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Do you wish to improve your mental and physical wellbeing, and be more content and happy in life, do you have problems with anxiety, depression or stress related issues, which all seems to be getting worse in the modern world. The intention of this website is to help you, to help yourself by improving the quality of you life by introducing you to some self-help methods to help you relax more and stop worrying about the past and the future. When you constantly think about the past, and can’t seem to let it go, and it’s always on your mind no matter what you do, this can cause symptoms of depression. This can also affect the levels of anxiety in you, as you will be thinking about what happened in the past, might happen in the future again, so therefore you will be thinking, ‘what if this happens’ , ‘ what should I do if it does happens’, you will be in a permanent fight or flight mode. This can ruin your chances of happiness and wellbeing because you will never be in the present, you will be wasting time in the future or past, and not really here in the’ Now’, which is where you need to be, to be truly happy. How often do you feel that life is a chore? You just can’t wait until what you are doing is over, instead of enjoying what you are doing in its entirety, you seem to be chasing an unrealistic goal, and when you do finish, you feel unfulfilled and empty. This can change if you really want it too, and eventually these chores can become less of a chore, and more a feeling of accomplishment, and you will feel more rewarded when you finish and not empty. There are many ways of self-help and self-improvement, such as mindful meditation or yoga, which helps you to control your thoughts more, so you just see them for what they are, just thoughts, and will learn to let them float away, this will help you get rid of the negative feelings about your past and future, and learn to enjoy the present. Many people also have really bad habits that can also have a harmful effect on their wellbeing and happiness, this website will show you how the symptoms of anxiety, depression and stress can be alleviated by giving up these bad habits. Plus I will show you how to create good habits, that if practiced regularly, can again reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression helping you create a more stress free life. When you create new good habits and routines into your life, it can have a very positive impact on your wellbeing, your cortisol (stress hormone) levels should drop, and your dopamine levels will increase naturally, instead of using a quick fix or boost from old bad habits. This in turn should help you to have a better amount of quality of sleep, which again is a must for your happiness and wellbeing. I thank you for visiting my blog, and I hope you will have a browse, and find something that will be helpful and beneficial to you, to improve your mental and physical wellbeing and happiness.
2018-10-29 17:14
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2018-09-03 11:12
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2018-08-25 08:08
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