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Hunter Test vs TestoGen Booster: Comparing The Similarities And Differences!

TestoGen vs Hunter Test – Which T-Booster offers the best value for your money?

Let’s be frank, low Testosterone could be ruining your life on all fronts. Whether it’s physical or mental, chances are you aren’t performing your best.

TestoGen and Hunter Test have changed that for a number of men around the globe.

These testosterone supplements present two separate leagues on their own.

But which one is the best and most effective?

That’s the question we’re dealing with today.

Is it TestoGen, the T-Booster for every age group aimed at complete mind and body wellness? Or

Is it Hunter Test, the premium testosterone-boosting formula for men who want nothing but fast action in everything they do?

Without wasting any time, let’s first check out a quick comparison.

Meanwhile, you can also jump over to the official websites of the TestoGen and Hunter Test to know more…


TestoGen vs Hunter Test – Quick Comparison Chart

Choosing a testosterone supplement was never more complicated than it is today. The market is brimming with all sorts of solutions that may or may not work for you.

TestoGen and Hunter Test are specifically creating a lot of buzzes lately.

So much so, that our team rolled up their sleeves and got to an in-depth comparison.

Here are some short facts before getting into a detailed analysis.


 Price per bottle


Focus group

Total no. of ingredients

Formula makeup

Unique ingredient

Result duration

To Buy Visit 



Muscle Club limited

Men wanting all-around body development and mental agility


Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and herbs

Nettle leaf extract

Initial results - Up to 6 weeks; results improve over time

TestoGen Official Website

Hunter Test


Roar Ambition Ltd

Men willing to invest in a premium performance-enhancing formula and can pay for it


Amino acids, minerals, vitamins, herbs, and plant extract

Ashwagandha extract

3 months

Hunter Test Official Website

Well, this short TestoGen vs Hunter Test Review compiles the basics of these testosterone boosters.

This must have given you a rough idea of what you can expect.

For a deeper understanding, we’ve elaborated on the T-Boosters for you right below.

Let’s see what they are all about.

#1. TestoGen – Triple-Action Testosterone Boost

Well, TestoGen is not new to the market. It has been ruling the T-Booster sector for years and continues to take its place among the Best Testosterone Boosters.

With thousands of satisfied customers, it’s no more a doubt that TestoGen works. It holds the immense power of natural herbs and minerals. The good news is most of the Ingredients in TestoGen have been previously studied for efficacy.

Its easy-to-take pills offer all the nutrition you would need to crush some heavyweights at the gym.

On the other hand, the invigorating properties sharpen your mind and give you added vitality.

TestoGen Highlights:

  • Perked up testosterone levels within no time
  • Muscle growth and rapid fat loss
  • Thousands of satisfied users
  • Powerful formula without any detrimental side effects
  • Reverse flagging libido and boost sexual impulse
  • Comes with Testogen Booster Drops
  • Fast-absorbing formula with Bioperine®
  • Reasonably priced

Now, let’s have a look at Hunter Test and what it has got for slumping testosterone levels.

#2. Hunter Test – Optimally Dosed Testosterone Booster

When comparing Hunter Test vs TestoGen, Hunter Test is the one that’s more recently launched.

However, the fact that it still is giving a cut-throat competition to TestoGen speaks volumes.

Of course, it’s effective, and if not thousands, at least hundreds of users can affirm that.

Hunter Test Premium Testosterone Booster is a one-of-its-kind formula made specifically for men who need an extra edge. With highly dosed ingredients, it offers nutritional content that’s fast-acting.

Well, it doesn’t have a long ingredients list. But what it does have is concocted as per the latest scientific research.

Thus, it eliminates anything that doesn’t work.

Hunter Test Highlights:

  • Made for extreme performance and energy
  • High dosage of specific ingredients
  • Acts as muscle mass amplifier and supercharges strength
  • No adverse reactions as per Hunter Test Customer Reviews
  • Ranks among some of the most expensive T-Boosters
  • Contains ashwagandha for relentless strength and endurance
  • Free of artificial colors, flavors, GMO, gluten, or soy

Thus, Hunter Test may be a new entrant, but it has succeeded to make its place sooner than expected.

However, picking your T-Booster in TestoGen vs Hunter Test needs you to evaluate some more factors.

While performing the same function, there is still a lot that differs.

TestoGen vs Hunter Test – Core Differences

Every testosterone booster you’ll ever find has unique aspects to it.

These factors largely depend on the kind of formula and its long-term efficacy.

