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Finding Out Your Personality Type Might Help With OCD

Personality Types

I recently got into personality typing and found out my type. I am an INTP according to the Myers Briggs style tests.

So what is a personality type?

Everyone is different, but generally all of us seem to fall into little categories as far as our personalities and the way we see the world and take things in. Basically there are 16 personality types. The way you find out yours is by taking a test like this one here: 16 personalities
I will be able to see your results from this link, as it is my personal link, so if you ever wanted one on one talking with me about OCD, I'd be better able to understand you and the way your brain works even with OCD. Or if you don't want me to see you can just not sign up and still take the test.

Basically the test asks you a bunch of questions based on your cognitive functions.
Where you get your energy, how you take in information, how you make decisions and how you organize your life.
For me, finding out what my type was and how my brain took in things helped me understand myself a lot more, and also then helped me realize better ways to deal with the OCD. Finding out what is your personality and then what is separate from it(OCD) is quite freeing. After finding out my type I found a bunch of Pinterest posts about my type and it really was wild seeing that there are other people out there that think the same way I do. Now I also closely type as INFP. But for me the thinking is strong than the feeling. I have a friend who is also INTP, but he says sometimes he may be ISTP as well, so he has some sensing traits too, but his intuition out weighs it.

Sometimes you'll find yourself identifying with another type from time to time, and if it is just one or two letters off your type, then on the scale between the two letters you probably placed near the middle. And of course, this is not a set in stone replication of your complete personality. You're an individual and will have different feelings about things than others that are your same type. This to me is just a fun little way to learn more about yourself. For OCD it is eye opening too because it's based on your brain and your cognitive functions, which with OCD ours glitch.

So I'm an INTP. That means I'm
  • Introverted
  • Intuitive
  • Thinking
  • Perceiving
So I get my energy from thinking things through. I take in information by intuition or seeing the big picture as opposed to taking in information with my senses.
I make decisions based on thinking (sometimes for me feeling as well, as I am close to both thinking and feeling sometimes on that scale), and finally I organize my life through processing of situations.

I am introverted, so this one for me was a given, no shock there. I never really realized I took in info through intuition before, so that was something new to me. The thinking can be very difficult on bad OCD days, because that's how I make my decisions, by thinking things through. So when OCD is raging, I cannot think properly, which throws a big, fat wrench in my abilities to function that day.

So that last one, the perceiving part -or making decisions through processing of situations- can really be a hardship when OCD is rearing it's ugly head. Because with OCD you lose your ability to process things correctly. So if that's how I organize my life, you can imagine when OCD is bad for me, my life is in chaos, even more than what's already normal for OCD.

You'll also notice with the site I've linked above, you will be given an extra letter, either A or T. This is your identity aspect that shows how confident we are in our abilities and decisions.
A stands for Assertive and T stands for Turbulent.
If you get Assertive, it means you are usually a pretty confident person and don't stress much.
If you get Turbulent it means you are more self-conscious and you tend to stress out more.
I am a T.

Overall I'm very happy with my "type". It fits me.
When you take the test linked above, once you get your type or letters, you will also be given information about what each letter means and how one typically functions because of it.

It's really neat. So if you're into that, check out the link! Comment below which type you are. If you decide to sign up, and I'm able to see your type, it will also tell how compatible we are with each other, which is great for getting to know you guys!

This post first appeared on OCD- How To Fight It, please read the originial post: here

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Finding Out Your Personality Type Might Help With OCD


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