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Everything You Need to Know About Dry Eyes

Have you ever experienced an itchy feeling in your eyes? Have you felt as if something is stuck in your eye? If yes, you are most likely suffering from a very common Eye condition, i.e. Dry Eyes. Dry eye is one of the most common eye problems and millions of patients visit their eye specialists worldwide to treat the same.

Typically, a dry eye is a naturally occurring disorder that usually affects individuals with age. However, there are several other factors that cause the dryness in the eye such as usage of contact lenses, allergies, side-effects of a LASIK surgery, climatic conditions, etc. Recent advancements in the treatment of dry eyes focus on the production and conservation of a tear.

Mahaveer Eye Hospital is one of the leading hospitals for dry eye treatment in Pune. We offer specialized treatments and solutions for a wide range of disorders and complications related to the eye. Our team of highly trained eye specialists ensures every treatment is carried out with utmost care and precision.

This article will focus on everything you need to understand and know about dry eye, one of the most common eye disorders.

What exactly is a dry eye?

Dry eye is deemed as a disorder in the eye caused due to lack of adequate amount of tears required to lubricate the eye as well as nourish it. Tears play a crucial role in keeping the front surface of the eye in the optimum condition and also offer clear vision. Tears offer the right amount of lubrication, reduces the chances of an eye infection, and most importantly washes away the unwanted impurities in the eye.

What are the causes of dry eyes?

There are several factors responsible for a dry eye. Let’s take a closer look at the same.


One of the most common reasons for dry eye is age and a majority of individuals over the age of 65 often complain of dry eyes.


Owing to the hormonal changes in the body during pregnancy, women have a higher chance of developing dry eyes compared to men.


Specific medicines could negatively impact the production of tears causing your eyes to become dry. The medicines include decongestants, antihistamines, medication for blood pressure, antidepressants, etc.

4.Other medical disorders

There are several medical disorders that cause dryness in the eye including, rheumatoid, arthritis, diabetes, thyroid disorders, etc. Individuals suffering from one of the aforementioned disorders are likely to have dry eyes. In addition, complications such as inflammation of the eyelids or an inflammation on the surface of the eye could also cause dry eyes.

5.Climatic conditions

Individuals who are highly exposed to dust, smoke, wind and dry climatic conditions are likely to develop dry eyes. In addition, exposure to the computer screen for a prolonged period could result in dry eyes.

What are dry eyes treatment?

Enhancing tear production

According to the eye specialists at Mahaveer Eye Hospital, inflammation plays an integral role in the development of dry eyes. Hence, it is essential for individuals to increase the intake of nutritional supplements that have sufficient anti-inflammatory ingredients such as Omega-3-fatty acids, Flaxseed oil, Turmeric root, etc to enhance the tear production and quality. In addition, your eye specialist is likely to prescribe eye drops that may enhance tear production.

Artificial Tears

Over-the-counter medication or artificial solutions may be used to tackle minor cases of dry eyes. Moreover, these solutions can be used regularly to increase the tear production in the eye.

Conservation of tears

Conserving tears means blocking the tear ducts so that the natural tears stay in the eyes for a longer period of time. Minute silicone plugs may be used to block the tear ducts or in some cases, surgical procedures are recommended.

Mahaveer Eye Hospital is a well-established eye hospital that offers an extensive range of treatments to tackle issues related to the eye. We offer the best dry eye treatment in Pune at our state-of-the-art eye hospital. Kindly contact us if you are facing issues such as dry eyes to book an appointment today!

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Everything You Need to Know About Dry Eyes


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