When it comes down to Hunter Test vs TestoGen, there are some major disparities to consider.

#1. TestoGen Favors Well-Being Whereas Hunter Test Is Engineered for Performance

TestoGen addresses multiple aspects of men’s health that may have got sidetracked due to low T.

Thus, you can rely on the T-boosting formula to give you out of the gate strength and energy.

With time, men feel more like themselves and get things done as they should.

Moreover, TestoGen includes ancient herbs along with minerals to offer multiple benefits. Other added Benefits of TestoGen include better focus, drive, and less irritability.

On the other hand, Hunter Test is cut out for a competitive edge.

Its formula works at offering cutting-edge nutrition free of fillers. Its amazing powers come from a highly concentrated dose of D-Aspartic acid and zinc.

Over time, Hunter Test users notice an amazing boost in muscle growth, performance, and energy.


#2. Dosage and Servings

The dosage of each ingredient matters more than you think.

A little underdosed and it’ll not work for you. A little overdosed and the whole game of testosterone boosting can backfire.

So, what you want is optimum dosage, which is neither high nor low.

Fortunately, TestoGen and Hunter Test are adequately dosed. But Hunter Test has a much higher serving size of some ingredients. Plus, most of the common ingredients are better dosed in Hunter Test.

Moreover, while TestoGen Serving Size is just 4 pills a day, Hunter Test requires you to take up to 6 pills.

Now, this may be a decider for you if you’re not a huge fan of supplementing.

#3. Pricing and Money-Back Guarantee

First things first, there’s a wide gap in TestoGen vs Hunter Test Price. TestoGen is actually much more affordable as compared to Hunter Test.

Though, the higher price of Hunter Test is somewhat justified. As it uses higher doses, the higher price must factor in the cost of materials.

Still, men above 30 might find affording Hunter Test a little easier than someone who is just 19.

As both T-Boosters are suitable for use by any man above 18, you can use either one based on your budget.

Furthermore, the money-back guarantee is more flexible in the case of TestoGen. It offers a 100 days guarantee on all packs above 1 month supply. Whereas, Hunter Test only offers a 90 days guarantee, that too on just the largest pack.

So, TestoGen vs Hunter Test – which is the most effective buy?

As you can see, it’ll entirely depend on your personal preferences. But that’s not it!

You do also have to analyze the composition and what it can offer you in the long run.

So, let’s get up close with the ingredients and other crucial factors that’ll help you choose the best in Hunter Test vs TestoGen.

TestoGen vs Hunter Test – Ingredients Breakdown and Analysis

The amazing benefits you get out of testosterone boosters is all about the blend they contain.

In fact, it will be a huge deciding factor when it comes to the face-off of the TestoGen and Hunter Test.

With their own specific blends, they contain mostly unique ingredients in different dosages. Though, there are some overlapping ingredients as well.

Let’s check out the similar ingredients first.

TestoGen vs Hunter Test – Common Ingredients

Well, almost every effective T-Booster contains the power of certain ingredients that’s common among them.

Likewise, TestoGen and Hunter Test also utilize the power of these nutrients to throw your T levels to the peak.

Here are those similar ingredients:

#1. Vitamin D3 [TestoGen – 52mcg, Hunter Test – 1500mcg]

Vitamin D3 directly influences the levels of free testosterone in your blood-stream.

Moreover, it helps minimize the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. Thus, it also keeps female hormones under control and elevates the manly hormones instead.

However, Hunter Test has a much higher serving of the nutrient than TestoGen.

#2. Magnesium [TestoGen – 200mg, Hunter Test – 200mg]

Magnesium is a key nutrient required for the healthy production of testosterone. Also, it supports restful sleep to keep the body functioning as it should.

With the added endurance this nutrient offers your body, you can very well expect to perform well inside the gym.

Both TestoGen and Hunter Test harness the benefits of magnesium in the same amounts.

#3. Zinc [TestoGen – 10mg, Hunter Test – 30mg]

Well, zinc is the driving force behind better testosterone release. To add to its amazing benefits, it is also a great aphrodisiac meaning it’ll help your falling libido.

TestoGen Composition does contain a lower dosage of zinc as compared to Hunter Test.

#4. D-Aspartic Acid [TestoGen – 2352mg, Hunter Test – 3000mg] 

D-Aspartic has been a part of every leading T-Booster we have seen in the past few years.

The reason lies in its amazing powers at boosting testosterone, strength, and muscle mass. Thus, the more you could get of this ingredient, the better.

