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Begin Preparing Yourself Mentally For Retirement

As an Age Defiant Warrior that is someone that is 50+ , even though your Retirement years nay be a decade or more away, its never too late to think and begin to  envision what your retirement years may look like and how you would like to live them.

Now if your 50 you may not be too concerned about this yet however, if your 61, you may begin to feel a sense of urgency on how you are preparing for your retirement years.

Now as I have posted before, I am not a big believer in the retirement lifestyle as it has been lived by our parents and grandparent's who took the reactive approach to life rather then being proactive.

Many of them waited until they retired and then figured what they might do if anything to fill their days.

Being prepared mentally for retirement is about several key issues from developing new relationships to how will you and, your spouse if married will cohabitate in your home after both of you have been working for years.

for instance, there is no way my wife and I could stand being under each others feet all day therefore I have made plans on my new career that will keep me busy and in fact I plan on being busier then I was when I was working before retirement.

Being mentally prepared also involves not only what you plan on doing to be sure your life does not turn into a ship that was left to drift out to sea with no port in its destination, its about looking what excites you as far as your work or a hobby is concerned and then making the most of it to help you expand your mind and continue to grow.

If you plan on continuing to work, what type of work will you enjoy doing? I am  a big believer that we need to stay busy and not let rust and decay set in which will rob your life of its vitality and desire to live.

Also planning to continue with some type of work helps keep you socially involved and of course helps to bring in a few extra dollars which always helps. Of course, that will depend on your overall health which by the way you should be working on at this time to prepare yourself for a higher quality of life.

I  know many future retires plan on " spending more time with family and my grandchildren" which is honorable however those family members will have their own lives as well and of course those grand kids grow up and begin to live on their own.

For those of you, what do you plan on doing after that? Find things that you have had a passion for that you did not have a chance to do due to your previous work commitments and take that passion to the next level.

To live your life after retirement with the old industrial age  thinking of looking for ways to shun work and responsibility and just coast to the grave is not for you.

You can mentally prepare yourself and have a plan in place on what you plan on doing and seeing during the 4th quarter of your life. These can be exciting times if you make up your mind to make it so.

Also being mentally prepared is to know that getting older can be tough as well. We have to learn that aches and pains begin to develop and we must understand that we have to fight through these rather than take the time to complain to any neighbor that will listen how tough your life is.

Guess what all of our lives as we age get tough, but being mentally prepared and age defiant means accepting those things you cannot change and taking charge and being proactive with those things that you can change.

Life in retirement or in other words your re-invention years, can be anything we make of it if we are prepared mentally to accept the new challenges that lie ahead and be committed to live our lives with a purpose rather then just existing.

Being an age defiant warrior means you do not wait until retirement happens then figure what to do , you take the initiative  to begin planning and preparing so that you can seamlessly be prepared for your new life.

Richard Haynes PTA, CPT
Bradenton, Florida.

This post first appeared on The Age Defiant Warrior, please read the originial post: here

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Begin Preparing Yourself Mentally For Retirement


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