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MK 677 Review

The Nootropic that provides the best results in bodybuilding sphere is Nutrobal, Ibutamoren or popularly known as MK-677. This nootropic goes under a few different names but they’re all the same thing. Technically speaking, MK 677 is a selective androgen receptor modulator (S.A.R.M). It’s available for sale both in stores and online. MK 677 supplement improves bone strength, metabolism, and general health. Also, it improves the immune system to some extent.

I don’t know why some people get the impression that S.A.R.M’s are drugs such as S4 or Ostarine steroids. Contrarily, they have a wide span of impacts on the body – fat burning, elevating agents and muscle builders. 

Nutrobal increases the release of growth hormones. People are usually taking this nootropic when they want to tighten loose skin, speed up the healing of ligaments and bones or lose some weight – everything related to workout activities, bodybuilding and treating muscle injuries.

Taking the right dosage allows the athletes to increase their muscle mass or improve energy levels.

Essentially, it gives you the thirst for workout activities and then makes sure that your body makes the most of it.

MK-677 Nuntrobal Mechanism of Action

There are very few clinical studies dedicated to the research and testing of this compound, but we’ll share all the information we rounded up on MK 677 so far.

Anabolic muscle-building properties are the subject of the most frequent topic related to this nootropic.

MK 677 promotes the secretion of the growth hormone (GH) and increases insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) (R, R). The main purpose is binding ghrelin to one of the GHSR (ghrelin receptor) in the brain. The result is stimulated growth hormone release from the brain.

MK 677 works through the following mechanisms of action:

  • Encourages the release of Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone, widely known as GHRH
  • By releasing GHRH exponentially it amplifies the signaling in the somatotrophs of the anterior pituitary gland
  • This nootropic also reduces the release of somatostatin, which slows down or stops the growth hormone from being released
  • Lastly, Mk-677 Ibutamoren works by preventing or stopping the signaling of the somatostatin receptor

What’s most important, the effects of this nootropic are not Fugazi. Depending on the amount of MK 677 dosage ingested, the people who are using it are showing an increase of growth hormone.

Price and Comparisons: MK-677 for Sale

For the price compared to actual GH, I think MK 677 is more than worth it.

GH has the reputation of being the most glorified supplement developed for bodybuilders because of its magical effects and almost without any side effects.

Glorified or not, that doesn’t really matter much because it remains unaffordable to the majority of competitive bodybuilders. Why? Well, HGH injections cost an average guy about $800-$3000 per month, depends on the company that makes them (top tier US brands like Genentech or Ely Lily are more expensive than the brands from China). On top of that, many professional bodybuilders have told me that they spend anywhere between $8.000-$20.000 on a 16-week competition cycle.  Add HGH shots on top of all that and you’re going to be spending a small fortune on the basics.

Bodybuilding is an awesome sport, but being a competitive bodybuilder means that there are tons of other expenses: fine quality food, content expenses, personal chiropractic, physical therapy, massage therapist, supplements, fees and all sorts of other smaller hidden costs.

The solution lays in finding an alternative that will also push large doses of exogenous GH. If you’re using MK-677 at the right dosages, you’ll be able to reach the equivalent of 8 daily doses of growth hormone. Another awesome news is that you’ll be able to achieve that for the fraction of the cost of exogenous GH – 90 capsules times 10 mg for $65.14. That’s where the MK-677 comes in. Taking juice is way more expensive than taking one dose of 25 mg orally, either powder or a capsule – both work just fine if you’re getting them from a reliable source.

And it’s not just the price. Some guys I know have used both best generic HGH (10 IU) and a standard dose of MK 677 (25 mg) and confirmed that the MK was way better. (seeing as how HGH tiredness can get unbearable at one point). Taking steroids can be unpleasant for some, and you don’t need needles to take SARM nootropics.

Benefits: SARM MK-677 Results

As we already mentioned, few trial tests were conducted to see if this nootropic can really show such impacts on a human body. Subject showed a great potential for the healing process of a condition involving muscle wasting, a sustained increase in serum concentration of the Growth Hormone and IGF-1. These results were accomplished by giving one daily oral dose of 25mgs to an average healthy young male for 7 days.

The other trial tests revealed that MK 677 is also effective in fighting obesity. The effects showed an increase in lean body mass but haven’t even touched visceral adipose tissue which is very important. That’s because the fat tissue is located deep in the abdomen and around internal organs. Use of certain antiretroviral (ARV) drugs can cause excessive accumulation of visceral adipose tissue (VAT) which increases the risk of heart attack, stroke, and diabetes.

