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How to Increase Air Cooler Performance?

Indian Summers can be quite harsh with temperatures easily going as high as 45 degree Celsius in certain parts of India. Here, most people use evaporative air coolers to beat the heat. These units are cost-effective and provide ideal cooling for Indian homes which tend to have high ceilings and large open spaces.

In today’s post,

we are sharing four simple tips which can help you increase the cooling efficiency of your evaporative air cooler during hot summer days.

Ensure ambient air flow:

Unlike air conditioners, air coolers work best in properly ventilated spaces. As air coolers cool down dry, hot air by blowing it through the Cooling Pads that have been soaked in water, using an air cooler in a closed space will cause humidity to build up. Therefore, a smooth air flow is necessary for running the unit efficiently.

By placing the air cooler in front of a window or door you can achieve better cooling. As hotter air-inflow will lead to faster evaporation and hence cooler air being blown out by the fan.

Soak the cooling pads beforehand:

Run the water pump for a few minutes before turning on the blower fan of your air cooler. It will provide instant cool air and immediate relief from the hot weather. You can also do so while filling up the air cooler with water by sprinkling some water on the cooling pads with the hose. However, be careful about spraying the electronic components with water.

Use iced water:

Another effective way of increasing the cooling efficiency of your air cooler is by adding some ice to the water tank. In fact, modern air coolers such as the Honeywell D70 come with a dedicated ice compartment for the very purpose. Icy water will make the cooling pads cooler and hence the hot air passing through them will also get cooled faster.

Maintain your air cooler properly:

While air coolers are low-maintenance home products, they do require some looking after. Periodically cleaning up dust and debris from the cooling pads and replacing them at the start of every summer can dramatically increase your air cooler’s efficiency. Also, make sure that you fill up the air cooler with clean water, it will ensure that the pumping system does not get clogged. Lastly, timely cleaning up of the fan blades will also improve the aerodynamics and result in better air flow.

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Other things to consider:

Apart from the steps above, you can also try things like shaded installation and placing your air cooler in the right place to ensure larger coverage.

If you are considering replacing your existing air cooler or wish to buy a new one for the summers, visit us at

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How to Increase Air Cooler Performance?


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