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Why researchers and trainers have conflicting views on fitness?

If you follow any Fitness and health magazine or news or videos channels over a long period of time you will notice that many a time you will get contradictory advice or views.

In an article, you will read a dietary expert who tells you that most important thing is, tracking your calories intake. That is how much you consume and how much you burn which is the key to weight loss. While in another article one may point to forget the calories and count the carbohydrates one is consuming instead. Some fitness professional will claim that one should Exercise in isolation. It will help you to make yourself strong and fit whereas other will say it is useless. New studies contradict the old one or full heartedly agree to it the other time. They keep on switching and switching and switching again.

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These contradictory views will make you crazy and will make you pull your hairs and throw up your hands. It gets crazy, whom should you believe and whom should you reject. It is hard to get clear and consistent advice on how to be strong, lean and healthy.

I have tried to know why there is so much bafflement, confusion or sometimes contradiction in researchers’ and trainers’ views on fitness.

Sources of information

Latest research says one thing and your trainer says just the other. They both are at a disagreement and neither of them is wrong. Why can’t both science and practical move along in the same direction? There are two primary sources of fitness information one is the scientist/researchers and the other is trainers/coaches. As you very well know scientists/researchers work in labs and coaches/trainers in the gym or on the field.

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Theory V/S practical

Both deal for increasing percentages and running distances, both measure track result, and its outcome, and both look for the best available way to improve performance and human health. The dividing line, however, is researchers/scientist go in more for theory and trainers/coached go more for the practical aspect of fitness. Thinking, approach, and mentality of both the group are different. On one hand, scientist/researchers are unadventurous and careful whereas trainer/coaches are more for improvisation and instinctive.

Different views same result

Trainers/coaches instruct to stretch muscles and to work on them to elongate and strengthen it whereas researchers/scientists are sure muscles have fixed length and cannot be lengthened but the increased blood supply with extra oxygen surely strengthen it.

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Contradictory thoughts

Scientists/researchers are of the opinion that excessive running can lead to heart problems and that behind the neck presses can damage shoulder joints or abdominal crunches can injure spine whereas trainers/coaches will tell you otherwise from their personal experience.

Both groups agree with benefits of exercise

Exercise improves your muscle tone, makes your heart and lungs healthy, improve your mental health, aids in the functioning of your organs, make you feel good. Both groups agree on benefits of exercise. Any exercise which keeps you engaged for 30 minutes like jogging, cycling, brisk walking etc. elevates your heart rate and breathing power by higher intake of oxygen. It is at the higher end of training for sports person or athletic goals where the difference of opinion of scientist and trainers become more pronounced and becomes a nuisance at times.

You know yourself the best

At the end of the day, every person has to find his or her own way. Scientist, researchers, trainers, coaches, health professionals, and fitness advisers may have a conflicting opinion about fitness but you have to look after your personal tastes and should know that every human being is unique and every person responds differently to the same exercise and at different times. The best thing is absorbing what fits you the best and discarding what does not.

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Why researchers and trainers have conflicting views on fitness?


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