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7 Reasons Why Should You Start Doing Meditation at Work this 2019

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Meditation is an age-old practice that has renewed itself in many cultures and despite its age, there remains a mystery and some ambiguity what it is, or even how one performs it. The practice and tradition of Meditation dates back thousands of years having appeared in many eastern traditions. Meditation’s ancient roots cloud its origins from being attributed to a sole inventor or religion, though Bon, Hindu, Shinto, Dao, and later, Buddhism handle its development.

Its practice has spread throughout almost all major world religions but under different names. It has become a practice without borders, influencing millions with its tranquil and healing effects. Meditation is scientifically proved to be having tremendous benefits to its practitioners. Numerous people have testified to the fact that meditation is a healing remedy for many ailments. Having a short meditation practice will helps you relax while at work. Here are 7 scientific reasons to use meditation at work.

1. Meditation Improves Mental Health

A research study from 2004 says meditation played a significant role in eliminating stress and other physical, psychiatric and psychosomatic disorders. The study was not biased or partial based on any reservations like religion and ethnicity. The study was more focused on helping participants to become more aware of the mental practices.

Meditation Improves Mental Health

Job can be a major source of stress at sometimes. Stress, if ignored may become fatal, turning into anxiety and depression. Instilling the habit of meditation, employees can become mentally and emotionally stronger. Meditation at work may help people face everyday challenges effectively.

2. Meditation Improves Focus

Meditation Improves Focus

Every business owner or an entrepreneur wants his employees to be focused on the work. Focusing on the work will yield better productivity. Employees are more prone to stress and mental fatigue during this process. Adopting meditation will ease their mental stress and gives a space for employees to relax.

3. Meditation Helps People Manage Emotions Effectively

There is no human without emotions. We feel, touch, cry, laugh etc. Certain times, situations arise, where we throw words at someone in a spur of the moment. Then, words exchange, heated arguments will begin, people take sides and you are all caught up in between chaos.

Meditation Helps People Manage Emotions Effectively

When employees start meditation, they do not indulge in such situations. They become more mindful and aware about such situations. They will gain control over their emotions. Even, scientific researchers have proved that people who practised meditation were mindful and slow to any negative reaction. They reported better psychological well-being.

4. Meditation Improves Relationships

Meditation improves relationships. People who practice meditation will inculcate the ability to empathize. Meditation makes a person to be sensitive to the needs and feelings of the other person.

Meditation Improves Relationships

In a working atmosphere, no one is an island. All depend on each other. The interpersonal communications are constant. If people have good relationships with each other, the work becomes smoother and there is a flow of functions. If people are hostile to each other, it’s vice versa.

Practising meditation will help people create a bond between each other and improves relationships. As an outcome of which, there are positive results. Meditation has its positive effects directly on a person’s brain and his thoughts.

5. Meditation Improves Your Ability to Make Better Decisions

‘If you have made a good decision, you are halfway to success’ says an old saying. People are successful because they have made better decisions and once we should always hear successful people doing meditation before taking any decision.

Meditation Improves Your Ability to Make Better Decisions

Meditation relaxes your mind and body. It helps you make better decisions by improving the functions of your brain’s decision-making centres. If you want to cultivate your inner executive, then try meditation.

6. Meditation Helps People Overcome Addictions

Are you struggling with addictions or repetitive bad habits? Then meditation is the right thing for you. It creates awareness in a person and helps you know your body and inner self.

Meditation Helps People Overcome Addictions

Meditation makes people more focused, and it doesn’t even take too much time for the practitioners to feel that effect. Researchers proved that even short-term meditation training improved one’s attention and self-regulation.

One fascinating study has found that Vipassana meditation can be incredibly effective in helping people overcoming alcohol and drug addictions and similar effects have been found for various types of addictions.

7. Meditation Makes You Creative

Creativity is an important skill that helps you come up with new ideas and solve problems more effectively. We use creativity all the time, and being more creative can help you deal with stressful situations better.

Meditation Makes You Creative

A 2012 study found that, by helping you step back from your thought-processes, meditation makes you a more creative thinker.

Employees will exhibit their creativity at work if they are made to do meditation. Meditation rejuvenates and refreshes a person. Employees doing meditation have a great outcome result from there work.

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7 Reasons Why Should You Start Doing Meditation at Work this 2019


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