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Age Defiance And Attitude

Age defiance and your attitude is not about you being unable to come to terms with getting older, that is a part of life we have to learn to work with however, your attitude about aging should be about becoming proactive with your life and developing ways  to slow down that process through physical and mental development which promotes continued growth.

And when we see and feel growth, our lives become more fulfilled and when we work on continual learning and growing, we have less time to worry, become depressed and anxious.

Sure time will march on however, you are not to roll over and allow age to take hold of you physically and mentally because that is what our parents and grandparents did. That was a different generation, you no longer want to think with a limited mindset.

My idea of physical exercise when it comes to developing a physically fit body in the second half of life is not about the gingerly walk around the block with the family dog or walking the grandchild down the street in a stroller, it's about grabbing onto a pair of dumbbells or barbells and building some muscle, increasing our metabolism and, keep those anabolic hormones pumping throughout our bodies to slow the aging process down.

Keeping your body functionally strong and with a strong healthy body, comes a strong healthy mind!

This blog is also about becoming mentally strong and being pro-active in developing an inspirational reading program of non-fiction books on how to develop your subconscious mind to build and create a future you can create through the mental process of goal setting and visualization and actually seeing it before you achieve it.

As I have said before, an exercise program without a strong mental component is not giving you the chance to have long term success.

I am a firm believer that you cannot build a strong physical body that will take you into the 21st century and actually perform without developing that mental muscle between your ears and develop the ability to have steadfast discipline to continue when, you feel you want to quit and believe me, there will be times when you will. I have found out as I age that getting older means you better get mentally tough as well. You will deal with days your body wants to roll over and quit, for instance, that is a no win option, you must learn to push through it and dominate.

Defying the aging process is all about developing both mind and body and an attitude that allows you to take control of your life and to spend your time and money on yourself or your loved ones rather than spending it sitting in doctors offices all day due to chronic physical and mental conditions that could have been easily avoided to begin with if we had been more assertive in taking care of ourselves in the first place.

The lack of desire to grow and improve our lives and, the discipline to carry out those plans regarding our physical and mental health leads to a costly and time-consuming cascade of medical events that may have been averted if we were proactive rather than reactive.

By the way who in the world came up with this idea that we are to "take it easy" as we age? Again that is something my grandparents and parents thought you should do, after all, that is what society says and we all know what society says and thinks is always right correct?

I have worked in the US health care system for over 22 years now and I have seen all types of geriatric  patients from the weak and lazy, to the strong body and strong willed, and it all boils down to their mental attitude and, finding ways to keep their personal power going rather than giving it to someone else to control their destiny in life.

Bottom line is no one else cares whether you make a productive life for yourself as you age or not other than you!

Being age defiant is about finding ways to walk, talk, and defeat the general attitude of "taking it easy" and avoid looking for ways to coast through the fourth quarter of life, that's not living that is pronouncing yourself dead already.

It's about changing the way you eat, physically train your body and, the way you think! Your mind is everything, it does not know age, it's our thoughts that make it so.

Be ready to pick up the gauntlet and forge ahead if you are past the age of fifty and declare yourself now in charge for a change.

It's time to put on the all out blitz when it comes to your thinking, your attitude, and developing your mind and body to fight the good fight and be a warrior, to live your life to its fullest through mental and physical strengthening.

Remember, if you are hard on yourself life is easy but if you become easy on yourself life gets harder!

Richard Haynes PTA
Total Joint Fitness LLC
Bradenton, Florida

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Age Defiance And Attitude


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