#5. Panax Ginseng [TestoGen – 40mg, Hunter Test – 300mg]

This herb invigorates your mental and physical alertness. It refreshes your mood, reduces fatigue, and also enhances sleep quality. Moreover, ginseng contains ginsenosides, which have their own active role in testosterone health.

Again, the Hunter Test Booster contains a much better dosage of this herb.

#6. Boron [TestoGen – 8mg , Hunter Test – 10mg]

Boron is a key mineral in upping your T-levels and bringing down the levels of estrogen.

Meanwhile, it also maintains bone health and brain function. It also supports your body in the absorption of Vitamin D.

All these combine to make it one of the best ingredients in T-Boosters.

So, as is clear from the above review, Hunter Test has a better serving size of almost every ingredient.

Though, that doesn’t mean TestoGen will not do the job.

The thing with nutrition is we all lack different quantities of it. Thus, either of these can suit you depending on your current health.

Going through the unique ingredients in both these T-Boosters will definitely offer you more insight.

Let’s see which has the most exclusive ingredients in the battle of Hunter Test vs TestoGen.

TestoGen Ingredients 

What’s present in TestoGen but missing from Hunter Test?

These are a few components that form an exclusive part of the TestoGen formula:

  • Vitamin K1 (20mcg)

The main purpose of including this vitamin in the TestoGen formula is to enhance the absorption of Vitamin D that’s already in there.

  • Vitamin B6 (20mg)

With so many functions that vitamins perform, it’s no wonder it also helps testosterone. Plus, it supercharges the body to have amazing levels of energy.

  • Nettle leaf extract (40mg)

It helps boost testosterone levels by freeing it to circulate around in the bloodstream. Thus, you get elevated T-levels that gets to the work to reactivate strength and muscle mass.

  • Fenugreek extract (40mg)

This herb is particularly good at recharging your stamina and libido. With its amazing antioxidant properties, fenugreek keeps all the free radicals away to power up testosterone synthesis.

  • Bioperine (5mg)

Bioperine could be a major factor behind TestoGen Results and efficacy. The key reason for that is the ingredient’s ability to increase bioavailability.

Thus, it enhances the absorption of the entire formula to offer more benefits with each dose.

Now, on the other hand, here’s the exclusive Hunter Test Testosterone Booster ingredients.

Hunter Test Ingredients

What’s present in Hunter Test that’s missing from TestoGen?

Here are the key ingredients in Hunter Test that are seldom used in any other T-Booster:

  • Vitamin K2 (150mcg)

Studies have shown Vitamin K2 to boost testosterone by up to 70% in a matter of 5 weeks.

Moreover, K2 also works alongside vitamin D3 to boost testosterone levels and get back your mojo.

  • Ashwagandha (300mg)

Ashwagandha is the star ingredient when it comes down to stamina, strength, and boosting performance.

This is the ingredient behind so many Hunter Test Supplement Review relating the T-booster to amazing muscle pumps.

  • Indole-3-Carbinol (200mg)

This is the estrogen blocker among the Hunter Test Ingredients.

It essentially prevents the body from making too much estrogen and instead pumps out higher levels of T.

Well, Hunter Test truly makes use of a cutting-edge formula that only uses what’s most effective.

There are no fillers or any unnecessary addition to the T-Booster. It doesn’t even contain colors or added flavors. Now, it couldn’t get any cleaner than this!

TestoGen vs Hunter Test – Which One Packs the Most Nutrition?

While TestoGen is powered with more ingredients in total, Hunter Test utilizes a better serving size.

Ingredients like D-Aspartic acid, zinc, and vitamin D3 are quite important. In this case, due to a better dosage, Hunter Test does overshadow TestoGen a bit.

However, one thing to note here is higher doses are not necessarily good for everyone.

If it’s your first time taking a T-supplement, TestoGen may suit you better with its mild composition.

Still, when it comes to an excellent assembly of ingredients, Hunter Test does succeed with its high nutritional content.

Now, let’s see what you can actually get out of using these T-Boosters.

TestoGen vs Hunter Test – Key Benefits

Using a testosterone booster is actually much more than just boosting testosterone. When used correctly, it can bring in a renewed quality of life.

Choose to use either TestoGen or Hunter Test to really tune in to your mind and body.

Within time, you’ll not only feel physically charged up but also mentally motivated to take on any challenge.

Here are the main benefits you’ll notice.

