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Is reality really real?

The whole thing about Simulation theory is that it would seem to conveniently match up to all know anomalies. But then so does modern science, I mean look at all the issues scientists can’t resolve they seem to find some way of making sense of it all. So, the way I see it there is no difference in which theory you believe in as they all find a way to fit whatever circumstances they need to. This may sound like I am trying to debunk simulation theory, on the contrary, I firmly believe in it. There are things in the universe that we are not meant to discover, light speed travel or teleportation for example. This would mean the known universe has a set of rules rather like a computer program and any deviation from this would crash the program or indeed the system. So, who or what governs these rules?

People believe in God and his almighty power and this might not be far from the truth, I mean a programmer is the all-knowing and all-seeing lord of the program they have written. The difference for me is that unlike people who do believe in God I do not worship the entity who may well run the simulation we find ourselves in. Elon Musk famously said that we are living in a computer video game, well I don’t quite go with that I mean that’s dumbing it down a little even though there are stark similarities between a game and this simulation. There is a multitude of questions that get thrown up with this scenario and I will attempt to run through some of what I think could be the reasons behind this.


Indeed, it’s a commonly held belief that there may be more than one universe, but what if the parallel universes are just other versions of our simulation? Maybe whoever is running them wants to compare or test out different scenarios. I mean we have the capacity to run simulations of our own that emulate the universe from 14 billion years ago, so why couldn’t a very advanced being able to run multiple versions of the same program?

A living record

Maybe we are being played as a movie of sorts for these entities as they want to understand our or their own history depending on what you like to believe. In other words, maybe everything that we experience has already happened and we are just playing out the recording? Does this sound like fate? I mean some people like to think they believe in fate and everything has a path, sounds like a predetermined future for us just like a movie or recording.

Ghosts and stuff

Maybe when people say they have seen a ghost it’s a glitch in the simulation or something bleeding through from one of the other simulations from the multiverse. Or maybe the simulation has been run many times before and is starting to degrade and these bugs in the program are showing through.  I mean déjà vu could be easily explained by a glitch like this, just like in the Matrix film, the feeling that you have been somewhere before, but this is your first visit. If the simulation has been run many times, then these may leave an imprint or memory of the same event or place on ourselves.

Are we just a plaything?

There is the possibility that we ourselves are just a game for these beings a bit like the Sims game. Left to our own devices to see what happens. This particular thread could go on and on especially with the video game theory and I will hopefully explore this in detail another time.

Feedback loop

Are we in a loop where we play out our lives and then restart it again to see if there are any different outcomes? Again, it would explain past lives and déjà vu and as I said earlier if the simulation is run too many times then glitches are inevitable.

Obviously, these ideas are not my own and I have read many articles where these themes are explored in more depth, one of which I include a link to a fabulous article. These are just some of the theories that intrigue me and make me wonder if they are indeed true and which one or maybe all of them.

All this talk on a website that is dedicated to mental health issues will come across as delusional and maybe that’s right, but I put this you. If someone has a delusion in order to be diagnosed as such, they have to firmly believe that the delusion is real and that they don’t know they are delusional. In this article, I question that in fact Reality itself is an illusion and because I believe this does it make me delusional believing that reality is fake? To believe that reality is not real may seem like a delusion but is it? If I believe in reality as it is does that make me normal? But if I believe in a different reality, I am delusional? To believe that reality itself is fake begs the question of how I can be delusional when in fact I don’t believe in reality itself as it cannot be proven either way just like God, and people who believe in God aren’t delusional just as people who don’t believe in God aren’t delusional also.

I think that any belief that does not conform to acceptable social norms is open to being called a delusion and maybe this is one of the ways the entities who run the simulation can keep their activities secret and keep the vast majority of the rest of us in dark. I may well have rambled a bit on this and I am still finding my feet with this belief but it’s something that I have always felt in one way or another and only now I am able to freely explore this and find myself in the process.

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Is reality really real?


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