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Living Life with Dignity After Retirement Through Optimal Health

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What we make out of life is entirely up to each one of us. How we spend our years and the type of physical condition we desire to finish our life with is up to each one of us as well.

We all have heard that old saying that we do not appreciate what we have been given in life. Its usually what we have had to work for that we appreciate more often then not.
And I do not remember having to pay anything for the body I was given at birth or the health I was given do you?
So when it comes to your health, it appears many Americans really do not appreciate their health until they lose it due to a medical crisis that comes up from nowhere or, after many years of abusing their bodies through alcohol or drugs for instance.

There is always the law of cause and effect we have to live with in life, its a universal law.

Also by the percentages of people that  have in their possession gym memberships though it is higher now then it ever has been, it also appears many individuals believe they will have their health forever and that medical problems only happen to someone else.

They do not understand as they age, there is the law of diminishing returns and we are staring the progression to developing a frail and unsustainable body if they do not do something about it.

This is a process that slowly begins in our mid-twenties and with each passing decade of life speeds up.

Its not an over night event, it silently goes to work on each of us over the years until we find out one day we cannot do what we used to do physically.

As you age, you realize your health gets more attention as the doctor visits and medical bills begin to leave a sizable dent in your time and pocketbook.

But why wait until its too late in some of these cases. If you have reached the age of forty or fifty and of course beyond, your health should be number one on your list of priorities. And that means not waiting until a medical crisis has hit you to act, but to act now in developing a game plan for life to keep you active and physically and mentally strong.

I write these blogs and articles from my experience in the field working with clients and patients that took the path of waiting for tomorrow to address their health or when they were younger or, living a lifestyle that affected them now due to the years of cumulative damage.

Some of them today now that I see are at the mercy of others to take care of them and provide for them because they can no longer walk safely, they have no ability to earn an income if they wanted to due to chronic health problems and, have to depend on other sources to survive.

I am not talking here about some victims of health related problems that had no choice in  the matter, no, I am talking about the chronic medical problems that became a problem later in life due to the lack of heeding this advice earlier.

Also  I understand that health and wellness was not at the forefront as it is today. Today, it has become a national crisis and the promotion of health and wellness has hit new highs when it comes to promoting it and seeing participation from the general public.

Many now understand that your body needs care and more attention as you age like that older car some of us drive. It doesn't last forever but, if you treat that car with regular maintenance check ups and oil changes for example , we can squeeze years of use out of it then if we did nothing at all.

Many people today though they love their family members very much, do not want to go down the same path they did as they age.

Getting back to my above example about the car, your body is the same way. It takes an investment in time and money now to squeeze every ounce of life out of it and while we are living,  to live life like we desire rather than someone else controlling it for us.

Your overall health and fitness levels is just one of several areas you want to be come aware of now before it becomes to late on improving your chances of living a dignified life later.

Counting on someone else to take care of us generally can be disappointing, take the attitude that you will depend on yourself and become self-reliant for as long as you possibly can be.

Don't set yourself up to live your final days with a life of regrets, become the master of your own destiny by starting today to turn your life around through setting a higher standard when it comes to your health and fitness.

Richard Haynes
Bradenton, Florida.

This post first appeared on The Age Defiant Warrior, please read the originial post: here

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Living Life with Dignity After Retirement Through Optimal Health


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