The elderly patients have also tried this nootropic and apparently, for those who had a hip fracture, Ibutamoren improves gait speed, muscle strength and reduces the number of falls. 

The increase in lean body mass is presumably caused by an increase in calorie allocation into the muscle and appetite decrease, which is opposite to reduction of the direct fat storage.

Lab geeks also noticed an impact on an increase in bone mineral density. This is how MK 677 actually helps with injury recovery. Other long-term benefits include an increased immune system response and nitrogen retention, along with an increase in strength and improved sense of well being.

Speaking of well-being, this kind of nootropic could be a great sidekick to whichever main treatment one must use to stop the growth of a tumor. That song “forever young” might get a totally new meaning after you discover the fact that Ibutamoren is very useful in reverse aging. 

Top Bodybuilding MK-677 Nootropic Experiences

People tend to start with 12.5 mg a day in the first week. That’s half of dose and they just want to see what happens and how their body is going to react. The majority of users have told us that numb hands are something that happens in beginning and that it’s completely normal.

When should you be taking it? If you swallow one during the day you might feel a little tired or maybe exhausted. Also, day consumption may lead to small hunger pains. On the other hand, taking it at night solves everything. 

Another triumph of Ibutamoren over HGH is that the effects with a full potential kick in way sooner (you’d need to take HGH for at least 4 months to achieve the same result).  Our suggestion based on the research we did is to take MK-677 on an empty stomach at night to avoid hunger pains the next day, plus, you’ll sleep way better. You also may notice a better water retention in your body and full pumped muscles. Your muscles will start to look like that when the body fat decreases in the abdomen.

If you want to boost the dosage you take the following tip into an account.

Huperzine A: Certainly not mandatory, but if you want to maximize the benefits you can get from your MK-677 I recommend you supplement your MK-677 with dosing 200 mcg Huperzine A 3 times per day.

Huperzine A is a potent Somatostatin inhibitor. Taking 200 mg Huperzine A three times a day as an addition to your MK-677 will skyrocket the benefits more than ever before. Of course, it’s your choice, so don’t take this recommendation to be mandatory.

Your body would have more usable HGH from your MK-677 by using Huperzine A to stimulate Somatostatin release. We checked around and turns out that this “recipe” is true.

MK-677 Ibutamoren Side Effects

Ok, so side effects. I would’ve thought there are more serious physical reactions to MK-677 than for example with Qualia. Just a thought that it affects growth hormone freaks me out and seems riskier if things go bad. But, I was terribly wrong. The truth is that the most common side effects of Mk 677 in many cases include slightly numb hands and increased appetite. I mean come on, you get numb hands when you go to an inhalation, or in the morning when you fall asleep with your hands below the pillow.

Though there was a test trial that revealed several things about this nootropic. One study was canceled due to serious adverse events. I’m not sure why would they even try to test this on elderly patients who had an extensive history of medical illness, but one of them had a hip fracture before and ibutamoren raised his blood pressure, blood glucose, and HbA1c. In the same series of studies, other subjects had congestive heart failure. The patients undergoing these tests were over 80 and had a history of heart conditions.

The conclusion was that the people who suffer from cancer or diabetes should also avoid taking MK 677. Both IGF-1 and growth hormone may speed up the spreading of the cancer cells, and even those who don’t suffer from diabetes should check blood sugar levels regularly while taking ibutamoren. There’s an odd fact about MK 677 to I gotta mention while we’re on this topic – this particular nootropic was seen to reduce tumors in mice. The scientists are convinced that it has something to do with the increased immune system response.

The huge benefit of MK 677 is a small chance for any side effects, and if they occur they’re very little. If you’re wondering what causes them, our best guess is on unnecessary high doses. That means that getting rid of side effects is easy – lower the dose you’re taking.

Our Take on MK-677 HGH Supplements

If you want to gain more muscles and on top of that you’re not liking the needles too much, MK-677 Ibutamoren should be your number one choice. Gaining more strength in your bones, increasing energy levels and endurance of your body are also some of the perks of this nootropic – and the best results SARMs can provide you with. One small effect caught the eye of many athletes which is an increase of the muscle mass while lowering the need for calorie intake. On top of all physical improvements and the rise of energy levels, the effect that makes this compound a nootropic is the maintenance of general health of your body.

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MK 677 Review


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