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Brahmi Benefits | Dosage | Side Effects

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Brahmi Benefits

What is Brahmi?

Brahmi is used as a nerve tonic from the ancient times. It is used to improve the mental health, memory, and intellect, and to promote vitality and longevity. Brahmi has mind enhancing properties and it also supports the nervous systems. Brahmi is very beneficial for relaxing nervous tissue, purifying the blood, and clearing the urinary tract. Brahmi also helps in Joint Pain, clearing toxins, and in the time also provides comfort and movement of joints. This article will provide a complete information for Brahmi Benefits.

Brahmi Benefits are as follows:

  • Brahmi helps in reducing Anxiety

The leaves of Brahmi Plant can be chewed to relieve stress and anxiety. Only 2 to 3 leaves should be chewed at a time. The active ingredients can help to achieve hormonal balance in our body as well as inducing a calmness and relaxed state of mind. This herb helps to induce a relaxed state of the body naturally without using any pharmaceutical options.
  • Brahmi helps in increasing the brain functions.

The most important benefit of Brahmi is its ability to simulate mind and its joined diseases. It mainly benefits in the terms of memory and concentration. From the ancient terms, this herb is used to increase focus and attention.
  • Brahmi has Antioxidant Content

Brahmi contains a high amount of antioxidant properties. It can eliminate many free radicles. Radicles are dangerous by-products of cellular metabolism that can lead the cells to mutate into cancer-causing cells. These radicals effect many aspects of the body including skin to the cardiovascular system.
  • Brahmi also contains Anti-Inflammatory properties

Leaves of Brahmi plant are very beneficial for body parts. Its leaves can be rubbed on an affected area in the body. The compounds available in Brahmi can reduce swelling and irritation. This is very beneficial for the people suffering from Arthritis, and other inflammatory conditions.
  • Brahmi improves Respiratory Health

Brahmi can also be taken with tea or can be chewed as normal leaves. It has been used from the ancient times to treat Bronchitis, Chest Cold, Congestion, and blocked Sinuses. It can clear out excess mucus and phlegm and also give relief from Inflammation in the throat and its Respiratory Tract.
  • Benefits of Brahmi for Mind

Brahmi is very beneficial in rejuvenating the mind, to enhance memory, to improve the concentration, and also to increase the quality of consciousness. It can also be used to support meditation as the herb can clarify and subtle our body and mind.
  • Benefits of Brahmi for Nervous System

Brahmi enhances and tones the nervous tissue and it also helps to relax tension from the body. Brahmi simultaneously calms and stimulates our body, in the time, improving the quality of sleep, daytime alertness, and also increases focus. If it is taken on a more specific level, it can also reduce muscular tension and prevent constipation.
  • Benefits of Brahmi for Skin

Brahmi is also very helpful for the skin which helps in soothing it and the scalp. It is used in clearing aggravations of the skin, wherein bacopa would work in an extraordinary way only when the underlying nervous imbalance is involved whereas, Gotu Kola(Mandukaparni) is more effective with an evidence of increased pitta.
  • Benefits of Brahmi for Hair

Brahmi also helps to increase the growth of hair. Applying the herb in the scalp adds an additional advantage of close proximity towards the brain and Central Nervous System.

Dosage of Brahmi

How Brahmi benefits in powder form

Both the forms of Brahmi i.e. bacopa or Gotu kola can be taken with hot as well as cold water. It is mostly taken with Ghee as it directs the herbs towards the mind and the nervous system. It can also be taken with milk because it enhances the cooling and toning properties of Brahmi. It is always advisable to take Brahmi with some carrier so that it gets to the specific tissue or organ. Always take Brahmi with a consultation with a professional medical practitioner. A typical dosage of Brahmi powder includes ¼ to ½ teaspoon once or twice daily, or as directed by a professional practitioner.

How Brahmi benefits as an Oil

Brahmi oil has an external use. It can be applied to the body externally. It is helped to tone healthy Skin, to push healing, as well as the movement of joints. Brahmi oil is also very helpful for Hair. Massaging its oil into the scalp can support healthy hair growth.

Brahmi As a Paste

A paste of Brahmi herb can be used to freeing the movement of joints. It is also beneficial for healthy skin.

Brahmi in Tablet form

Brahmi tablets are convenient for people who are frequent travelers. Taste of Brahmi is not so good as this is an herb, so the tablet is also a good alternative for people who don’t like the taste of herb. A typical dosage for tablets is one to two tablets once or twice daily or as directed by a professional practitioner.

Brahmi in Liquid Form

Liquid extracts have a long shelf-life. It is very convenient to use and easy to assimilate. Its particular dosage includes 2 to 10 g dried herb each day.

Side Effects of Brahmi

Till now, Brahmi has no major side effects in human trails. But Sedation is associated with a higher dosage of Brahmi.  

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Brahmi Benefits | Dosage | Side Effects


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