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Health Benefits Of Nitric Oxide | A Guide To Nitric Oxide Foods

Nitric oxide is crucial to your overall health. In fact, it has a significant role in improving blood flow, lowering blood pressure, supporting immunity, and ensuring maximum nutrient flow.

Well, it can tremendously elevate your overall health while getting massive muscle size.

Moreover, its high importance lies in increasing post-workout recovery rates and performances.

The benefits of this natural compound are understood highly in the bodybuilding industry. From athletes to pro wrestlers, they rely on nitric oxide foods to get maximum results.

In this blog, we haven’t only discussed the best nitric oxide foods but several other facets it holds.

Let’s begin with what it is.

What is Nitric Oxide?

Well, nitric oxide is a naturally produced molecule in our body.

In fact, like other compounds, it has a certain role in different body functions. However, this one is more crucial compared to usual molecules.

In fact, when it comes to extensive muscle pumping or a great performance at the gym, NO is the key player. It opens up blood vessels and increases the flow of oxygen and other nutrients.

Evidently, this improves your athletic performances, avert post-workout recovery, and offer amazing muscle pumps.

Absolutely, these perks have made it highly popular among bodybuilders, athletes, and fitness freaks.

However, there is much more to expect with a nitric oxide booster.

Check out the amazing nitric oxide benefits.

Health Benefits Of Nitric Oxide Foods


Before we dig in and comprehend nitric oxide rich food, you need to understand why perking your NO level is important in the first place.

Nitric oxide is the most crucial molecule produced by the human body.

Well, your body utilizes it in several body processes.

However, the major role it has in opening the blood vessels and enhancing blood flow and lessening blood pressure.

Still, several nitric oxide benefits often underestimated.

Here are some!

#1: Work out harder, for longer

Studies and research indicate the effectiveness of increased NO level in boosted workouts. Well, an increase in nitric oxide dilates blood vessels.

Evidently, this leads to improved blood and oxygen flow to your muscle tissues.

Hence, increasing Nitric Oxide leads to an effective workout. In short, you would be rejoicing Increased endurance and physical performance.

Whether it is wrestlers or athletes, this sole benefit is the key player behind elite fitness folk.

#2: Prevent muscle soreness

Aren’t you pissed off at the post-workout muscle soreness?

Yes, it makes it impossible for you to move. Scientifically, the term coined for it is delayed-onset muscle soreness, which is natural. Still, it remains the worst part of the workouts.

Improved NO level reduces the intensity of muscle soreness. Not only it just opens up your blood vessels for easier nutrient flow for recovery but does more.

Actually, it removes the post waste product of physical activity leading to those aches and pains such as lactate and ammonia.

#3: Lower Your Blood Pressure

Are you pissed off at your high blood pressure? It might be the usual thing coming out in your annual checkup.

Well, an improved nitric oxide level can lead to reduced blood pressure levels.

High blood pressure is the result of narrow blood vessels. Evidently, opened blood vessels will experience a sudden decrease in your blood pressure.

Undoubtedly, healthy blood pressure decimates the risk of cardiac diseases. This includes heart attacks, stroke, and kidney disease. Heart health matters. So, does NO!

#4: It might just make you a little bit smarter

The improved flow will help the brain too. in fact, you are going to experience a sudden increment in your mental performances.

With increased blood flow, your brain will have more oxygen and energy to use as fuel.

Certainly, this leads to elevated concentration and focus. Moreover, it would prevent forgetfulness and potentially increase dementia symptoms.

25% of the oxygen present in the body is used by the brain. Obviously, improving blood flow with Nitric oxide can aid you in amazing results.

#5: Improved Libido

Nitric oxide level has much more to offer. In fact, the efficacy doesn’t restrict your overall health. Significantly, it can aid your sexual health.

Well, an improved nitric oxide can improve your libido.

This is why the effectiveness is utilized in many testosterone boosting supplements.

#6: Nitric Oxide May Even Help People Manage Type 2 Diabetes

Research suggests reduced difficulty in people with diabetes. Again, the results are due to the increased blood vessel health.

In fact, diabetic people have lesser natural production of nitric oxide leading to poor blood vessel health.

Eventually, this makes them prone to related issues such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and kidney problems.

In short, nitric oxide is truly beneficial for your overall health. Undoubtedly, adding more of it in your daily routine can subject you to some stunning results.

