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Sound Financial Resources Are Needed To Be Age Defiant

Being Age Defiant isn't strictly about working to beat the odds physically as we age though that is a large part of it there are other areas that you need to be prepared for as you prepare for retirement.

Your health in general will control everything you do in life as you cross the 50+ mark , and of course some of you have had a tastes of that before the age of 50.

One of the biggest financial drains you will have in those retirement years will be medical costs that can literally destroy your over all quality of life.

That's why is is important to get started in cleaning up your dietary concerns as we age, making sure you are involved and committed to a intelligent strength training program and, to make sure you are investing for your financial future.

Now hopefully you have been investing and putting aside some cash during your working years prior to the point where retirement is right around the corner.

If you expect to be age defiant and calling your own shots later in life, you will need some financial backing to help bolster your social security payment each month or pension if you are one of the fortunate ones that will get a pension, though there is no guarantee that they will remain solvent like anything else.

Simplification is something you want to strongly consider as you approach your fifties and getting close to sixty as less is more and it also helps to have peace of mind as you age and less worry about making payments on boats, over priced automobile's or having three other residences.

Of course unless those residences are bringing you income from dependable renters then you have another source of income that helps tremendously.

Its also time to cut the purse strings from children or other family members that refuse to take personal responsibility for their lives and look to you as a cash cow at a moments notice.

Its time also to condense those four other 401ks that you have spread out all over the country from previous employment as well. Keeping things tight and organized and allows you to get a good nights sleep and keeps you feeling as if you are in charge instead of everyone else.

Being age defiant is not about asking you to live like a pauper during the retirement years but to be smart with expenditures so that you have the financial resources to take some time and do the things you want to do while you can.

Getting older in this country does not necessarily mean you have to drop your living standards by 5 notches on the ladder but it does mean it is time to gather your physical and mental resources and make them work for you .

Physical resources meaning your health and fitness levels, and staying strong so that you have the ability to live a high quality of life as you age.

Gathering your mental resources infer that you simplify your life which will free up your creative mind to live with peace of mind and a lot less drama.

When you work hard on your fitness levels you are making a huge investment in your savings account in keeping your medical costs in check for instance. There is nothing that will eat a hole in your wallet faster as you age then being referred to 14 other doctors for testing etc....every year.

The bottom line here is if retirement is coming in the next three to five years begin the weeding out process of accumulated junk and toys you no longer use, boats that have been sitting in storage the last three years and eating up monthly costs

Paying high  priced auto insurance on a car that you bought initially to show everyone how successful you were, its no longer needed to get you from point A to B.

Simplify, Simplify, Simplify.

As the old Chinese adage goes, "The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is right now"!

Richard Haynes PTA, CPT
Total Joint Fitness LLC
Bradenton, Florida.

This post first appeared on The Age Defiant Warrior, please read the originial post: here

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Sound Financial Resources Are Needed To Be Age Defiant


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