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Freedom Through Discipline

" Through discipline comes freedom- Aristotle. How many of you have heard that quote in the past? And if you did,  do you practice the theory on a daily basis? If not your not alone in fact, most people do not and then pay the price of not following a disciplined lifestyle later in life.

Working in the healthcare field in physical therapy and fitness for 23 years now, I have seen the physical and mental ravages that one goes through later in life when they choose not to be in self-control of the food choices they have made for instance or, the lack of any type of physical exercise program that would help them with their strength and mobility during those " golden years."

As Jim Rohn once said and I love this quote, " Suffer the pain of discipline or suffer the pain of regret. " That's right, there is a price to pay sooner or later but no one gets out of this life without paying that price either physically or mentally and, when it comes to your health in most instances, both are affected.

The only thing I want to add here is living a life of discipline is really not that painful. Once it becomes a part of your life it's easy and, it helps you accomplish your goals no matter what they may be.Self-discipline plays a major part in your attitude and self-respect.

I personally think its much easier now to pay the price of self-discipline by making good food choices as we age and following a committed exercise program that helps maintain and strengthens our bodies and minds.

Mentally you feel so much better if you can practice self-control and stay away from the instant gratification bug and learn to delay gratification for a better future both physically and financially.

We pay a price both physically and financially later in life by making poor choices with our health in general. I see this every day where the ramifications of the lack of physical exercise and leading basically a sedentary lifestyle has crippled one's quality of life.

Financially, people are going bankrupt in this country due to a lifetime of poor choices because of chronic medical conditions.

I understand life is meant to be lived in moderation and most doctors will tell you moderation is the key, however, many individuals go past the moderation level and venture into the over indulgence in poor food choices as they age or lack of physical exercise because of numerous excuses like aches and pains or,believing old worn out societal beliefs from the 20th century that said,"you  need to take it easy now" later you realize that was not good advice.

The take-home message here is you have a responsibility in life to take care of your body and mind
and to do that, you should learn the art of self-control in the choices you make when it comes to your health.

" There is no free lunch" as the image in the post says, "suffer the pain of discipline or suffer the pain of regret."

Richard Haynes
Bradenton, Florida.

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Freedom Through Discipline


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