The best way to get most of it is by using Nitric Oxide Foods.

Let’s dive in deep to find some more powerful food getting you maximum of this molecule.

The 10 Best Nitric Oxide Foods For Maximizing Results

Nitric oxide, the naturally produced molecule in our body, has a major role in different aspects of health.

It supports blood vessels dilate and promotes blood flow.

Not only that but you experience several health benefits of nitric oxide.

This includes lower blood pressure, exercise performance, and better brain function.

Obviously, to achieve such results is best by making a few changes in your diet.

In fact, it’s the finest and most effective way to amplify naturally the NO level.

Here are the 10 best nitric oxide foods to try.

#1: Beets


Beets contain dietary nitrates in high quantities. Your body utilizes it to convert nitric oxide getting you the perks associated with it.

A study on 38 adults indicates increasing of NO by 21% after just 45 minutes after consumption of a beetroot juice supplement

Likewise, another study showed an increase in nitric oxide levels in both men and women.

The result appeared as a result of drinking 3.4 ounces (100 ml) of beetroot juice.

Thanks to the higher content of dietary nitrates, the food leads to several health benefits.

Well, the list includes improved athletic performance, enhanced cognitive function, and lower blood pressure levels.

#2: Garlic


Garlic can amplify your nitric oxide level by igniting its synthesis.

It activates the enzyme that aids in the transfiguration of nitric oxide from the amino acid L-arginine.

A study indicated an increase in nitric oxide levels by up to 40% within an hour of consumption of aged garlic extract. Another test-tube study showed an increase in the absorption of nitric oxide levels.

Both human and animal research shows the effectiveness of garlic in increasing nitric oxide.

Hence, with nitric oxide boosting food you can experience lower blood pressure and advanced exercise tolerance.

#3: Meat


Meat, poultry, and seafood are all outstanding sources of coenzyme Q10 or CoQ10. These are crucial in helping to preserve nitric oxide in the body.

Actually, an average diet encompasses between 3–6 mg of CoQ10. Well, meat and poultry have around 64% of the total intake you require.

Moreover, its higher concentration can be found in Organ meats, fatty fish, and muscle meats like beef, chicken, and pork.

Studies indicate improvement in athletic performance as well as a boost in nitric oxide with enough intake of CoQ10.

Also, it averts migraines and promotes heart health.

#4: Dark Chocolate Nitric Oxide Foods

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolates have lots of flavanols. These are natural compounds boasting an extensive list of powerful health benefits.

Particularly, research indicates an optimal increase in nitric oxide level by consumption of the flavanols found in cocoa.

It stimulates and strengthens hearth health and protects cells against oxidative damages.

Another half month study in 16 people results in a significant increase in the NO level. In fact, the difference was seen as a result of the consumption of 30g chocolate.

Because of the high quantity of nitric-oxide-boosting flavanols, Dark Chocolate results in boosted brain function, enhanced blood flow, and a lower risk of heart disease, too


#5: Leafy Greens Nitric Oxide Foods

Leafy Greens

Leafy green veggies like spinach, arugula, kale, and cabbage are full of nitrates. Well, this converts nitric oxide in your body

As per a review, regular intake of nitrate-rich foods likes green leafy vegetables, an increase in NO level in the blood and tissues.

Another study found increases in salivary nitrate levels eightfold by consumption of a nitrate-rich meal containing spinach. Also, it remarkably reduced systolic blood pressure.

Other studies found a reduction in the risk of cardiac disease and cognitive decline.

Actually, this was the result of high-nitrate leafy greens consumption.

#6: Citrus Fruits

Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits like lemons, oranges, limes, and grapefruit are all first-rate sources of vitamin C.

Certainly, the water-soluble vitamin has a crucial role in overall health.

It boosts the nitric oxide level by elevating its bioavailability and intensifying its absorption in the body.

Research indicates that it might ascend levels of nitric oxide synthase, the enzyme required for the making of nitric oxide

Moreover, citrus fruits can increase brain function, reduce cardiac health risk, and improve blood pressure.

Obviously, all of these perks work in a way or two to boost nitric oxide levels.

#7: Pomegranate Nitric Oxide Foods


Pomegranate is full of potent antioxidants capable of protecting cells against injury and conserves nitric oxide.

One test-tube study presented that pomegranate juice was functional in shielding nitric oxide from oxidative harm. Meanwhile, it also increases its activity (38).

