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Personality Type And OCD -How It Helps To Know Yours

Hey everyone! Ok I know I recently wrote a post about finding out your Personality type and how that could help with your OCD. I didn't go much into HOW it helps though before, so we're going to dive deeper into that subject in this post.

Your personality type and OCD

Personality tests like 16 Personalities, which I referenced in my last post on this subject, analyze the way you see the world, how you take it in and how you react to it basically. Basically analyzing your brain and cognitive functions and seeing where you place on the 16 type spectrum.

How does this help with OCD?

OCD is a disease that messes with your cognitive functions, and disrupts the way you see the world, how you take things in and how you react to things. Finding out your personality type is pretty helpful to finding out how to deal with your specific OCD symptoms. You'll see your strengths and weaknesses revealed and a lot of it will surprise you, because you may not realize you react to things the way you actually do.

I am an INTP, which is actually one of the rarest types, so I'm introverted, intuitive, I am a thinker and I am a perceiver.  So what does that tell me about my OCD symptoms? Well lets first take a look at my main symptoms.

My main problems right now are

  • Being very obsessed with certain things
  • Not being able to think clear enough to process my thoughts
  • Seeing too many small details in things and getting wrapped up in them
  • Checking to make sure things are a certain way over and over

I am introverted by nature, so I am a shy person, I don't communicate well and I don't like to be around people a lot. This would hurt in getting help for OCD, because I would naturally shy away from telling people about it or making a big deal out of it(though after years of having OCD I have changed a bit on that end).
So this would hamper my abilities in getting the right treatment and getting better.

I am intuitive, so I tend to see the big picture more than all the minute details. With OCD mostly you see every minute detail of this is irritating to me because it is not my natural response. I do like details sometimes, like I notice a person's eye color right away and will remember it and I will remember when someone was born, and stuff like that, but that could lend to the fact that I am obsessive and also to the fact that I believe I am a bit autistic (getting tested soon hopefully!). Being more of a big picture thinker and being spontaneous is really hampered by OCD's tendency to freak out over doing things and searching for minute details to be afraid of. It's more focused on planning every little thing because of fear, and I am naturally more of a go with the flow type of person. 

So being a thinker, I think a lot naturally, and I'm logical. With OCD thoughts are disrupted in transit often, making thinking difficult and sometimes almost impossible.  And we all know logic isn't a strong suit when it comes to OCD. So this would cause a big problem with my natural personality, making me feel even more irritated and frustrated when OCD starts chiming in on everything.

Being a perceiver I tend to be able to read situations and people easily. But in comes OCD fogging up my abilities to do that, with False Error Messages about things and fear with no basis. That messes with my mind a lot, because I naturally can just tell about things, but not when OCD is flaring up, so it keeps me confused most times. 

You may be wondering how knowing this helps me fight OCD, right?

It gives me insight into my true self. So I know how I would act towards a given situation, instead of believing what OCD is telling me I feel. OCD screws up your ability to connect to your real self in times of false fear and panic and it causes obsessions to continue. Then of course compulsions worsen as well to try and counteract the awful feelings from the obsessions. Sound familiar? 

I absolutely HATE not being able to connect to my true self when OCD clouds it over. It's the worst feeling ever for me, as I am sure it is for everyone who has OCD.

Knowing my personality type with OCD has helped me to keep being able to remind myself of who I really am, even when OCD is throwing false Error Messages and insults everywhere. It also helped me just get to know myself better too, which I think it really important when you have OCD, because you tend to start to conform to what OCD says you are after years of having it. 

Knowing my personality type while having OCD has helped me like myself again and feel ok with being myself, instead of feeling as if I am OCD. True I have OCD, but it is not ME. It is a glitching brain and I am learning to work around it.

This post first appeared on OCD- How To Fight It, please read the originial post: here

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Personality Type And OCD -How It Helps To Know Yours


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