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Type 2 diabetes Symptoms, Treatments, Diet and Risk factors in Short

Type 2 diabetes definition –

This Disease is considered to be one of the world’s most dangerous diseases. Because it does not release adequate amounts of insulin from the patient’s body (Pancreas). Even if it happens, in very small amounts, so that the body function of its body is not functioning properly. (1)

Type 2 diabetes ( Symptoms, Treatments & Diet or meal plan )

The pancreas of the human body releases a kind of hormone called insulin. Which is from our eaten food.

Transmits body cells in the form of glucose. Which is why we get energy. And we can do any work properly.

Because of which glucose travels in your blood. When the amount of glucose increases significantly in your blood, then you get high blood sugar. Which is called type 2 diabetes.

It is called insulin-resistance diabetes due to lack of insulin. Obviously, high blood sugar is found in this disease in the blood of the patient of diabetes. Which is also called hyperglycemia. (2)

And the patient suffering from this disease is called Diabetic.

Type 2 diabetes symptoms –

  1. Frequent urination,
  2. Drinking more and more water,
  3. Blurred eyes,
  4. To lose body glow,
  5. itching,
  6. Infections in the vagina,
  7. Always feel tired,
  8. An occurrence of a sudden loss of body weight etc.

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What is the main cause of type 2 diabetes?

  • Obesity

Obesity is the main reason for this type of diabetes. People who are overweight have a 90% chance of getting diabetes. That is why this disease is most commonly found in countries like America, China, India, Finland. Because the people here are much fat. (3)

  • Wrong diet –

This is the second most important thing that promotes obesity and diabetes to a great extent. As far as developed or developing countries, there is a lot of demand for packed, sugary foods, oily foods etc. in all those countries. Because of which people pay less attention to home food and they become victims of obesity.

  • Wrong lifestyle –

This is also one of the main reasons. The wrong lifestyle means sleeping at late nights, drinking more alcohol, living a comfortable life etc.

  • Lack of physical activity

This is the second most cause after obesity – having diabetes. People who are obese have a very high risk of developing blood glucose levels. If they do some kind of exercise then their sugar level remains in control but they neither eat the right food nor do some workouts. Which causes high blood sugar. Because of this, the disease is growing rapidly all over the world. In the last 50 years, these ten times have risen fast.

  • Genetics –

This means that the disease goes from one generation to another, due to which the next generation also becomes diabetic due to this disease. A lot of people think that if diabetes has happened to me then my child will not. But it does not happen That is why you should try to balance it and make your child aware of this dangerous disease.

Type 2 diabetes risk factors –

  1. If you are 25 years old then you will have to be aware of this as it is easily found in people after 25 to 30 years.
  2. It increases the chances of women with PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome).
  3. It is also found in pregnant women, which is called gestational diabetes.
  4. This is a disease in both men and women.
  5. If any of your family members has this disease, then the chances of getting you are greatly increased. Like – mother, father, brother, sister, grandfather, grandmother etc.
  6. If you are Prediabetes i.e. the first condition of having diabetes, then the risk increases significantly.

Treatment (how to get rid of type 2 diabetes) –

Let me tell you this first thing that this disease is about to be lifelong. And so far no proper treatment has been developed.

That is why it can not be eliminated by root, but it can be controlled to a great extent.

The best way to balance it is like this –

  • Healthy eating –

With healthy eating, this disease can be controlled up to 80%. There is no doubt about it. Because this disease is caused by eating bad food, then when eating the wrong food can be the victim of this disease, then what is the disease cannot be eliminated from proper and nutritious food?

You can be finished at all but you will have to eat the diet at the right time.

  • Exercise

This is the best way to overcome this disease. If you take the right diet and exercise in your life then your blood sugar level will be greatly reduced. Can not you think?

Because by exercising, your blood glucose level goes down quite a bit, which works for you as a medicine.

Which is the cheapest and natural method to control diabetes forever, In which you do not have to spend any money.

By spending money on healthy food, you will be able to overcome this dangerous disease forever.

Type 2 diabetes diet –

What you can take in a healthy diet is as follows –

  1. Whole grain wheat (not white or refined flours),
  2. Moong Dal,
  3. Whole oats,
  4. Brown rice (not white rice),
  5. Quinoa,
  6. Corn,
  7. Buckwheat,
  8. Bulgur Wheat (Cracked wheat),
  9. Millet,
  10. Whole barley,
  11. Whole grain bread (not white bread) etc.
What to avoid with diabetes –
  • Sugar-sweetened beverages –

Such as soda or coke, packed juices, candy, chocolate, coffee, tea, cake etc.

(You can replace it by drinking green tea, dry fruits, honey, cardamom tea, natural herbal tea, fresh juice etc. Natural sugar or fructose will never harm you if you take it in correct quantity)

  • Trans fat –

Artificial cream, Margarine, Peanut butter, Ghee, Potato chips etc.

(At this place, you can use olive oil or coconut oil.)

  • Simple carbs –

White rice, white potato, white bread, white pasta etc.

(By replacing it you can take a sweet potato, brown rice, brown bread or whole grain bread etc. which will help you in this disease.)

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✅Bonus tips – Never use any of the “Sugar-Free products” sold in the market. Because in such products the substitute is inserted at the place of sugar, which is a kind of sugar. You can use natural sugar or fruits by replacing Sugar-free products.

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Type 2 diabetes Symptoms, Treatments, Diet and Risk factors in Short


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