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Is Casting Couch a Comfortable Couch


As a source tells me, ‘There is this one director who was making ten films a year. Almost every aspiring actor, actress or writer came knocking at his door. Casting coordinators and assistant directors would take advantage of them. They would openly tell the newcomers that they would have to compromise. Some did manage to get work but most failed, despite the barter.’ Sudden disappearance of a face from television soap is often because the artiste refuses to ‘compromise’. A top director once stopped shooting his film and said he would resume shooting only if the lead actress visited him at his Madh Island bungalow. The actress chose to go. Today she is a big star.

For every 10 girls who are uncomfortable with the casting couch in showbiz, there are 2 who find it extremely comforting. A Miss Mini Skirt knows what an interviewer means when he says, ‘Meet me at 9 p.m. for dinner’. If she chooses to go, it’s her call. If a man is ready to exploit her, she comes forward to be exploited. Girls are equally to be blamed. Moreover, the casting couch is never forceful. One can always choose to move out. The girl, who chooses to move in, is on a lookout for short cuts.

Once at a dingy office at a ‘powerful’ man’s desk, she doesn’t need to speak much. Skimpy clothes, augmented booty falling out, pitch red lipstick, high heels and naughty eye movements say it all. A non verbal commitment is made. A message is passed – I can take good care of you, the way you want it saab.

For long, women have blamed men for all the evil in this world. Like all women are holy little cows and all men are wolves.

Unlike an average girl who seeks resources for a comfortable life, Miss Mini Skirt is also on a lookout of power, an otherwise manly trait. Since she can’t get it herself, she shortens her skirt further and goes out on a hunt. She doesn’t need the man. Neither is she looking forward to fall in love. She is very self-centered in her approach. She knows what she wants. Fame, power and money. In return, she thinks that her body is too small a price to pay. Many also go public just as they let themselves be exploited. This is intended to be a part of the victim syndrome and seek sleazy attention. Miss Mini Skirt can do anything for her intensely desired fame and success. It’s her call as well.    One would be blindfolded to mention that the casting couch exists only in the showbiz.  It’s everywhere. Nurses sleep with doctors. Secretaries sleep with managers. Receptionists sleep with bosses. And there have been instances when a mother and daughter have both turned up at an office and offered a ‘hold your breath’ threesome!

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Is Casting Couch a Comfortable Couch