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Age Defiant Truth #1, You Are Always Growing Physically and Mentally

In the world of high health care costs and standard of living continually getter higher and higher,  life can be tough on many of us no matter what our ages are, however, for seniors. those of us over 55, for instance, we can start to see our lives flash before our eyes.

If we do not have the right kind of attitude and develop a sense of living the remainder of our lives as we chose rather than whats chosen for us, we will have to put our foot on the accelerator and start working on our physical and mental strength to pull us through tough times and improve our odds.

I advocate on this blog that being reactive rather than pro-active in life and addressing problems and our destiny in life leads to a life of despair and for some depression which I see so often in my travels, many begin to feel helpless.

One of the best ideas and game plans one can add and stay committed to in life is a course of action to work on our physical strength and mental strength. Sure it takes work, self- discipline and a steadfast commitment but it can be done by anyone if they choose to change their lives for the better.

Always growing physically, for instance, develops not only a stronger more vibrant and energized body but, it elevates your self-esteem to a level where nothing can stand in your way.

Growing physically also means getting involved in a strength training program as soon as possible and get proper instruction on how to implement one if you have no experience with it. Strength training is wonderful however injuries are not.

By developing a stronger body you also begin to develop a stronger mind along with building your confidence and improving your self-image. Your self-image is everything and what you end up achieving in life is all tied to your self-image.

And there are no excuses that can be made due to your age when it comes to accomplishing your dreams, that's a dead-end street, an excuse in other words, as it's been said before, " that dog won't hunt"!

Growing mentally means filling your mind with great non-fiction material on a daily basis, I always recommend reading first thing in the morning. This means you want to get up an hour earlier and spend some time in contemplation and reading powerful material that will enrich you rather than beat you down.

I am big into books on Navy Seal training and Army Special Forces training when it comes to developing the mindset to set up a mission or goal in our case and seeing to it that you are successful. There is no turning back on their missions and, there is no turning back in our lives.

You do what has to be done in life and there is no room for complaining!

Growing and developing the self-discipline you will need to take control of your destiny begins with a strong-willed mind, physical weakness is not good, mental weakness is even worse.

Developing a stronger body and mind, of course, will not happen overnight. There is no better time to start than right now. And the earlier in life you can begin to work on your body and mind, the stronger and more resilient you will become.

Retirement does not mean you have to live physically and mentally bankrupt and beaten down to being a mere shell of your former self, you now have to go to battle daily to live your life like a champion rather than a defeated human being.

Sitting back in life leads to nothing but complacency and weak both physically and mentally.

Being age-defiant is all about doing everything you can do to defy the odds of falling victim to a physical and mental decline later in life. You must be in your own self-imposed training camp of life every day!

Your strength in these two areas will help carry you through life with your dignity still intact and believe me you can do this because no one is born into these two areas with a head start in life, it has to be developed.

It's your life and having a self-improvement program as stated above will be a daily program that will pay dividends throughout the remainder of your life.

Always remember, an age-defiant warrior knows that real game in life is against ourselves, always trying to be better than we were yesterday.

Its OK to lose in life we will all die one day but to die lying in a fetal position is unacceptable.  As the Football great Walter Payton learned in his football training " You never die easy".Always give it 100% and make your opponent pay their price.

Richard Haynes PTA, CPT
Bradenton, Florida.

This post first appeared on The Age Defiant Warrior, please read the originial post: here

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Age Defiant Truth #1, You Are Always Growing Physically and Mentally


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