Another study was done on animals in terms of pomegranate juice and pomegranate fruit extract. Well, these significantly improve levels of nitric oxide synthase and amplify the nitrates concentration in the blood.

Human and animal studies have concluded improvement in blood flow with antioxidant-rich pomegranate.

Particularly, this can be beneficial in treating conditions such as high blood pressure.

#8: Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds contain high amounts of arginine. Surprisingly, the amino acid has a greater role to serve in the production of nitric oxide.

Some research suggests an increase in nitric oxide level by including nuts and seeds in your diet. Undoubtedly, the effects are the result of arginine present in nitric oxide food.

Higher consumption of arginine-rich foods leads to higher levels of nitric oxide in the blood. Well, this is a figure from in 2,771 people

Thanks to their stellar nutrient profile and high arginine content, nuts and seeds are highly beneficial.

In fact, their regular consumption can lead to a reduction in blood pressure, augmented cognition, and amplified endurance.

#9: Watermelon 


Watermelon is another best nitric oxide boosting food. Well, it’s the finest source of citrulline, an amino acid that changes to arginine and, eventually, nitric oxide in your body.

Small research concludes that citrulline pills aid in promoting nitric oxide synthesis after just a few hours.

However, the positive effects can be seen in a long time.

In the meantime, another finding suggest remarkable improvement in nitric oxide bioavailability, as a result of drinking 10 ounces (300 ml) of watermelon juice for two weeks

Further, increased consumption of nitric oxide foods can enhance your NO level.

Also, it boosts athletic performances, reduces blood pressure, and amplifies blood flow.

#10: Red Wine

Red Wine

Red wine comprises several strong antioxidants having numerous health benefits.

Interestingly, several studies assure an increase in levels of nitric oxide by regular intake of red wine.

A study shows that treating cells with red wine augmented levels of nitric oxide synthase. This is the same enzyme involved in the production of nitric oxide.

Another study has similar findings to offer. Well, it indicated the presence of certain compounds red wine responsible for ascending nitric oxide synthase.

Also, it increases the secretion of nitric oxide from the cells that line the blood vessels.

Undoubtedly, this is why moderate consumption of red wine has shown positive effects in terms of blood pressure and improves heart health.

These nitric oxide foods ranked here are the best way to get the maximum benefit of the molecule. However, getting it from diet only isn’t possible.

For instant and quicker results, you need to use it the right way to maximize the effects of the NO. Nonetheless, how can you get the maximum effect of the molecule?

Let’s explore next.

Maximizing Effects Of Nitric Oxide

The naturally produced molecules in our body have an immense role to play in our overall health.

Having a key impact to hold in different body functions, having an optimum quantity of it is crucial.

However, only relying on one way to attain the maximum of it won’t get you satisfactory long term results.

Here, in this segment, we have taken the help of experts.

This has helped us to figure out the right way to collect the ultimate benefits of Nitric Oxide.

  • Firstly, add maximum nitric oxide boosting food in your diet. This way you can get the maximum quantity of molecules to get real perk naturally. This would be the most sustainable, safe, and offer you lasting effects.
  • Secondly, prevent foods that decrease nitric oxide levels. This is why most people find it hard to maintain a sturdy level of the nitric oxide level.
  • Thirdly, you have to understand the importance of workout. Physical activity puts force on your body to create more NO. Hence, this gets you strong and lasting results. You can work out at the gym, do yoga, and go walking, running, or even swimming. However, experts recommend going the intense way, weight lifting, strength training, and HIIT are their top suggestions.
  • Lastly, getting instant and lasting results is a matter of fact. The above ways are most beneficial when it comes to getting top results for a long period.  However, a short duration result requires extreme surreal effort. You can achieve that with some testosterone booster with nitric oxide boosting power. You can also rely on nitric oxide supplements or nitric oxide foods supplements.

By comprehending the above suggestion, you can experience a real difference in your nitric oxide level.

So, try it out and let us know.

The Bottom Line

Nitric oxide is a crucial natural substance having a significant role in many aspects of health.

This includes blood pressure regulation, athletic performance, and brain function.

Well, making a few changes in your diet can subject you to great differences.

Don’t miss out on your chances to get maximum benefits of nitric oxide naturally.

So, try this food in your diet, and let’s know your experience! Thanks!

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Health Benefits Of Nitric Oxide | A Guide To Nitric Oxide Foods


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