
  • The elements of mistrust and scepticism become the part of their attitudes and personalities. They take everybody as their demon and foe in their circle.So Life after jail release become aggressive due to the other perspective manners.
  • They have odd beliefs system and superstitious. To envelop themselves in some phobias which restrict their attitudes and stop their mental growth.
  • They show irresponsibility, aggressive behaviors and rashness in their attitudes so that people in their society take them as psychopaths. Commonly, this sort of attitudes are showing that they are unable to retain and remorse their lives as they living before. This deficient feeling lead them to frustration and their personality adopt such attitudes.
  • They do not take anyone as their friend and companion and maintain the image of self esteem to the height which convert into their self-centered attitudes. Their attitudes show the lack of empathy, emotion and admiration. They pack themselves in an imaginative world in which they are superior and different to others.

Personal life after incarceration?

It has been observed in several reports that those people who meets their consequences in form of imprisonment they imprisoned again in some other case. The reason was discussed, there might be dissatisfaction in their life especially in their personally life in which they didn’t change their attitudes.So Life after jail release become hell due to discrimination in the society. But these personal problems can handle if family members help him to forget his past experience. Some of the personal problems are:

  • Culture Shock is a state of mind in which mind is unable to accept something new or quite change to those environment in which he lived. When prisoners returned to their homes they faced reverse cultural shock. In this scenario they have to maintain the life about which they use to but they are unable to do it.
  • Stress and Frustration turns into depression. This depression distorts the thoughts and emotions of him and he suffer restlessness in his life. This restlessness leads them towards poor physical and mental health. This depression also cause their professional life. They unable to set goals and achieve them.
  • Anger management is went beyond the limit of his control. He starts to exploit, disgrace and discourage others. This attitude makes him more villainous creatures in his setting and he become rebel. Actually, this attitude shows their thirst for love, care and support so make sure loved ones should take care of him with all their affections.

A life going struggle:

The people who imprisoned once, they never found any way back into their life. It is claims by researchers, on the basis of reports that prisoners faces are repeating. When it is analyzed that the prisoners who came once in a cell, their attitudes, behaviors, and psyche get changed a lot which locked their minds. They struggle against their whole lives but didn’t get rid of it. Those attitudes, behaviors and experience cling to them emotionally and penetrates to their subconscious. This lead their mood to specific directions and they never able to approach that lifestyle which they lived before imprisonment.

Life going struggle


Life after Jail release become a nightmare for prisoners. The attitude of society and their love ones get change which more affects their mood and psyche than the affect of cell’s torture and experience. They unable to make steps with their society and as thus flop in their personal and professional life.

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Life after Jail Release


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