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Magical Thinking

Magical Thinking
I've had this one sub-type too. What happens with this sub-type is you start believing you can cause things to happen just because you thought about it. It's fear based and the fear is so strong you start actually irrationally thinking you can some how control events just because you thought of them. And the way you control them is through whatever you did to make yourself feel like everything was safe again when the problem first emerged. But let's face it, thinking you can control situations with your mind is completely illogical and cannot happen. But when you're brain is glitching and you're freaking out and panicking, it feels so believable. Whatever stops the fear, right?

A person with this sort of sub-type of OCD is not one to think he is special for thinking he can do this "controlling" either. What he feels is an overwhelming sense of responsibility toward everyone and everything that could be in harm's way from this thought process. He wants it to stop and if he can't make it stop, he feels responsible. So the compulsing continues on.

How to stop it

I think what actually happens in the beginning of this sub-type's emergence, is you are already in a panic mode from whatever triggered you, and you randomly did something that made you feel better(compulsion) and you realized you felt better, so then in the fear of the thought coming back that started the whole thing, you cling to whatever the compulsion was that helped you feel better and associate that with the ability of being able to stop "harm".When in reality all this harm is is just a fearful, misfired thought from your glitching brain.It's all about controlling the fear.
So this is where the term "magical" thinking comes into play. It's like this compulsion can magically fix the situation when the thought comes back and threatens to kill everyone and everything you love. That is until it stops working..but by that time you probably have several "magical" compulsions that ease your mind.
This is going to keep happening until you are so overwhelmed with all the different compulsions that you have, that you end up never feeling ok even while engaging in the compulsions. And then you realize you never had the power to control anything at all. YOU in fact are the one being controlled. The only one being harmed is you.
When you can finally come to that conclusion it will be easier to mentally walk away from the urge to compulse once your mind goes into that dark place again. Trust me it will get easier. You may need medication to help too. Most of us do. But medication only does so much. You need to also learn how to control what's controlling you. Once you can do that, you'll be on the high functioning end of having OCD.

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Magical Thinking


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