TestoGen Benefits

TestoGen works at men’s health issues to unlock overall well-being. Its benefits are also quite apparent in TestoGen Results Before and After.

Here are the perks you can expect from the use of TestoGen:

#1. Intense Energy and Strength

Most users of TestoGen feel the T-Booster helps them be much more energetic on a daily basis.

Thus, with TestoGen, you begin experiencing an upward surge in energy and stamina both at work and at home.

#2. Increase in Muscle Size

This is perhaps one of the most desired benefits of using a T-Booster.

TestoGen will help you build a muscular tone that lasts. The reason is enhanced protein synthesis due to the better release of testosterone.

#3. Cuts Body Fat for Ripped Muscles

TestoGen Reviews testify how useful the T-Booster is in shredding the extra bulk. Men have actually lost years of fat hanging around their belly and other areas.

Plus, better metabolism due to increased testosterone is also great support for fat burn in general.

#4. Sharpens Mental Acuity and Limit Fatigue

Low testosterone is a leading cause of why men feel out of sorts and fatigued.

Getting higher levels of testosterone through TestoGen is definitely one of the best ways to banish tiredness.

The high nutritional content is good for boosting energy and focus in everything you do.

Well, TestoGen Benefits cover a solid ground and actually offer a lot of perks in multiple areas.

Let’s see what Hunter Test offers to better evaluate the comparison of Hunter Test vs TestoGen.

Hunter Test Benefits

Hunter Test pushes your body into its greatest potential. The high supply of testosterone-boosting ingredients works at getting your body ready for herculean strength and physique.

Here are its main benefits:

#1. Muscle Mass While Fighting Off the Flab

Hunter Test heightens your testosterone release to get you the correct body composition.

That means if you’ve high fat and low muscle, this will no longer be the case after using Hunter Test.

#2. Increase Free Testosterone by Blocking Estrogen Release

Hunter Test has specific ingredients to elevate the levels of free testosterone.

This is actually the main source of muscle growth and all the good things that come with testosterone. By suppressing the effects of female hormones, it also limits its feminizing effects.

#3. Faster Workout Recovery

This is yet another advantage when you have enough testosterone in your body.

Not only do you have enough energy to hit the weights harder, but your muscles also heal fast to grow.

#4. Better Mood and Drive

Hunter Test rush in the feel-good factors associated with testosterone.

Furthermore, men usually feel less inclined to irritability and sadness. This helps them in getting things done with new energy and vitality.

So, Hunter Test is a clean formula tailored to enjoy charged up workouts with a better sense of being a man.

Hunter Test vs TestoGen – Which One Is More Beneficial in the Long Haul?

Well, it would be simply wrong to assert that one is more beneficial than the other one.

The truth is whether it’s Hunter Test or TestoGen, both are good at delivering what they promise to deliver.

Nonetheless, TestoGen offers extreme efficiency in the long-term as well.

There are hundreds of TestoGen Before and After results of users being able to maintain results. The only thing you need to do is keep up with a healthy diet and training.

As for Hunter Test, the present response from users show it’s also a formula that’s made for results.

So, as for the benefits, the claims made by the makers of the TestoGen and Hunter Test hold water. Both perform equally well.

But here’s what you need more information about – The safety of the T-Boosters!

Let’s see how safe they are for regular use.

TestoGen vs Hunter Test – Safety and Side Effects

It’s only worth trying a T-Booster if it offers its benefits without side effects.

As neither TestoGen nor Hunter Test contains harsh stimulants, you remain free from side effects for the most part.

But we must evaluate other safety factors as well.

TestoGen Side Effects

TestoGen has been manufactured to the best of safety and quality standards. Plus, there are no reported cases of severe side effects so far.

The long-standing reputation of this product also signifies the safety of the composition. So, Is TestoGen Safe to Use?

Yes, it is safe for daily use, though you must take care of any allergic reactions.

As it does have herbs, it would be a good idea to check each ingredient for safety. That’s especially true if you have a past history of allergic reactions to herbs.

Based on our research, fenugreek is most likely to cause some discomfort and nausea.

  • Over-consumption of fenugreek may cause bloating, upset stomach, and headache
  • As TestoGen has a pretty standard amount and under-the-safe-limits serving size, it shouldn’t be a cause of worry.

Also, follow the following dosage instructions strictly to avoid TestoGen Side Effects.


TestoGen Dosage

  • Take 4 pills each day
  • Consume all the capsules together 20 minutes before your breakfast

TestoGen comes in a 120 pills bottle. So, this dosage is basically a month’s supply. Most men just order the largest pack to eliminate the hassle of ordering again each month.

