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Top 9 Herbs That Can Treat White Discharge

Top 9 Herbs That Can Treat White Discharge

Understanding White Discharge!

White discharge before period is known as leukorrhea. It is filled with cells and fluids that are been removed from the vagina and it can also look slightly yellowish in color. This phase of the menstrual cycle is called as luteal Phase. This phase gets active only when progesterone hormone is at a peak level in our body. Otherwise, when the estrogen hormone is at peak level, the discharge is Clear, watery, or stretchy. Progesterone on other hand is cloudy or white. Below are the top herbs that can treat white Discharge. Thin stretchy mucus is considered as fertile as it can happen in the time when your egg is about to release. This article contains: Symptoms of white discharge Causes of white discharge Natural Herbs that can treat White Discharge Tips to prevent white discharge

Symptoms of White Discharge

Someone will get a white discharge without any trouble or symptoms. Whereas, some may have symptoms such as redness, constipation, pain in stomach, itching, Pelvic Pain, etc. Related post: Reason that caused the period to stop

Causes of White Discharge

  • Birth control – If a person is trying to control a birth, this control can make a change in the hormonal level which in turn increases the discharge. This is also termed as side effects of hormonal birth control.
  • Reproductive system Function – A white discharge before a period is very normal in a menstrual cycle. This discharge is also called “egg white mucus”. This is because of its thin, slippery texture, stretchy, and odorless.
  • Pregnancy – Discharge before your actual date of discharge can be a sign of pregnancy. Discharge for pregnancy can make difficult to determine the type of discharge. But, it is usually Thicker and creamier than the normal discharge.
  • STD ( Sexually Transmitted Disease) – Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and trichomonas are the most likely STDs to cause a discharge. you have chlamydia or gonorrhea, Discharge will be more of yellow color and it will also include some mucus. However, a person having Trichomonas will discharge greenish or yellowish, fishy smell discharge as well as itching while discharge.
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Natural Herbs That can treat White Discharge

  • Padhantak

Padhantak is a very popular Ayurvedic herbal powder which is used to treat bleeding Gynaecological disorders. It is very beneficial in treating leukorrhea, painful menstruation, menorrhagia, ovarian cysts, irregular menstruation, and other diseases related to women.
  • Neem

Neem is considered as a very popular natural remedy for detoxification and blood purification. Neem is said to have immunity and antioxidant building properties.Too much consumption of neem may lead to side effects. Some of them are as follows:
  1. Stomach Irritation
  2. Increase in Fatigue
  3. Liver and kidney damage
  4. Infertility
  5. Miscarriage
  6. Low Blood Sugar
  7. Gandhak Rasayan
It is a purified form of sulfur which absorbs all the moisture from the surroundings. It helps to remove the dead skin cells and reveals its young healthy skin. It has an antifungal property which is used to treat various fungal diseases like Urinary tract infection, pruritic, malabsorption.
  • Acacia Nilotica

A decoction of Acacia Nilotica bark is very best for a vaginal shower. It Is also called as Babool which is a great herb for treating sexual debility. It can strengthen both male and female reproductive organs.
  • Areca Nut

Take 1 teaspoon of Areca Nut powder in a glass of warm water. Take it every morning on empty stomach daily for 1 week is beneficial for health. Or else, mix 1 tablespoon of Areca nut powder in water and wash the vagina with this water.
  • Golden Shower

Grind the flowers of Golden Shower properly, add one teaspoon of honey in one tablespoon of Golden honey paste and have it once daily.
  • Arjuna

Arjuna is very effective in treating this disease. Boil one teaspoon Arjuna bark powder in one cup of milk, add sugar to taste and drink thrice daily.
  • Ashoka

Put 2 teaspoons of Ashoka bark powder in one cup of milk and bring it to boil. Take half teaspoon with honey twice a day.
  • Cumin Seeds

Grind the cumin seeds and mix it properly with honey and apply generously on the vagina area. A concoction made by cumin seeds is an effective remedy to treat white vaginal discharge.
  • Betel Nuts

Chewing betel nuts or else adding some crushed rose petals with a pinch of sugar. Crush this mix and apply it generously on the vagina.

Tips to treat White Discharge

  • Wear Cotton Underwear
  • Practise good personal Hygiene
  • Clean your genital areas properly every day
  • Avoid Scented tampons, Deodorant sprays, and vaginal douches
  • Keep dry and clean yourself
  • Avoid tight-fitting clothes
  • Sleep without underwear in the night
  • Use a condom during sexual intercourse this may help reduce vaginal infections
These are some Ayurvedic Herbs thar are can treat White Discharge in Women.

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Top 9 Herbs That Can Treat White Discharge