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The Pain of Disciple or The Pain of Regret

" Everyone must choose one of two pains, the pain of discipline or the pain of regret" -Jim Rohn.

If you think about it that is absolutely correct. There is no way around it in life. The law of cause and effect which is a universal law says you will always pay the price for your actions or lack of. We are all destined to be confronted by this law so it pays to be on the right side of it.

As I have mentioned in my previous posts, most of my work entails working with people that when they had the opportunity to change or improve their daily habits by being more concerned about their overall health and fitness, chose to take the easy road and change absolutely nothing.

They either did not understand this law or, made a conscious decision to ignore it and " deal with it later".

They did not want to pay the price of being disciplined in life no matter what the circumstances were at the time for whatever reason, health, finances, etc... but the bill always comes due at some point in all of our lives.

For the sake of my topic and blog post, I am talking more about the subject of having the discipline to keep our bodies and minds and top running condition.

Now, of course, everyone does not fit that picture but the majority I see do in my occupation. They, in other words, did not want to go through the pain of disciplining themselves in taking care of their bodies and minds when they were younger and to be honest very few of us really do.

After all, we are young and healthy, could eat just about anything while abusing our bodies in other ways and still look and feel great, remember those days?

And most people, the average performers in life, take the same road because they envision a road that is either too hard to navigate or feel they will address it when the time comes, unfortunately, when the time comes, it is usually after significant damage has been done to our bodies or our minds.

So rather than pay the price of going through the pain of establishing rock-solid habits of building a better body and mind through physical activity and gaining knowledge on how their bodies and mind work, they leave it up time and hope for the best.

While training our bodies we also want to train our minds by reading and absorbing good material on personal development and self-awareness, to believe and understand the thoughts we dwell on will come to pass whether they are thoughts that build us up and makes us stronger or, thoughts that tear us down and create illness, lack, and along with limitations in our life.

They like many tend to react rather than acting prior to a medical crisis that could have been prevented if they would have taken the road of disciplining themselves to eat healthier and to strength train for instance when they were younger.

This pain of being disciplined and acting in my estimation is easier to handle than the pain of regret that comes when our bodies are broken down and unable to handle our day to day activities any longer or always dealing with a personal crisis each day.

As we age, the earlier disciplines we carried over or the lack of discipline comes back to either reward us with a healthier more robust lifestyle during our retirement years or, the lack of discipline to care for our bodies and minds comes back to create a life of numerous aches and pains and mobility.

Along with immobility and possibility now having to depend on someone else to help us live our lives, the costs of general weakness and chronic medical conditions will cause us that dreaded pain of regret.

Practicing daily habits by taking better care of ourselves right now today can pay benefits if you develop the discipline to stay committed and are consistent with your fitness program and reading programs that will enrich your body and mind.

What we do and how we think will play itself out in our future, again the law of cause and effect affects us all.

So again take some time to think and ask yourself, do I want to pay the price of disciplining my life to work on improving my life now and developing the habits I will need to make myself a winner in life tomorrow or, do I want to sit back suffer the pain of regret and be reactionary to whatever comes along?

You have to decide whether you will live by design or default.

Richard Haynes PTA, CPT
Bradenton, Florida.

This post first appeared on The Age Defiant Warrior, please read the originial post: here

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The Pain of Disciple or The Pain of Regret


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