Hunter Test Side Effects

Hunter Test is a clean formula and contains no GMO, artificial flavors, colors, gluten, and soy.

By eliminating common allergens, the makers have made Hunter Test suitable for most men.

However, one thing that may become a cause for concern is the high serving size of certain ingredients. Not to fret over it, though!

The entire Hunter Test composition is clinically based. So, the dosage is not random and is kept under “permissible” limits.

But that only applies to those who don’t have sensitivities to certain ingredients in supplements.

Hunter Test may present the following issues:

  • Too much vitamin D can lead to headaches, loss of appetite, weakness, and fatigue
  • A high dose of D-Aspartic acid can cause irritability and anxiety

So, check if you have the tolerance for these ingredients. You may ask your doctor for advice. Stop usage if you notice any discomfort.

Here are the dosage instructions you are required to follow each day.

Hunter Test Dosage

  • Take 6 capsules each day
  • Divide the dose into 2 pills 3 times a day
  • Try to maintain even gaps between each dose

One bottle of 180 pills will last a full month. As the recommended time for full results is 3 months, you can buy the largest pack for savings.

So, the question now is…

Which Is Safer – Hunter Test Or TestoGen?

Both have proven to be safe for the majority of the users when taken in the recommended quantity.

Also, check with your doctor before taking any of the supplements if you’ve got a medical condition or take medications.

However, the key factors are:

  • Hunter Test dosage of ingredients may not be suitable for someone with digestive issues or allergies
  • Taking 6 pills a day may feel too much if you choose Hunter Test
  • TestoGen’s 4 pills at a time dose may not suit everyone but is said to offer a boost to workouts

So, the choice rests with you!

Now, the only thing left in this TestoGen vs Hunter Test Review is to look at the pricing factors.

TestoGen Or Hunter Test – Cost and Value

TestoGen and Hunter Test are available in a package deal option.

You can order your supply based on monthly deals. However, ordering bigger packages avails you bigger savings.

Most importantly, always order your supply from the official websites.

The makers sell these supplements from their own portals to minimize third-party distribution channels.

This eliminates fake sellers getting into the chain. Plus, it also controls the actual price of the supplement.

Here is the direct link to make your purchase:

Order TestoGen:

Order Hunter Test:

Moreover, the pricing and package deals are based on monthly supplies.

Here is a table summarizing the deals.

Package and Offers TestoGen Hunter Test
Pricing 1 month supply: $59.99

3 months supply (2 months + 1 free): $119.99

5 months supply (3 months + 2 free): $179.99

1 month supply:  $75

2 months supply: $150

4 months supply: (3 months + 1 free): $225

Multi-Buy Savings Yes Only on the largest pack
Money-Back Guarantee Yes; 100 days on packs over 1 month Yes; 90 days on only 4 months supply
Free Worldwide Delivery Yes; on all packs Yes; only on 4 months supply
Order Your Supply

So, Hunter Test vs TestoGen: Which Is More Cost-Effective?

TestoGen is a clear winner of this segment. It offers some amazing package deals, which are priced at affordable rates.

Moreover, the money-back guarantee and free global shipping add to the value it offers.

On the other hand, Hunter Test is a more expensive buy and will only suit those who can afford it.

So, TestoGen vs Hunter Test analysis ends here.

What do you think, which one is better?

Here’s what we have summed up to be the conclusion based on the above review.

TestoGen vs Hunter Test – Final Verdict

The choice between TestoGen and Hunter Test will entirely depend on your preference for ingredients, serving size, and cost.

As per our review, the clear winners in these sections are:

Ingredients and composition: Hunter Test

Benefits: Tie

Side Effects and Safety: Tie

Cost and value: TestoGen

So, there you have it!

Likely, the first choice of men who want to increase testosterone but have a limited budget would be TestoGen.

Though, those who can afford it can go for Hunter Test for its premium formula.

Reasons for Choosing TestoGen:

The all-natural formula, dosage to suit most men, high affordability, attractive money-back guarantee.

Reasons for Choosing Hunter Test:

The cutting-edge clean formula, a premium composition for active men, unique ingredients, optimally dosed for fast results.

In general, TestoGen would be a great buy for an aging man looking to improve multiple areas of his health.

Whereas, Hunter Test is cut out to serve the needs of active men for accelerated performance.

Don’t forget to tell us which one you choose right below in the comments segment.

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